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Accelerate business-driven innovation with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

Discover the broad capabilities of our single, scalable, modular integration platform – depended upon by over 10,000 customers worldwide.


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SEEBURGER Integration 168澳洲幸运10开奖官网授权 Accelerates Business at the Speed of Now

Connect everything. With SEEBURGER Integration, a combination of our products, our services and our people,
you can manage integration with unprecedented choice and unparalleled service.


Propel innovation with unlimited connectivity. Unite disparate data and integrate applications to prompt data-driven decision-making across the organization. Connect everything, faster, with ready-to-use content for everything from ERPs, to CRMs, to databases and more.


Grow and pivot the business in-line with market demands. We’ll help you execute the right integration scenario at the right time so you can operate at scale. Integrate partners and suppliers efficiently and effectively with simplified, automated, centralized onboarding that takes days instead of weeks.


Transform the way you do business, with faster interactions with more partners and customers worldwide. Our ‘start anywhere, use anything’ approach delivers fast time-to-value and the agility and scalability needed for smart business growth.

What It Means to Accelerate Business For ...

Decision Makers

Connected IT systems accelerate collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers. This allows you to harness the full potential of becoming a digital business, and make your entrepreneurial vision a reality.

Integration accelerates your business

Line of Business
Decision Makers

Respond more quickly to technological advances and use them to innovate and create new products and services.

Implement customer requirements faster

Decision Makers

You need to keep data and processes flowing with a central platform for all integration scenarios – in a fast, secure and reliable way. Choose an integration technology trusted by more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

Meet technical requirements faster

Business Integration for All

With implementations spanning the globe, our customer roster of 10,000+ companies covers all industries, sizes and types of business.
Still, we know that no two companies are the same. Our hybrid integration technology has your present and future connectivity requirements covered across each line of business, all from a cloud-ready, single platform, regardless of what your company does or whom you serve.

Large Enterprises

Cross digital boundaries, connect across clouds, applications and people, and elevate the customer experience powered by SEEBURGER cloud-ready integration.

Small to Medium Enterprises

Solidify your place in the digital world. Start with any connection – API, EAI, MFT, EDI or B2B – and unite your integration capabilities on a single, powerful platform.

Your Industry

Our roots run deep in 澳洲幸运10体彩正规官网网址 multiple industries across the globe.
Regardless if you manufacture cars, sell clothing online, or provide financial services, SEEBURGER Integration enables you to lay a digital foundation for secure information exchange across the enterprise and throughout your ecosystem.

Before we started with SEEBURGER BIS, we had as many as 13 different integration software (products) spread out across our company. Over the early years that I was here at MoneyGram, we were able to consolidate that down to just SEEBURGER BIS.

We reduced a lot of extra costs from using other software products and having a lot of extra things to support.

MoneyGram, Customer Review, IT Central Station

More than 10,000 satisfied customers benefit from SEEBURGER Integration

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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)

  • Transform your IT ecosystem for new digital services and business models
  • Secure mission-critical file transfers on-premises, in the cloud or with a hybrid solution
  • Connect applications, ERPs, people and services in real time
  • Automate and standardize B2B/EDI processes
  • Comply with global E-Invoicing regulations
  • Integrate your smart devices, machines and applications to prepare for industry 4.0 initiatives
  • Get experienced consulting, architecture services, training and support for any integration project

Solve Any Integration Challenge

SEEBURGER Integration: Our Technology, Our Services, Our People

Our Technology

BIS accelerates your business by integrating your systems, applications and data, and connecting your business with your partners, customers and suppliers. BIS is the central integration platform for your entire ecosystem.

Our Services

Cloud integration services including iPaaS and full service, mapping management, e-invoicing and more enable you to reduce IT effort and cost, and increase security.

Our People

Backed by 35+ years of business integration experience, our knowledgeable team of consultants, managed services and support experts are here to help you, with services and solutions tailored to your business.

Integrate Faster With Connectors

If you could 澳洲幸运10现场视频直播开奖 integrate systems and applications way faster and easier, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?

With hundreds of pre-built SEEBURGER Connectors you can securely connect and easily integrate applications, technology, interfaces and protocols, business services, cloud applications and cloud services across your business and IT ecosystem.

View Connectors

Your Cloud, Theirs or Ours?

When it comes to business integration, agility is the name of the game.
Leverage strategic cloud investment by deploying SEEBURGER Cloud Integration in your public or private cloud of choice.

A Cloud for All

SEEBURGER Cloud Integration delivers your integration requirements as a first-class service, customized to your needs, and freeing your team to focus on other tasks. It’s designed to work in the cloud of your choice – yours, ours, AWS, Azure, GCP or another public cloud – with unmatched integration service, ready for delivery.

Cater to Your Users

Simplify orchestration with a single platform that integrates applications and data across clouds and on-premises, with end-to-end visibility, monitoring and seamless data flows, to support for example:

  1. Application Developers
  2. Integration Specialists
  3. Citizen Integrators

Lower Your Risk

We know you have a choice of cloud services for your integrations. SEEBURGER Cloud Integration delivers reliable, cost-effective, secure integration services, on time every time. With 35+ years of business integration experience, 15+ years in the cloud, and fully certified services, we are trusted across the globe.

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Accelerate Business-Driven Innovation with Integration

Download our whitepaper for an overview of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

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