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Samsonite Europe Gets B2B Boost with SEEBURGER’s iPaaS Solution

The Challenge

Subsidiary Samsonite Europe has production plants in Belgium and Hungary to serve its customers. Samsonite Europe communicates with its large retail customers via B2B/EDI, for which it has been using SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) for years. The solution the team was using was outdated and needed an upgrade. Recent security protocols and new connection protocols were not available, and it was difficult to find resources with relevant knowledge of the solution. Rather than continue with any possible business risk, Samsonite decided to upgrade its B2B/ EDI solution.


Samsonite Europe’s requirements included:

  • Support from within the EU region 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Managed Services and Cloud deployment 
  • Ability to use in-house resources for configuration
  • Knowledgeable consultants available when required
  • Lower project and run costs, plus ease of migration
  • Ability to stay up-to-date on technology

With SEEBURGER BIS we are prepared to support our customers. Between that and the time we are saving, it’s already a worthwhile investment

Dirk De Smyter, Director Information Technology, Samsonite Europe.

The Solution is SEEBURGER

Samsonite Europe chose the SEEBURGER BIS platform, delivered as iPaaS in the SEEBURGER Cloud. With SEEBURGER’s iPaaS solution, Samsonite Europe was able to gain their B2B/EDI support from within the EU region for system support. This way they can handle business process flows, integration tasks and mappings on their own, but secure operation of the platform is handled in the cloud by SEEBURGER’s services team. Samsonite U.S. is also utilizing the platform in the same way for B2B/EDI in the U.S.


Up and Running

After just two months, Samsonite Europe was able to complete training on the new solution, import mappings to the repository, configure and test new connections, and put the latest version of SEEBURGER BIS into production using flexible deployment tools such as SEEBURGER’s Move to Production tool. As a result, Samsonite Europe is now able to effectively communicate with partners using updated protocols and security. They now have the latest business integration technology, and they receive software updates immediately when they are available. Their workload is less with iPaaS since the platform operation is handled by SEEBURGER, and they get the help they need when they need it.


Next Step: E-Invoicing

As more and more invoicing regulations are implemented across the globe, Samsonite needs to ensure compliance. Given the agile SEEBURGER iPaaS solution and its capabilities, Samsonite can easily deploy SEEBURGERs e-invoicing solution when they are ready.

Benefits for Samsonite Europe

  • Easy migration path to new platform 
  • Agile, secure and scalable iPaaS solution
  • Ability to use and maintain their own mappings and connections with employees
  • Ability to deploy cloud solution with backup scenario on premise
  • Access to latest business integration technology, including easier management and deployment of software and solution releases
  • SEEBURGER development resources available to manage workload fluctuations
  • Managed services with shared development and global support

SEEBURGER’s iPaaS Solution for Samsonite

About Samsonite

Samsonite International, together with its consolidated subsidiaries, is the world’s best-known and largest lifestyle bag and travel luggage company. Founded in 1910 in the U.S., Samsonite’s products are now sold in more than 100 countries. Samsonite brands include Tumi, American Tourister, Speck, Hartmann, High Sierra, Lipault and more.