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We are #Businessaccelerators

Purpose, Vision & Values

Our Purpose – Our Motivation

Accelerating business to improve the lives of people – that is our purpose and the reason why over 1.000 #Businessaccelerators give their best every day. Because our strongest motivating energy is our enthusiasm for what we do.

Without data, the world would stand still. No car would roll off the factory line. No milk would be on the supermarket shelf. No timely payments for goods and services would be made.

Data and documents control the most complex supply chains, financial flows and administrative processes. The entire economy depends on the unobstructed flow of data. And this is exactly what we make possible at SEEBURGER. Our central integration platform connects IT systems so that the right data arrives in the right format, at the right time, at the right place.


Our Vision – Where we are heading

To provide the best integration services in the world.

We want to impress our customers with a frictionless flow of information for their organization, so much so we become their most trusted partner for every digital integration need.

Our Values – What we stand for

In the 21st century, companies face increasingly complex and rapidly changing environments in the face of which competitiveness must be secured. To survive in this age of change, a high degree of agility is required. It is therefore all the more important that the foundation of our lived corporate culture is firmly anchored in our purpose and values.
In times of global business activities, our corporate culture is a stable basis for our cooperation. What unites us at SEEBURGER is the enthusiasm with which we give our best every day to accelerate our customers' digital business.

Innovation. Appreciation. Trust. Sustainability. Teamwork.

These are the values we live by – every day.

Our values serve as guidelines and give us orientation in our behavior and actions. They determine our daily work and shape our cooperation with each other, our management actions and our behavior toward our customers and business partners.

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Dream Big – Innovation

We are open to new ideas, create room for change and strive for continuous improvement.

  • We work together to create a space which supports innovation.
  • We accept mistakes and setbacks to learn from them.
  • We carry on with good ideas, even if things get complicated at times.


Dream Big – Innovation

Be Awesome – Appreciation

We meet other people with respect, openness, attention and friendliness.

  • We give each other recognition.
  • We communicate and celebrate success and good results.
  • We provide honest, constructive feedback.

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Be Awesome – Appreciation

Have Confidence – Trust

We count on the reliability, competency and good intentions of all of us.

  • We make room for people to work independently.
  • We empower employees by delegating tasks, responsibilities and decisions.
  • We take ownership for our actions and decisions.

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Have Confidence – Trust

Embrace It – Sustainability

We align personal and ecological needs with actions for our long-term success.

  • We think, act and collaborate in the interest of the company and the environment.
  • We maintain relationships and aim for durable engagements with clients.
  • We encourage and support passion and joy for work.


Embrace It – Sustainability

Stronger Together – Teamwork

We pull together and collaborate to achieve greatness.

  • We support each other to thrive and learn.
  • We include people independent of their culture and personal backgrounds.
  • We collaborate to master tasks.

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Stronger Together – Teamwork

The five pillars of our company

Our values are a clearly defined constant that we can always rely on. We'll take you with us and show you how we embody our values every day and around the world, because our corporate culture is lived by every #Businessaccelerator at our company.

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You too can become a #Businessaccelerator

You too can become a #Businessaccelerator

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