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Integration Accelerates Your Business

What would it mean to your business if all the data for an order automatically arrived where it's needed – all the way down to your supplier’s supplier?

Becoming a digital business brings brand-new possibilities for interacting with service providers, partners and customers faster and with greater flexibility. With business integration, you can automate, connect and significantly accelerate processes. Even more importantly: Business integration prepares you for the challenges that digital transformation and the platform economy bring.


A central integration platform like the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite connects your existing systems with external applications such as Salesforce or SAP Ariba. This enables you to develop new, innovative business models that drive success for your company. View the case studies below to see how SEEBURGER BIS can help you:

  • Implement a digital business model based on APIs like OSRAM
  • Cut your operational costs like TAJCO
  • Reduce risks and increase efficiency like VSP Global
  • Realize significant time and cost savings like ZELERIS
  • Improve security, flexibility and compliance to increase customer satisfaction like MoneyGram

Did you know that business integration pays for itself within just a few months?

Benefit From Digital Transformation With the Business Integration Suite

  • Manage internal and external business processes based on need
    SEEBURGER BIS consolidates all B2B processes on a single, central platform. Whether it's order-to-cash or purchase-to-pay, data streams of all sizes flow quickly and seamlessly between everyone along the supply chain.
  • Make agility part of the business
    Do you want to establish more efficient company structures? Integrate new business areas after an acquisition? Or do you need to quickly implement new regulatory requirements? With BIS from SEEBURGER, you shape the change at your company with agility and reliability.
  • Take on new business with ease
    Business growth brings a lot of change, and additional work with it – connecting new business partners, defining and simplifying processes, bringing innovative new products to market – to name a few. SEEBURGER BIS helps you to meet the challenges brought by growth.
  • Grow the business with IT in mind
    Digital business processes require both business and IT expertise. The BIS platform brings them together – applying technical and business perspectives to all of your business processes, in real time, helping you make the right business decisions faster.

In Data-Driven Companies, the Data Flows Faster

The future belongs to data-driven companies. Whether it's predictive maintenance or pay-per-use, you can only have end-to-end digital business processes if all of your data is available all of the time, wherever it's needed. Whether in marketing, production or the service department.

SEEBURGER supports you with a central data platform for your business – the Business Integration Suite (BIS). BIS networks your company's IT systems and elevates your data flow to a whole new level, so that it is controlled, fast and secure.

Integrated systems are more than the sum of their parts. Read here how TAJCO, one of SEEBURGER’s more than 10,000 customers, benefited financially from the Business Integration Suite:

TAJCO cuts 50% in operational costs with B2B/EDI Cloud Services

TAJCO needed a stable provider with global reach, experience in the automotive industry and who is prepared to handle future requirements for the company.

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Minimizing Liability Risks

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite ensures that you can prove at any time at the push of a button that your company meets compliance requirements for exchanging data. This helps you minimize your liability risks and maximize the efficiency of your compliance processes (e.g., GDPR).

Business integration is key to your digital future.

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