Business Integration Suite: Ahead Of Its Time – The Multifunctional Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)

Business Integration Suite: Ahead Of Its Time

Gartner estimates that in about two years, 65 percent of all large companies will have established a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP). Without an HIP-compliant integration platform, digitization projects are on a shaky foundation.

The April 2020 issue of took a closer look at the HIP topic.

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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) – The Hybrid Integration Platform

BIS – The Hybrid Integration Platform

One Platform for Full Life Cycle API Management and Any Integration Requirement

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B2B/EDI Solutions:
Integrate Partners Quickly

Market leading B2B/EDI integration platform used by over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

30 years of experience bundled into pre-configured and standardized solutions for your industry.

Managed File Transfer: Simple and Secure

Managed File Transfer:
Simple and Secure

Increase the security, reliability and trackability of your critical file transfers –
whether internally or externally with key customers, suppliers and other partners.

SEEBURGER MFT – file transfer made simple and secure!

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite –
The Hybrid Integration Platform

One Platform for Full Life Cycle API Management and Any Integration Requirement

The Hybrid Integration Platform to Drive Your Digital Transformation

Today, companies wishing to remain competitive and continue growth look to IT for solutions. At the same time, as companies like yours continue the digital transformation journey, integration is more important than ever. You must be prepared to take advantage of opportunities brought by cloud services, mobile apps, new technologies and the ability to build more relationships with customers and partners, faster. To get the full benefit of going digital, to promote information-sharing, and to drive innovation across the organization, you must seamlessly integrate all of your systems, applications, cloud services and business partners.

Our answer: ONE platform to support ALL your integration needs!

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)

Your Central Platform for Digital Transformation

Ensure the secure, continuous flow of information across your business networks, with SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS). BIS allows you to access all your data anywhere in real-time, enabling maximum process efficiency and control, on-premises or in the cloud. The core platform includes:

  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
    Secure transmission of data between systems and/or people
    Connect applications and cloud services in real time
  • B2B/EDI
    Industry-standard and controlled exchange of documents
  • IoT/Industry 4.0
    Integrate equipment, systems and devices into business processes
  • E-Invoicing
    Predefined country-specific regulations and compliance, reporting and more
    Connection to any ERP system seamlessly, agile SAP Integration

Modules of Business Integration Suite


Secure transmission of data between systems and/or people

  • Securely exchange documents adhoc – with no file size limits
  • Securely integrate internal and external applications and data across any environment
  • Automate file transfer between systems and people


Connect applications and cloud services in real time

  • Connect internal and external applications in real time
  • Seamlessly integrate cloud applications (i.e. SalesForce, payments applications, shop solutions) with ERP or other applications
  • Make your own services accessible to business partners (API integration and management)


Industry-standard and controlled exchange of documents

  • Rapidly establish connections to all EDI/B2B partners while adhering to industry standards
  • Integrate smaller-scale partners via WebEDI, PDF, eInvoice, etc.
  • Securely exchange engineering files (CAx)


Connection to any ERP system seamlessly, agile SAP Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate into any ERP
  • Ensure agile SAP integration (tRFC, BAPI, HCI/HCP, PI/PO)
  • Support all SAP ERP systems from R/3 to SAP S/4HANA®


Predefined country-specific regulations and compliance, reporting and more

  • Establish E-Invoicing with customers and suppliers
  • Support any E-Invoicing government mandate (SII, ChorusPro, FatturaPA etc.)
  • Save between 60 and 80% of cost compared to a paper-based process

IoT/Industry 4.0

Integrate equipment, systems and devices into business processes

  • Integrate legacy machines and systems to secure past investment
  • Support the new industry 4.0-standard OPC-UA
  • Build a bridge between the “things” of the real world and your business IT

Unlock the Value of Digital Transformation With the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

  • Gain control of internal and external business processesThis single, scalable, unified platform allows you to consolidate all of your processes to transmit data securely and efficiently. This ensures improved and harmonized business processes within your value chain.
  • Win more business, faster

    Connect new business partners faster, ensure processing of increasing business volumes simply, and bring new products into the sales channels at the right time. SEEBURGER BIS is the platform for your flexibility, growth and agility.

  • Respond quickly to changes within your company
    SEEBURGER BIS makes it simple for you to implement new company structures or to seamlessly integrate new business units after an acquisition. Regulatory requirements are implemented faster, without errors, and your business partners’ networks are supported more efficiently.
  • Improve collaboration between IT and business departments

    With technical and business views of your digital processes in real time, you are able to seamlessly react to the constantly changing information requirements of your various business units and partners.

With BIS, you get unprecedented flexibility to integrate B2B/EDI, MFT, E-Invoicing, IoT, API and EAI applications into any ERP system.

Our focus is on five elements essential for a successful digital shift:

Improvement of usability

User interfaces offer separate views for different user roles, from integration experts to business users. In the DevOps area, API interfaces and automation tools support agile delivery of integration content, especially in the cloud.

Expanded integration capabilities in a secure, scalable and agile way

Whether cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT or API integration – digital change continuously poses new integration requirements, and BIS introduces enhanced API management and a set of new integration adapters to address your needs.

An integration platform equipped for the future

BIS sets new standards in terms of performance and operating efficiency. This investment in the future is strengthened by a Java runtime environment provided by SEEBURGER.

Cost efficiency in operation

With BIS, all routine procedures in operation can be automated, from software installation and regular software updates to the import of processes, mappings and configurations. API interfaces enable integration into the user´s own familiar environment.

Flexible operating models

Whether on-premises as inhouse operation, in the SEEBURGER cloud or in public cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, etc. – with BIS customers can determine their optimum operating model.

The Business Integration Suite

100% German-engineered from the ground up using a single source-code base. Experience the SEEBURGER Difference.

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More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER solutions

Here you find the success stories from our customers

SEEBURGER Cloud Saves a Lyreco Subsidiary 50% in Costs

To meet changing retail and high volume e-commerce demands, the company has digitally transformed their operations by strategically migrating their B2B and A2A processes to the SEEBURGER Cloud.

Meeting Business Demands During Uncertain and Challenging Times

SEEBURGER helps Viatris meet objectives to automate and accelerate file transfers to improve core business processes.

Market Communication Made Easy

The SEEBURGER MaCo Cloud Service relieves companies because standard processes are handled by an automated cloud solution.

MoneyGram International Selects BIS to Modernize Legacy Systems

MoneyGram needed a hybrid integration platform to provide functionality, scalability and agility without disrupting the business, while reducing TCO.

Standardization and digitalization of logistics processes

Emons benefits from the very transparent and ultimately simplified data communication within the organization thanks to the future-proof SEEBURGER BIS 6 solution.

VSP Global Selects SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

VSP Global is able to solve business pains surrounding legacy modernization and enable a controlled migration within the corporate architecture.

innogy uses SEEBURGER BIS 6 for digitization

Taking a next step to implement their digital strategy innogy, with its distribution network operator Westnetz and subsidiary Mitnetz strive to add more value for their customers and partners.

SEEBURGER Compare Service

Tool-based migration improves data quality and project security

Integration and Digitalization of FERCAMʼs logistics value chain

The SEEBURGER BIS6 On-Premises solution ensures total cooperation with national and international partners and a perfect synergy between the management of various business divisions.

Innovating Philipsʼ communication by SEEBURGER BIS

One solution for all the Human-to-Human, Philips’ EDI communication and partner Onboarding services with their trading partners

Flexible data interchange with solutions from one single source

Significant savings by secure engineering data exchange and integration with external development partners in one central PLM System, provided by BIS6 EDI, Managed as well as Adhoc File Transfer.

Pneuhage goes Omnichannel with BIS6

The Communication with own suppliers by classic EDI as well the data exchange with all online channels are processed by BIS6 as central platform.

SEEBURGER manages Logistics

With a central integration approach Leschaco controls all EAI and preconfigured B2B processes of Leschaco until the logistics process ends with the goods received.

B2B and EAI at Ritter Sport

The company chose the Business Integration Suite, which by combining Managed Services and Managed File Transfer (MFT) fulfills all of Ritter Sport’s requirements on one product platform.

Corporate B2B/EDI solution for URSA

URSA integrates all plants and simplifies trading partner management with digital signature capabilities for exchanging invoices customized to different countriesʼ legal requirements by SEEBURGER.