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Digitalization in Logistics

Process automation with ready-to-use tools, software integration and a cloud-based operating model

In the logistics world of today, the increasingly complex processes between trading partners and their customers require seamless integration – frequently in real time. By integrating in-house and external systems, stakeholders have the security of knowing where their shipments are at any given time.

Digital operating models, cloud solutions and logistics 4.0 are shaking up the world of logistics and opening up new avenues.

Last but not least, digitally transforming your logistics increases sustainability as the more efficient processes waste fewer resources.

A modern, digital logistics network is a busy web of integrated in-house and external B2B systems and logistics 4.0 applications, securely networked through EDI, APIs or even pre-configured connectors.-

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is an all-in-one integration platform containing a wide range of tools and resources to digitally transform your logistics.

#Businessaccelerators for logistics:
Make your processes more efficient and reduce operating costs with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid platform.

Data solutions for digital logistics

With its wealth of commonly used, industry-compliant mappings, cloud and protocol connectors, the SEEBURGER BIS is perfect for quickly and easily consolidating your data and making it available to other parties. Save time and money while improving the quality and availability of your data - for your in-house needs and as added value for your business partners. Get data exactly where it is needed without time-consuming phone calls or e-mails. BIS gives you full transparency over your automated processes.

Digitalize your logistics

Designing business processes to meet a customer's individual needs essentially involves three components: receiving, processing and sending. For "receiving" and "sending", we provide the communication standards used in a number of sectors - including customer-specific versions - whether through classic EDI or newer, API-based solutions. For processing, we provide modular components that can be combined to map out a process of any complexity. Configuring instead of programming is the key to digitalization.

Use cloud and 3rd party services

APIs have become an integral part of a modern, future-proof IT architecture. Let your customers and partners easily access your services ("provide"). Use 3rd party services to round off your own portfolio ("consume"). With hundreds of SEEBURGER-connectors, you can securely connect endpoints, software and applications with some simple configuration. Why not take advantage of our pre-configured connectors for WMS, ERP/SAP, TMS, public clouds, and more?

Operating models for digitally transformed logistics

For those who want to manage their IT infrastructure themselves, SEEBURGER continues to offer its solutions in an on-premises model. SEEBURGER also offers full service cloud solutions. From IT integration, system administration and maintenance, to onboarding partners and customers, you can sit back and leave it to us. The Business Integration Suite is also available as an iPaaS and a hybrid model, which offer the best of both worlds and can be flexibly deployed to meet your specific needs.

Logistics 4.0

At SEEBURGER, logistics 4.0 refers to logistics solutions that are already technically possible but not yet widely used. These include digital twins, agent systems, big data and machine learning. SEEBURGER BIS IIoT lets you adopt these approaches early on – as an integration basis for new digital services and business models

Digitalization drives sustainability

Digitalization drives sustainability by letting you better manage your resources. Processes become leaner, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Whether by reducing packaging waste, optimising your warehousing or making transportation more efficient, step by step you start moving towards green logistics.

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