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SEEBURGER Integration is a mix of our technology, our services and our people, all here for the sole purpose of accelerating your business.

With hundreds of functionality-rich SEEBURGER Connectors, you can easily integrate and securely connect any endpoint, to reduce programming time and drive efficiency. Extend your business integrations across your ecosystem faster and easier, by connecting to popular SaaS applications, interfaces and protocols, business services and cloud services.

All of our connectors have been tested and utilized in actual customer environments, and many come with pre-packaged documentation and templates to make connectivity even easier. SEEBURGER Connectors empower your team to connect, and accelerate your business.

If you want to use or extend the SEEBURGER BIS platform or book our Cloud Services, our connectivity capabilities minimize the effort required to integrate literally everything.

As a user of the SEEBURGER BIS Platform you can benefit from our connector capabilities no matter which deployment option you choose:

Choose Connectors by Type

Our long-standing partnership with SAP has yielded connectivity to multiple SAP applications and solutions. SEEBURGER SAP Connectors enable your customers and business partners to transform and connect data, systems and applications to and from the SAP ecosystem.

To learn more about SEEBURGER connectors see SEEBURGER Connectors: Information and Resources.

Our Featured Connectors


Your CRM helps your sales team manage relationships with valuable customers and business partners, and enables your business to organize and access customer data so you can improve processes. SEEBURGER can extend your CRM applications, business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Connectivity to Salesforce enables you to easily synchronize your data from ERP to CRM and vice versa - without any development. It provides you with instant connectivity to the most common functionality of Salesforce APIs so you can synchronize customer, product or order data between your ERP and Salesforce.

With SEEBURGER Application Integration, you can easily connect Salesforce to any other system

The connection of other business systems to Salesforce to increase sales activities often requires additional integration capabilities. SEEBURGER provides all necessary technologies to fulfill specific integration requirements. You can:

  • Connect Salesforce to other business applications such as e-commerce Apps, PIM, BI or Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Connect Salesforce application data flows to your EDI system.
  • Secure data handoff to enterprise applications and systems for storage and analysis to drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes.
  • Keep data aligned between Salesforce and all your business-critical on-premises and cloud apps.

Learn more about efficient Salesforce cloud integration and customer case studies.

Are you using Veeva to provide your product data to clinics, hospitals or drug stores? Do you want your partners to place orders and sample orders in Veeva and receive them in your ERP?  Our Veeva connector enables you to configure these processes without development, for fast integration between Veeva and your ERP.

Use the SEEBURGER EAI/API Solution’s prebuild component to create new incidents within your process flows on SEEBURGER BIS.

For example, use it as part of your e-commerce process to register new orders from customers, to manage customer requests, or as an automated component in your internal and external error-handling processes.

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If you use electronic commerce (e-commerce) in your business, you are buying and/or selling goods, products or services over the internet. There are e-commerce applications available for online marketing and purchasing, retail and wholesale, finance, manufacturing, online booking and much more. SEEBURGER can help extend your e-commerce applications, included business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Connectivity to Magento helps you to integrate the e-commerce platform with your enterprise applications. You can automatically integrate orders and customer information into your ERP or CRM, trigger appropriate fulfillment processes or store comprehensive information in an extensive data warehouse. Enrich your Magento storefront by synchronizing your product data with PIM or MAM systems.

For automatic processing of orders or customer data to your ERP or CRM, this integration method uses the BIS RestService Adapter and the available integration profile content.

To keep your webshop products in sync with other business applications, no matter which integration you need, SOAP or REST, our API solution provides you with the functionality to easily sync your data bi-directionally.

Design your Shopify shop with all the data flows and processes you need for a successful customer journey. Integrate your shop into your existing IT landscape and manage accounting interfaces, customer interactions and online payment processes for a superior customer experience.

From simple data replication to complex multi-layered queries, our API solution components enable the most common integration use cases when interacting with Shopify. This integration method uses the BIS RestService Adapter and native JSON support for data transformation into consuming 3rd party systems.

SEEBURGER BIS EAI/API Solution offers you the capabilities to configure complex synchronization scenarios. Receiving product updates from SAP, enrich them with data from a PIM system before publishing it to OXID as well as scheduled polling of orders from OXID. Our components assist you to easily handle your integration needs.

Do you have multiple branch offices that need to feed data into one webshop, in various formats, using multiple transport methods? Use our EAI/API solution components to handle the challenges of such an integration. Receive data from your offices via multiple formats and protocols, and change them into your webshop format.

Amazon Marketplace offers web services to request various types of reports, including the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) report, plus order, tax and inventory reports.

SEEBURGER EAI/API solution components provide you the capability to request specific report types or a dedicated report via a unique ID, and process them further using configurable BPEL processes within SEEBURGER BIS. You can configure the time intervals for BPEL process execution individually, to either stay within the limitations and quotas of the Amazon Marketplace web services or retrieve information as soon as reports are available.

Is PlentyMarkets part of your omni-channel strategy and do you need to synchronize your SAP customers into your webshop? Do you need to retrieve orders from your webshop, place them into SAP for further processing and synchronize order status back to PlentyMarkets?

Our EAI/API solution offers you the full capabilities to interact with the REST API of PlentyMarkets and automate your business processes.

SEEBURGER’s EAI/API solution for integration with PayPal enables you to retrieve balances of your business accounts or transactions within a given timeframe for further processing to your backend system, with built-in OAuth support.

Are you offering PayPal as a payment service in your e-commerce Platform and do you need to synchronize account balances or transaction history with your ERP system?

Do you have a different use case? Contact us to discuss how our EAI/API solution components with full REST capabilities can solve your integration need.

SEEBURGER’s EAI/API solution for integration offers you a preconfigured component with built-in OAuth support so you can query account data and align it with your main accounting application for further processing.

Is QuickBooks a payment service on your e-commerce platform and you need to synchronize account data with your on-premises ERP?

Do you have a different use case? Contact us to discuss how our EAI/API solution components with full REST capabilities can solve your integration need.

Billbee allows you to centrally manage your business across multiple marketplaces like Amazon and ebay, for tasks such as product and order management.

Use SEEBURGER to retrieve orders using the REST API of Billbee, convert it from JSON format into your data format and transport it to your ERP for further processing – without any development effort.

Do you have additional integration needs like product or customer synchronization?

Contact us to discuss how our solution, with full REST capabilities, can solve your integration need.

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ERP applications are the core of your business, and today your business extends further than ever before, to the cloud and beyond. SEEBURGER can help extend your ERP applications, including business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Integration with Infor Baan through the BEMIS file interface for Infor Baan IV/V and LN ERP.

Supports the file-based interface of INFOR.COM v5.2 or higher.

Connect to AS/400-based INFOR ERP systems including MAPICS, ERP XA, BPCS, ERP LX, Movex/M3, Baan, LN, XPPS and Xpert.

Integration to  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009+ (2009 or higher)  to support the WEB Service-based interface as well as a file-based XML Interface.

SEEBURGER BIS offers you various interfaces to integrate with your JD Edwards ERP such as native database connectivity into JDE or via custom web services provided by JD Edwards.

Read more about the integration scenarios with Oracle applications and how SEEBURGER can support you here in our blog.

Integration to ASSECO APPlus supporting the WEB Service-based interface.

Supported transactions include inbound transactions (delivery forecast/call off, self-billing interface, remittance advice and orders), outbound transactions (dispatch advice CDA 4913, dispatch advice EDIFACT DESADV, Invoice VDA 4906 and Invoice EDIFACT) and aftermarket (Order Response EDIFACT and Delivery Forecast VDA).

Supported applications include BRAIN XPPS, BRAIN AS, trend VSM, JBA System 21, BPCS, MAS90, Movex (direct, not via MEC), Command OXAION und FRIDA, JDEdwards World Version, SWING, Matrix SOU, MAPPIC as well as customer individual applications.

Support for the file-based API message interface.

Exchange of files between AS/400 and BIS. Supports event-driven and supporting acknowledgements allowing end-to-end tracking via the BIS Message Tracking application.

Remote execution of AS/400 programs (CALLs) supported.

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HR applications help businesses to manage employees, including services for payroll, workforce management, recruitment and hiring, benefits administration, and talent management. These capabilities are often delivered through individual modules that form a unified suite of HR tools. SEEBURGER can help extend your HR applications, including business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Do you need Webservice based synchronization between SAP HR on-premises and Workday in the cloud? SEEBURGER's EAI/API solution comes with all necessary components to align employee data in these two HR applications via web services. And they can be time-scheduled or event-driven.

Do you need to synchronize your employees data between Talentsoft Hub and SAP? SEEBURGER offers you the ability to connect to Talentsoft API and easily replicate your data to and from SAP.

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Industry Data Formats

SEEBURGER BIS supports various types of data formats and structures, depending on industry, applications, business processes and more.

Data Formats Supported: (not an exhaustive list)

  • Flat files (in-house messages)
  • XML schemas, including SEEXML*
  • CSV/DSV formats (comma-separated/delimited vectors)
  • Financial Services standards such as DTA, SWIFT, ISO 20022 (e.g. SEPA or SIC5), IAT-ACH (NACHA), BAI, BACS, PGP, XMLDSig
  • EDI standards such as Europe’s EDIFACT with its subsets such as EANCOM, EDIFICE, EDIFURN, typical North American formats such as the ANSI X12 standard, the UK format TRADACOMS, and regional automotive standards VDA, ODETTE, GALIA, CAP, ARUA
  • Aviation and Defense industry standard AECMA
  • All DTD/SCHEMA-based XML messages such as: ebXML, cXML, xCBL, openTrans, CIDX, PIDX, RosettaNet

*SEEBURGER has developed SEEXML, our own canonical format, which is used in our BIS Partner Mappings offering. SEEXML Partner Mappings are available for more than 10,000 trading partners.

For more information on supported Industry Data Formats,
contact us.

Interfaces and Protocols

SEEBURGER can help you to connect and transfer data securely using any interface or communication protocol between your applications, business processes, systems, and trading and business partners across your entire ecosystem, both for on-premises and cloud-based endpoints.

 Support for sending and receiving data using OFTP:

  • Point-to-point communication via ENX/ANX, internet and any TCP/IP network
  • Sending and receiving - standard protocol for point-to-point communication via ISDN and X.25 - access to X.25 network via X.31 is supported
  • Sending and receiving - standard protocol for point-to-point communication via ISDN
  • Sending and receiving - with OFTP over TCP/IP, ISDN and X.25 in JIT scenarios, including requirements of Volkswagen and other OEMs regarding EERP handling in JIT production scenarios

Sending and receiving with OFTP2 – secure, reliable, point-to-point communication via the Internet, according to the security standards defined by ODETTE.

Please find more information on usage of OFTP2, especially in the automotive industry.

There two ways to use our FTP connectivity:

  1. Universal FTP client workflow component - send and receive (polling) to/from an external FTP server, access via Internet or direct dial-in via Windows dial-up network and ISDN or modem, supports FTP SSL, as well as FTP scripting
  2. Implementation of an FTP server which allows receiving of uploaded files via FTP and FTP/S (SSL/TLS) as well as the provisioning of files for download

There two ways to use our HTTP connectivity:

  1. Workflow component, incl. SSL support for sending and receiving (polling) to/from a web server via intra/extra/Internet, supports the http methods PUT (file), POST (form) and GET (file)
  2. Receiving, access via Internet, supports the HTTP commands PUT and POST

Use our WebServices Client and Server with SEEBURGER BIS Standard Services to integrate  with your ERP system or other third-party applications. The webservice functionality supports file uploads, send/receive data, multichannel connections, SSL security and WebServices Security.

There are two ways to use our WebService connectivity:

  1. Consuming webservices provided by other systems via intra/extra/Internet, supports the http methods PUT (file), POST (form) and GET (file)
  2. Providing webservices on BIS to other applications

For sending and receiving emails from email servers. Supported access protocols are SMTP, POP3, IMAP supported by SSL/TLS (encrypted login).

SFTP connectivity through SFTP client for sending and receiving (polling) of files to / from a SCP/SFTP-server on TCP/IP-based networks.

Sending and receiving of messages via the ebMS (ebXML messaging) protocol, based on HTTP/S and SOAP.

Sending and receiving of RosettaNet messages via the https-based RosettaNet specific protocol. Supported are the versions RNIF 1.1 and 2.0. The Adapter supports all RosettaNet Partner Interchange Pipelines (PIPs).

Support for the Chemical Industry Data eXchange (CIDX) standard, derived from RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF). Automated, reliable and secure sending and receiving of CIDX messages.

Support for the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) standard, derived from RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF). Automated, reliable and secure sending and receiving of PIDX messages.

EBICS is a transmission protocol for banking information for use by banking clients. The EBICS Client Adapter enables sending and receiving (polling) of messages to/from banks via the Internet.

The MLLP solution supports sending and receiving of HL7 messages via MLLP protocol. For transmitting via TCP/IP, header and trailer characters are added to the message to identify the beginning and end of the message.

Automated, reliable and secure sending and receiving over AS4 based on HTTPS and WebServices standards.

The Adapter is compatible to EU standard eDelivery by CEF.

Can, for example, be used for communication with ENTSO-G, EPREL and Peppol.

Learn more about EDIINT AS4.

Automated, reliable and secure sending and receiving, according to the IETF standard EDI, over Internet AS2 based on HTTPS, Drummond Certified.

Please find more information about EDIINT AS2.

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Procurement applications help businesses to automate the processes involved in purchasing materials/products and managing their inventory. Users can select and order a product or service, manage purchase orders, invoices and pay bills electronically. SEEBURGER can help extend your procurement applications, including business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Use SEEBURGER’s out-of-the-box connectivity to Onventis’ web services interface to push or retrieve with SAP via RFC functionality.  

SEEBURGER’s EAI/API solution enables you to easily mix older protocols like FTP with new technologies like REST APIs within integration scenarios to platforms like Coupa. Manage the users, their access rights and permissions using JSON calls to the Coupa API while orders are still transported via FTP – and, configure your processes as you need them.

Build your SCM business processes with SEEBURGER’s API solution. Use our capability to connect to SAP via RFC and to TradeCloud via API or web service, bi-directionally.

Easily transport your in-house IDs from SAP to Pool4Tool XML IDoc via web services and vice versa. Benefit from our huge mapping library for SAP formats which will reduce integration effort and time.

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Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM applications and solutions provide a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to your sales and e-commerce channels. SEEBURGER can help extend your PIM applications, including business processes and other assets across your entire ecosystem, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Need PimCore HUB API integration? SEEBURGER's EAI/API Solution provides you with all the necessary components to collect product data from your internal sources and transport them via the REST API to PimCore.

Need to synchronize your product data from SAP to iPIM? Want to use the onboarding function in iPIM and replicate customer data to our ERP? SEEBURGER EAI/API offers you all options to interact via REST API and JSON format with iPIM applications.

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Public Cloud Access

The public cloud allows companies and its users to share resources and services while maintaining privacy data. A key advantage of public cloud architecture is the ability to access an application or a service on any Internet-connected device. SEEBURGER can help companies access these cloud resources such as data storage, management of data objects, management of events, and other functionality as part of integration to cloud-based applications and business processes.

The BIS Connector for Amazon S3 allows you to connect to Amazon S3 Objects and perform basic list, get, put, copy, delete, create bucket and delete bucket operations.

The BIS Connector for Google Cloud Storage allows create, update, get, and delete operations for buckets and objects within Google Cloud Storage projects.

The BIS Connector for Microsoft Azure Service Bus allows you to publish and subscribe over queues or topics using the Azure Service Bus.

The BIS Connector for Microsoft Azure Event Hubs allows you to publish and subscribe to topics using the Azure Event Hubs.

The BIS Connector for Microsoft Azure File Storage allows you to create, update, query, and delete files in your Microsoft Azure Storage account.

The BIS Connector for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage allows you to create, update, query, and delete blobs on your Microsoft Azure Storage account.

The BIS Connector for Microsoft Azure Disk supports various file-based operations on your Microsoft Azure Storage account.

The BIS Connector for Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage supports various HDFS operations on Microsoft Azure Data Lake.

The BIS Connector for Azure Exchange Online allows you to send and receive emails in MS Exchange Online.

The BIS Connector for Microsoft SharePoint allows you to store, download and delete files from SharePoint automatically within your process flows – no matter if SharePoint is hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

Please find more information on SEEBURGER BIS and the public cloud.

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Security and Compliance

As your organization combats cyberattacks, integration with security and compliance solutions will enable activity monitoring, reporting and risk assessment, to help protect critical information and ensure compliance. SEEBURGER can help you connect and manage security and compliance applications and services.

Connectivity to SAS helps you to integrate with SAS’s Fraud Management, Anti-Money Laundering & Security Intelligence solutions. Once connected, the flow of financial data is controlled by the SEEBURGER BIS process engine, allowing the SAS solutions to be used to assess the fraud and financial crime risk. The SEEBURGER SAS connector standardizes the communication to support the  ingress and egress of data between SAS and SEEBURGER, enabling interoperability, technical integration and business monitoring. Read the paper Smarter Payments Integration with Real-Time Fraud Detection to learn about the SAS/SEEBURGER market-leading payments integration solution. 

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Technology, Databases and Data Storage

SEEBURGER can help you connect to various technologies, message queues, message brokers and APIs, and help transfer data securely, both on-premises and in the cloud, between applications, business processes and systems. Connect to IoT devices, various databases and message brokers, and enable Big Data.

Support for native WebSphere MQ specific functionality.

Support for native SOLACE-specific functionality.

The BIS Connector integrates with the MSMQ Client DLL via JNI (Java Native Interface).

Integration with the native WebMethods JNDI driver adding support for native WebMethods-specific functionality.

The connector provides all basics defined with J2EE-JMS standards incl. AMQP. Communication via QUEUE and TOPIC (Publish & Subscribe) are supported. Supports ActiveMQ, JBOSS, FIRANO, SONIC, WebSphere MQ.

Reads information from directory services like MS Active Directory using the LDAP protocol.

The MQTT Client enables BIS to connect to an MQTT Message Broker.

Supported functions include Publish, Subscribe, Quality of Service at-most-once (0) and User/Password authentication.

The OPC UA Client allows you to connect BIS with OPC UA servers.

Connector integration and usage of JDBC supporting databases.

The HDFS Client Connector provides file operations for the Hadoop Distributed File System.

Supported functions are: Producer (write) and Consumer (read).

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Warehouse, Transport and Logistics

SEEBURGER can help you connect and manage various services, systems and applications for your supply chain, including warehouse, transport and logistics applications. We offer a variety of connectors for on-premises and cloud-based applications, to enable and securely transfer data between applications, systems and business processes across your entire ecosystem.

Transparency required on your supply chain from end to end? SEEBURGER’s EAI/API solution supports your journey to a digitalized supply chain using standard data formats managed by the GS1. If you want to retrieve data in your app or you need to provide data from ERP to ftrace, our offering provides you all the functionality you need.

This is order management made easy. Use the functionality of our EAI/API solution to bi-directionally integrate with Manhattan Order Management platform via web services or APIs.

Looking for an easy way to interact with Oracle SCM in the cloud? Use our EAI/API solution to configure your business process and interchange data with Oracle’s Order Management platform.

Want prebuilt components that require configuration but no development?  SEEBURGER’s EAI/API solution contains out-of-the-box functionality to connect your business to Transporeon – and all connected logistic partners

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Our SAP connectors span multiple products, and are used by customers all over the world to extend their SAP applications across their ecosystems. With a relationship spanning more than 25 years and over 50 SAP certifications, we continue to work closely with SAP, and have received their highest product quality seal.

SEEBURGER is an SAP silver partner with extensive SAP expertise.

Certified Integration through various interfaces, such as:

  • tRFC or file-based IDoc transport
  • RFC interface
  • BAPIs - Allows you to receive RFC calls sent by SAP and sent back responses created by BIS
  • WebServices

For more information on SAP Integration, see SAP integration scenarios.

Benefit from all the possibilities of the BIS 6 platform, regardless of which operating model you choose for S/4HANA. With the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), companies of all industries and sizes benefit from a central, best-in-class platform developed in-house by SEEBURGER. It offers customers maximum flexibility for integration using B2B/EDI, MFT, E-Invoicing, IoT, API and EAI applications in all SAP environments, including deep SAP S/4HANA integration.

Learn more about SAP S/4HANA integration.

Please also see the following blogs for more information:

   - SAP Blog:

   - SEEBURGER Blog:

Is SAP CRM your main account system, but customer data is required in third-party systems? Use the capabilities of our EAI/API solution to easily retrieve data from SAP CRM, transform it into other formats and publish it to your Web Shop or billing system.

In collaborative e-commerce, the seamless integration of customers with one comprehensive B2B procurement platform like SAP Ariba is essential for efficient and transparent business processes.

The SEEBURGER Connector for SAP® Ariba® solutions is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. The Connector enables easy onboarding of trading partners and electronic data interchange (EDI) connections to and from SAP Ariba solutions. What are the key benefits of the SEEBURGER Connector for SAP Ariba solutions?

  • Easy data exchange through direct EDI integration with SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway
  • Fast onboarding and maintenance of trading partners using SAP Ariba solutions and EDI connections
  • Numerous ready-to-use partner mappings and partner EDI connections that only need to be activated
  • Access to a large digital ecosystem of more than 2.700 SEEBURGER Cloud Customers connected to over 32.000 Trading Partners

The SEEBURGER Connector for SAP Ariba solutions expands the digital reach of buyers and suppliers connected to Ariba Network as well as of the members of the SEEBURGER EDI community.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) seamlessly connects to your customers via the SAP Ariba network. It not only solves all technical integration challenges and fulfills any integration requirements but also provides:

  • Existing connections to SAP Ariba in the Managed Services System. All you need is an Ariba account and SEEBURGER can connect you. In addition, certificates from SEEBURGER can be used for TLS encryption
  • Existing communication adapters for on-premises BIS Systems (https/AS2-Controller/Client)
  • Existing partner and analyzer mappings that can be used as standard software for a quick integration of SAP Ariba
  • Fast and easy integration of additional customers after initial setup
  • End-to-End monitoring

Read more about SAP Ariba ERP integration.

If you are using SAP Concur as your central travel planning expense tool in the cloud, you will need to synchronize invoice and expense data for accounting purposes with your ERP system.

SEEBURGER’s EAI/API solution offers you full flexibility to retrieve the data from SAP Concur – via web services, ODATA or via REST API.

SAP SuccessFactors offers multiple ways to synchronize your employee data with 3rd party data consuming or providing applications, via ODATA protocol, web services or REST APIs. With SEEBURGER’s EAI/API solution you can choose your preferred method of transport of data to and from SAP SuccessFactors.

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SEEBURGER Connectors: Information and Resources

SEEBURGER BIS is an open business integration platform that allows you to integrate ANYTHING.

SEEBURGER BIS Connectors enable you to easily integrate and securely connect to any business application, technology, interface or anything else – on-premises or in the cloud.

Each SEEBURGER Connector:

  • Covers a specific integration need, or the integration of a specific system or service interface (e.g. Azure File Storage, Salesforce, SAP, etc.)
  • Can support one or more functions of one interface
  • Is based on generic BIS adapters and standard solutions (BIS EAI/API solutions)
  • Includes added value ranging from expert documentation on how to address an integration challenge with standard BIS functionality, to a ready-to-run SEEBURGER Connector artefact
  • Includes all necessary license modules (limited to the specific scenario) and information (including expert documentation) to address an integration scenario


SEEBURGER adapters and SEEBURGER connectors: What is the difference?

  • SEEBURGER Adapter:
    An adapter is a generic SEEBURGER BIS module which can be used for multiple connectivity purposes.
    Examples: REST Adapter, OFTP2 adapter, EDIFACT adapter, SAP tRFC adapter, WebServices Adapter
  • SEEBURGER Connector:
    A connector is a SEEBURGER BIS component which is specific to an integration scenario or technology. It may make use of several adapters, and is used for a defined connectivity purpose. Connectors often come with content (configuration data, mappings etc.) which serve to minimize implementation efforts.
    Examples: BIS Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector, Google Cloud Storage Connector, Microsoft Azure File Storage Connector, SAP Ariba Connector

In alignment with the process for SEEBURGER BIS and its modules, new Connectors are delivered with Service Packs installation media. Alternatively, they can be delivered as deployable artefacts by the SEEBURGER Professional Services Organization.

Note that if you choose full services in the SEEBURGER Cloud, we manage all your connections with industry-leading Service Level Availability (SLA) commitments.


For more information related to SEEBURGER Connectors, data formats, delivery, support & maintenance, and pricing, contact us.