Digitalization in the oil, gas and chemical industry

Embark on your journey to net zero with the right integration platform

Ensure your infrastructure is capable of handling communication with regulatory bodies. Automate the sending and receiving of your PIDX messages. Drive change and fuel innovation with easy connectivity and onboarding!

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Digitalization in the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs through process automation with ready-made tools and services

The business and reporting processes between trading partners and customers in the oil, gas and chemical industry are very complex. Capacity gaps are identified, storage tank requirements are defined, optimal safety stock levels are determined, thresholds for investment requirements are identified, procurement changes are modelled and their impact is defined. A modern digital infrastructure and an end-to-end integrated supply chain ensure the secure connection of internal and external B2B/EDI and IoT applications and systems, for example via APIs or ready-made connectors. With the Business Integration Suite, SEEBURGER offers a holistic platform with a variety of tools and services for digital transformation in oil, gas and chemical companies.

#acceleratebusiness in the oil, gas and chemical industry:
efficient onboarding, up-to-date partner data and lower operating costs with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

Easy Onboarding with the SEEBURGER Community Management Application (CMA)

For the quick and easy connection of a large number of partners with standardized mappings and communication channels, the Community Management Application CMA with self-services for partner communication and testing is a perfect tool. Save time and money and improve cooperation with your business partners. No more time-consuming phone calls and emails. Via the CMA, you gain complete transparency across all automated processes.

Predefined mappings for compatibility with PIDX, CIDX and many other message standards

In upstream and downstream communications, seamless integration with all involved partners is essential for fast, error free and secure business processes. For the oil, gas and chemical industry, predefined mappings are available for sending and receiving messages in the PIDX or CIDX standard, as well as a variety of message standards.

On-Demand-Services via APIs

APIs are an integral part of modern and future-proof architectures. Offer your customers and partners the possibility to carry out onboarding processes, compliance checks, connectivity tests, data validation and more via self-service APIs in real time. Thanks to highly up-to-date data, requirements and capacities can be planned with pinpoint accuracy - saving time and costs. Benefit from the advantages of faster and more accurate messages!

The carefree cloud package

For those who do not want to worry about IT integration, administration and maintenance of systems or partner and customer onboarding, SEEBURGER offers full service cloud solutions. Especially for digital data transfer with partners in the upstream and downstream sectors, this solution offers all the advantages of a professional integration platform without your own internal efforts.

Scalable, agile, modular platform for suppliers, customers, partners, brokers, logistics and field services

Grace Overcomes the Pain of Integration

Grace successfully managed integration challenges like connecting carriers who are using a variety of message types and formats and integrating carrier data to speed up shipping processes. At the same time they substancially reduced onboarding efforts.

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Act with Confidence – 3 Steps to Better Decision Making in Oil and Gas Downstream

The power of data is essential to making relevant and future-oriented decisions which enable companies to act fast and and with confidence. Read more about how the combination of data, technology and industry know-how fuel progress in the oil and gas industry.

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