IoT-Business-Integration – Evolution instead of Disruption

Mastering complexity and translating it into business value


Projects in the (I)IoT or Industry 4.0 sector are the cause and driving force of digital transformation for many companies. A key factor here is mastery of the complexity involved in integrating networked products and resources into existing processes, system landscapes and business ecosystems. SEEBURGER BIS enables companies to tap the potential of the (I)IoT for their business processes and to provide the integration basis for new digital services and business models.

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SEEBURGER BIS IoT-Solution – A single platform for all IoT requirements


  • For all integration scenarios
    Shop floor integration, predictive maintenance, smart products, adaptive logistics or innovative product development methods - there are no limits to the variety of applications for (I)IoT.
  • All dimensions of industry 4.0 integration
    Asset-/IoT integration of machines, plants, devices and products, horizontal and vertical integration, processor orchestration and analysis.
  • Use of open industry standards
    Standardized data models and communication standards such as OPC UA ensure data exchange between business partners, systems and machines.
  • Investment protection
    Easily integrate legacy devices with proprietary interfaces and existing gateway solutions, IoT platforms or cloud services.
  • Easily extend an existing BIS installation
    As an existing BIS user, you can also benefit from IoT and Industry 4.0 with little effort.
  • Safety guaranteed
    The administration of the necessary IoT security functions facilitates the comprehensive certificate, encryption and signature management, which has proven itself in many years of B2B use.

Data is the new oil - an international automotive supplier drives digitalization forward

Hybrid B2B/EDI scenarios, IoT and Data Lake integration can transform theentire data potential into real, tangible business value. The result is:

  • Improved capacity planning and production levelling on the customer side
  • More precise expenditure and cost forecasts on the supplier side
  • Shorter reaction times and transparency in the process chain

The SEEBURGER BIS IoT/Industry 4.0 Solution

Your key to integrated digital value chains

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