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Your Key to Integrated Digital Value Chains

All you need is one platform – the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) – to integrate value chains digitally and to interconnect all areas of your business comprehensively.

SEEBURGER BIS IoT/Industry 4.0 Solution

The digitalization of value creation is progressing. Innovative companies – including those in the manufacturing industry – are already benefiting from digital, data-based business models, higher productivity, efficiency and transparency. If one does not want to fall behind, it is high time to move.

Projects in the (I)IoT or Industry 4.0 sector are the cause and driving force of digital transformation for many companies. A key factor here is mastery of the complexity involved in integrating networked products and resources into existing processes, system landscapes and business ecosystems. SEEBURGER BIS enables companies to tap the potential of the (I)IoT for their business processes and to provide the integration basis for new digital services and business models.

Experience the SEEBURGER difference with BIS – one integration platform for all your IoT business requirements.

  • SEEBURGER BIS covers the various dimensions of networking and integration required for the implementation of Industry 4.0 and translates between all integration partners.
  • Existing BIS installations can be expanded with little effort to benefit from IoT and Industry 4.0.
  • Connect the physical and virtual world with open standards and orientation through reference architecture.
  • We do not compromise between comprehensive integration and high security standards.
  • Flexibly integrate Shop Floor with intelligent control.
  • Optimize your services with usage and endurance data.

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SEEBURGER BIS IoT/Industry 4.0 Solution

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