SEEBURGER Business Integration

Business Integration as Full Service

If you are thinking about using an integration platform in the cloud, there are many factors to consider. Especially if you are looking for a solution that you can use – for whatever reason – without internal effort, the full-service approach is the ideal solution.

SEEBURGER takes over all tasks for you that are necessary for the secure and highly available operation of the integration platform. Regardless of whether it is data center operation, database maintenance, security updates or the connection of new partners - SEEBURGER provides you with a service with clearly defined performance promises (SLA). Of course, you can use all imaginable data formats and communication protocols without having to worry about implementation. You can concentrate 100% on your customers and suppliers and leave the integration completely to SEEBURGER.

We offer you a transparent and very customer-friendly pricing model. In addition to consumption-based billing, you can flexibly add service components. This includes technical components as well as accompanying services.


  • Adaptability

    By combining public and private cloud components, a full-service model can be individually adapted to your requirements. All conceivable integration patterns and SLA requirements can be easily realized.

  • Transparency & Monitoring

    SEEBURGER Business Tracking gives you an overview of your data in real time. All business areas see the data relevant to them and have extensive research options. Of course, certain data can also be downloaded.

  • Expenses

    The system is operated entirely by SEEBURGER, you concentrate on your core business. We carry out the technical monitoring of the system and solve all occurring problems without you having to worry about it.

  • Security & Privacy

    The security functions of the SEEBURGER BIS platform and the certified SEEBURGER operation guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data, processes and communication at all times. Your platform is always up to date and perfectly secured.

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