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5 Reasons Why You Need Harmonized Retail Connections

Read about the importance of harmonized connections and how you can build customer loyalty and brand awareness by ensuring consistent, uninterrupted API and EDI integration.

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Create a Digital, Harmonized Customer Experience

More than ever, customers want a seamless experience that connects the retail journey—from online ordering to in-store shopping.

In order to keep your competitive edge in the digital world, you need to provide customers with multiple fulfillment and delivery options, as well as personalized offers and rewards. The question is – how?

Business integration is mission-critical for harmonizing the customer experience through real-time data exchanges across your digital ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers.

With SEEBURGER Integration, the combination of our technology, our services and our people, you can connect in real time with more customers and optimize operations across the digital retail landscape.

Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers Trust SEEBURGER

#MissionCritical: the SEEBURGER Retail Solution Integrates All Your Sales and Distribution Channels on One Single Platform

Exceed expectations throughout the customer journey

When it comes to shopping, consumers call the shots; they can choose like never before when, how and where they shop. You can meet and exceed their expectations on all channels, with relevant, attractive content, more choice, better prices and faster delivery. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is here to support you with digital retail processes, from EDI and B2B integration to real-time synchronization of stock levels and prices between online shops, apps, marketplaces and OMS or ERP systems. Bring us your integration challenges, and we’ll provide a solution.

With SEEBURGER you can:

  • Synchronize customer data, prices, inventory and product information in real time
  • Process payments and orders digitally, without failures and interruptions
  • Personalize and automate campaigns


E-Commerce & CRM

Digital CRM for in-store customers

Whether you have a tightly-woven trade network or retail outlets spread out over a wide area, and whether your business has grown organically or through a series of takeovers or mergers, your customers expect a first-class shopping experience. The cornerstones of customer satisfaction are service and deliverability. Both are only possible if the processes behind them are reliable. This includes processes such as integrating cash registers into your ERP system, real-time access through APIs to stock levels in other locations, and staff planning using decentralized time sheets and entry point data.

However, there’s a lot more to a successful digital retail strategy for a brick and mortar shop. Mobile apps and mobile notifications can help you win and keep customers. Loyalty cards, loyalty programs and digital receipts can be captured, processed and sent to customer smartphones in real time with the help of APIs. With API management, you can regulate, secure and monitor your APIs to ensure that you’re getting the greatest value from them throughout their lifecycle. Your APIs can provide you with up-to-date information on customer details, products, prices and stock levels. This increases the opportunity for sales in your traditional retail stores, and the improved service helps in the long term with customer retention.

With SEEBURGER you get:

  • Higher customer satisfaction through clear information on availability and deliverability of items – both online and from partner stores
  • Speedy implementation of your digital retail strategy for a stable logistics chain
  • Flexible staff planning based on local time sheets and entry point data


Niederlassung & Filiale

Automatically monitor, control and document the flow of goods

You can’t sell goods if you have empty shelves in your stores, or no stock in your warehouses. Therefore, it’s important to be able to react quickly if there is a disruption in the supply chain. This places pressure on today’s globally networked processes, especially those between storage, packing, transportation and delivery. If any of these connections fail, the customer will receive delayed or incorrect orders, or even no order at all. Digital processes based on highly integrated IT systems minimize such challenges and ensure end-to-end process monitoring, fast error resolution and on-time delivery.

The stream of data between service providers and trading partners flows automatically via B2B/EDI or API. Batch tracking, delivery confirmation, invoice receipt and returns can be automatically monitored, controlled and documented. Customers are notified when a parcel is on its way and can choose when it should be delivered.

With SEEBURGER you get:

  • Fast, reliable logistics processes including back-end integration of business applications, with seamless end-to-end monitoring
  • An agile supply chain which can adapt mid-process
  • Access to heterogeneous logistics data for business analytics

Logistik- und Transportmanagement

Everyone benefits from an automated data flow

Collecting data from all relevant contact points is an important step toward achieving end-to-end visibility of the customer. However, in order to benefit from this valuable data, it needs to be made available to several parties in the organization in a secure and reliable way. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence systems to analyze the data requires an integrated database that delivers a “truth for all.” This is also the basis for governance, compliance, monitoring and exception-management.

Reliable regional and global trading partners are critical to the success of your business. Successful partnerships require the right technical foundation. SEEBURGER has extensive analysis and evaluation tools that enable partners to see updates on a process at any given time. This results in a better delivery service and higher supplier satisfaction.

By giving your employees access to cross-functional data and real-time reports, they have the information they need to quickly make the right decisions. The BIS API solution delivers relevant data from various systems in real time to smartphones and tablets. Having modern systems and tools like this in place motivates employees and makes your business attractive to new prospective employees.  

With SEEBURGER you can have:

  • An integrated and always up-to-date customer database
  • Early error detection for critical processes
  • A modern work environment for employees

Go to Market Faster

Always up-to-date, detailed, reliable pricing, product availability and delivery data are critical factors in successful online selling and for ensuring a harmonized customer experience. At the same time, customers expect individualized data such as discounts, preferred packaging or delivery options to be automatically included. SEEBURGER provides the foundation for this, with extensive rule setting and management capabilities, along with administration of structured and unstructured data. This empowers innovative retailers to exchange data quickly and securely so they can then collate, aggregate, evaluate, and display the data.

With SEEBURGER you can:

  • Digitally process product master data with standardization and automation
  • Create catalogs more quickly, and update them in real time
  • Automatically verify and securely exchange product data

Content- und Produktdatenmanagement

Save Time and Money in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

A smooth-running supply chain needs integrated processes and an unhampered flow of data between companies at all levels of the value chain. With continued globalization, successful trading relies on digital capabilities to keep data flowing across your ecosystem. These include managed file transfer (MFT) for exchanging confidential contract and sales documents, and EDI/WebEDI supplier integration for fully-automated purchasing. As a stable yet flexible modular platform, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can quickly integrate new delivery channels in your value chain.

With SEEBURGER you can:

  • Accelerate SCM processes through deep integration with SAP and other ERP systems
  • Automate order processing and delivery scheduling
  • Digitally exchange confidential contract documents safely and securely

Einkauf & Beschaffung

Retail Industry Case Studies



Innovative Branding Concepts at ARTDECO

ARTDECO Cosmetic GmbH’s many digitalization activities and initiatives have SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite as their core technology, handling critical integrations for the business.


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Digital Omnipresence for Pneuhage

With highly digitalized processes, tire and rim trading company Pneuhage is omnipresent across multiple market and distribution channels. SEEBURGER’s business integration platform serves as a central data hub.

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Next Generation Sales for Osram

The strategic goal of Munich-based company Osram to become market leader in the lighting industry means high standards for its deployed technology. APIs are a fundamental part of the new business model, and they use SEEBURGER to operate, orchestrate and monitor them.

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