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Migration to the SEEBURGER Cloud Enabling Digital Transformation Saves a Lyreco Subsidiary 50% in Costs

A privately owned company since 1926, Lyreco has adapted to the evolutions of the workplace thanks to its constant focus on excellence in customer experience, strong partnerships with renowned suppliers, and efficient logistics.

In 2021, Lyreco acquired overall operations and services of a workplace solutions company in Central and Nordic Europe. The acquisition enabled nearly 1,600 employees to join the Lyreco team.

To meet changing retail and high volume e-commerce demands, the acquired business (“the company”) has digitally transformed their operations by strategically migrating their business to business (B2B) and application to application (A2A) processes to the SEEBURGER Cloud.


Migrating from two platforms to one self-service platform in the cloud

The company had been managing all digital B2B processes using SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) for 15 years. In 2015, the company introduced another integration solution into their architecture to support A2A processes. In 2020 a rationalization project was started to consolidate into one integration platform.

In support of its “Cloud First” initiative, the company researched and tested both platforms plus two other cloud solutions, and conducted workshops with the products to find the right fit for their needs. They also had a third-party company score all four products on 130 different capabilities. After weighing the possibilities, they chose SEEBURGER, and migrated three key business processes from two separate platforms into one self-service platform, in the SEEBURGER Cloud:

  1. A2A business processes, for integration of their ERPs, including SAP, Infor and more, with other systems and applications. With the SEEBURGER Cloud, the company has the flexibility to change apps without having to develop new code for the connections if the apps change.
  2. B2B business processes, which are used with over 250 vendors and trading partners to buy, create, sell and deliver products to customers.
  3. SEEBURGER’s E-Invoicing Solution, which helps to comply with widely differing regulations, business processes and rules within the EU member states.


BIS Suite
Cloud Services

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SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Managed Services integrate applications, systems, data and business partners for the Lyreco subsidiary

Accelerate business in the cloud with integration services

Today, the company is delivering office products and solutions faster with SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Services. Stronger connections between applications, systems and partners accelerate real time visibility and enhance communications, enabling the company to help their customers evolve, create more efficiencies and let their teams work anytime, anywhere.

The company is linking applications, systems, data and business partners in a process-oriented manner with flexibility and agility, without having to operate the necessary technical solutions themselves. And, with ready-to-use connectors and ready-made mappings, the company is no longer limited by communication protocols, data format or volumes when integrating new business partners and applications into their infrastructure.


What’s next for the company?

The first phase of the most recent project was completed successfully in August of 2021. SEEBURGER’s team has been maintaining and supporting the platform so the Lyreco team can focus on value-added projects like the migrations, and offload daily work tasks to SEEBURGER.

Phase two, which includes migrating the company’s older BIS platform to the new BIS in the SEEBURGER Cloud, will be completed in the first half of 2022. Then they will progress to an iPaaS model – SEEBURGER will help ensure the team is fully trained with the knowledge and skills to manage their integrations, while SEEBURGER manages and supports the platform in the SEEBURGER Cloud.


By partnering with SEEBURGER, the company has achieved these benefits:

  • 50% cost savings by eliminating their third-party support vendor and migrating from two platforms into one platform
  • Faster onboarding of new customers and B2B partners with self-service and template-based capabilities
  • Faster, easier integration and connectivity to their customers and B2B partners with thousands of available mappings and dozens of SEEBURGER Connectors
  • More control over business tasks such as onboarding, exchanging information and others that no longer require support tickets
  • Increased digital knowledge across IT and business teams
  • Sustainable change towards reducing their carbon footprint

SEEBURGER BIS has been the heart of our digital business for years. Now that we have migrated to the SEEBURGER Cloud, we are seeing even more benefits including cost savings, efficiencies and self-services.

Jeffry Turfboer, IT Project Manager at Lyreco

About Lyreco

The Lyreco group is the European leader and the third largest distributor of workplace products and services in the world. As a specialist of the work environment, Lyreco's expertise keeps on extending to cover all workplace needs: office supplies, furniture, IT equipment, printing solutions, personal protective equipment, hygiene, coffee and catering. The group directly operates in 25 countries in Europe and Asia and covers 17 additional markets on 4 continents through a network of distribution partners.