Exchange engineering (CAD/CAx) & product data with OEMs and partners

Exchange engineering (CAD/CAx) & product data with OEMs and partners

The secure solution for exchanging design and product describing data with internal LOBs and external partners e.g. customers, suppliers, engineering service providers and OEMs.

Securing data exchange and integration processes

Securing data exchange and integration processes

Connecting suppliers in technical procurement. Exchange of spare parts lists, bills of materials, technical drawings and CAD data with your suppliers.

Data exchange throughout the entire product life cycle

Data exchange throughout the entire product life cycle

... along the horizontal and vertical value chain

Exchange any kind of product data throughout the entire product lifecycle – from development to production, maintenance and service – safely and efficiently with all stakeholders.

Complete solution for engineering (CAD/CAx) & product data exchange

Digital connected engineering throughout the entire product lifecycle along the value chain

Transferring engineering data with customers, partners and suppliers in a globally operating company with worldwide distributed production sites is no longer limited to pure CAx data. It also encompasses a wide range of product-defining information from numerous authoring and data management solutions e.g: ERP, MES, PDM/PLM.

Especially companies with an increased product, process and organizational complexity need holistic data exchange and integration solutions for digital connected engineering along the value chain throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The SEEBURGER EPX solution fulfills the requirements and supports the digital connected engineering with holistic and integrated data transfer to all partners e.g. OEMs, customers, suppliers and engineering service providers. EPX combines Managed File Transfer scenarios (Share & Subscribe and Ad hoc) with process-driven data exchange according to industry standard VDA ENGDAT/ENGPART and ODETTE OFTP2 over one single web interface.

In detail, EPX supports:

  • The digital connected engineering throughout the entire value chain with all partners e.g. OEMs, customers, partners and suppliers.

  • Collaborative product design and development via sharing and transferring engineering (CAD/CAx) file and product data, e.g. digital twins.

  • Supporting technical purchasing and procurement process by transferring bill of materials, parts lists and drawings linked with purchase orders.

  • Connecting lines-of-business (LOB), departments for vertical integration and production systems with a unified industry 4.0/IoT platform to efficiently map the manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • Supporting marketing, sales & aftersales with ad hoc data transfer scenarios by exchanging product-related documents.

  • Maintenance, service, repair-relevant data transfer with LOBs and Partners.

EPX – Use Cases

The SEEBURGER EPX solution supports companies with synchronous and asynchronous data exchange scenarios – EPX On-Premise or as an EPX Cloud Service.

Online project rooms

Online data exchange in project rooms with interactive public & share scenarios

In a modern interface, the solution offers both asynchronous (offline) data exchange via ENGDAT/ENGPART/OFTP2 as well as synchronous (online) project-based interactive (public & share) data exchange via project & data rooms with additional ad hoc functions. In detail:

  • Create online project folder and assign permissions to other users (internal/external) for share & subscribe of engineering and product data
  • Up- and download of data in predefined project folder by authorized users
  • Additional information for data and projects in the description field
  • Status tracking, monitoring and tracking of all data exchange processes
  • Invitation of users (internal/external) and e-mail notification

Customer examples

Automotive: Large CAD file transfer with partners via ENGDAT/OFTP2

Industrial machinery and plant engineering: Technical procurement, integrated data transfer with several thousand users and partners

Engineering & Simulation: Simulation data exchange with external partners

Ad hoc-Filetransfer

Ad hoc data exchange of engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data with other product-related files and documents

Quick, easy and secure ad hoc file transfer with partners.

Secure and easy file transfer between internal and external users (partners) using ad hoc features. Authorized user can just select the data and recipients and click on "send" - the data is securely sent in just a few clicks.

Alternatively, the ad hoc process can be started directly from Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Windows Explorer. The recipient (internal user or external partner) receives an e-mail notification when a file is sent to him/her. This contains a link for the secure download of the data with a note and an optional password via E-Mail or SMS.

Customer examples

Electrical industry: Exchange of large product illustrations with partners for online business

Manufacturing industry: Cooperation with external marketing agencies (pictures, product videos)

Industrial machinery and plant engineering: Exchange of service data for the maintenance of a machine and plant


Sending and receiving ENGDAT messages via ODETTE OFTP2, exporting ENGPART

A standardized solution for connecting all partners, OEMs and customers.

The EPX solution supports common standards e.g. VDA 4951 ENGDAT/ENGPART or ODETTE OFTP2. This solution provides the designer with browser-based and user-specific access to all required design and partner data. With just a few clicks the data can be sent and received easily, quickly and directly from the engineer’s workstation.

Customer examples

Automotive: Transferring design data with OEMs

Industrial machinery and plant engineering: Cooperation with external partners and suppliers

Manufacturing industry: Engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data exchange with engineering service providers

Engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data exchange via ODETTE OFTP2

Secure and easy via Internet

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PLM/PDM integration, API management and add-ins for engineering (CAD/CAx) & product data exchange

Connected engineering with PLM/PDM integration and usability extensions.

Integration component, API management, add-ins for Outlook, Windows Explorer and Mobile App complete the EPX solution. MS Outlook and MD Windows Explorer add-ins allow easy desktop integration. EPX integrates seamlessly into the user environment and allows user to share files, synchronize directories and send and receive even the largest engineering (CAD/CAx) files and product data. The mobile app for Android and iOS is available via the stores.

Connected digital engineering
Seamless engineering collaboration – 100% partner connection.
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EPX is available as SEEBURGER Cloud Service

Cost flexibility through pay-per-use - ISO27001-certified - Operated in SEEBURGER data centers under German contract law.


EPX - Features and Benefits

SEEBURGER EPX solution supports companies in implementing all data exchange scenarios with integration of ERP, PLM/PDM, CAx-Quality Check Tools and converters

  • Security: Secure transmission of engineering (CAD(CAx) files and product data without size limitation
    Secure file transfer without size restrictions. Fulfilling security aspects described in the ODETTE OFTP2 standard e.g. TLS Client/Server, Secure Authentication, Compression, Encryption, Signature or Signed EERP.

  • Simplicity: Easy sending and receiving of engineering (CAD/CAx) files and product data
    Send and receive data just via browser- no client installation required. Drag-and-drop engineering files via Windows Explorer Add-in. Create up/download permits via Outlook Add-in. Access and manage EPX solution via Mobile App.
  • Integration: Workflow-driven pre- & post-, batch- processing data transfer, SOA/EAI/API management for integration existing file pools, PDM/PLM
    Automated, workflow controlled scenarios for the pre- or post-processing data transfer. Integration of PLM/PDM, CAD format converter and CAD validation and CAD quality check tools. API management for an overview of all interfaces and integration capabilities.
  • Full transparency: Fulfill the audit and compliance requirements & guidelines
    Get the transparency and control all transfer activities (who, when, to whom) according to your corporate compliance. Meet OEM/Partner and customer security & compliance requirements for data transfer.
  • Consolidation: Unified solution with a central platform for all data exchange activities
    Unified solution for worldwide engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data exchange with connecting unlimited number of partner, OEMs or customer. Everything from a single source; fully integrated complete solution with data exchange manager, communication gateway etc. from one of the world's leading providers for electronic data interchange.
  • Secure your Investment: scalability
    Investment protection is grant by the Business Integration Suite (BIS). The EPX solution can grow with business needs & requirements. BIS can also be used for commercial and logistical data exchange and integration scenarios.

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