An overview of the latest certificates awarded to SEEBURGER

September 2020: SEEBURGER expands its leading position with TISAX certification

Since September 2020, SEEBURGER Cloud Services have been TISAX® certified with assessment level 2 (high protection requirement) and an overall maturity level of 2.9 (out of a maximum level of 3.0) for the Bretten location. With the TISAX® certification, SEEBURGER Cloud Services comply with automotive industry-specific requirements for an information security management system. This makes it much easier for automotive industry suppliers among SEEBURGER's customers to prove their own TISAX® assessment level to their customers.

August 2020: SEEBURGER is ISO27001 re-certified

With the re-certification in August 2020, SEEBURGER provides proof that its information security management system fully meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 with a certification validity of 3 years. The audit focused on information and IT security and systematically identified space for improvement in information technology facilities, processes and solutions that are directly or indirectly necessary for the provision of SEEBURGER Cloud Services. The improvement opportunities are documented accordingly. For specific processes, SEEBURGER follows the requirements of the BSI Grundschutzkompendium of the Federal German Office for Information Security (BSI basic protection compendium). SEEBURGER customers benefit from a highly available, powerful and secure service in every respect.

July 2020: ISAE 3402 – Renewed certification confirms sustainability of SEEBURGER as a cloud provider

With the renewed certification in July 2020 of the ‘International Standard on Assurance Engagements’ (ISAE) 3402 SOC 1, KPMG confirms for a further year the lasting effectiveness and continuous improvement process of the internal control system (ICS) for the provision of outsourcing services and cloud service operating processes of SEEBURGER. The evidence is provided by checking numerous random samples throughout the one-year observation period. The ICS protects all information that is received, generated, distributed, archived and destroyed in the course of business activities in accordance with legal requirements, national and international standards, internal corporate standards and contractual obligations. SEEBURGER customers benefit from the proven security of sensitive business processes, the best possible data protection and simplified verification obligations towards their customers.

2018: SEEBURGER 2018 once again awarded the ‘Software Hosted in Germany’ seal of approval

SEEBURGER was once again awarded with the BITMi certificate in 2018 by the German Association of IT SMEs. The coveted seal is awarded to software that can be used via the Internet and is hosted in Germany for service provisioning. Processed data is therefore subject to German and EU law including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The award is based on first-class quality, constant innovation and the claim ‘Made in Germany’.

The recent award of the BITMi seal confirms that customers continue to enjoy the benefits of consistently reliable data security, high availability, investment security and data protection for SEEBURGER cloud solutions. This is highly relevant for sensitive company data traversing the internet. The award for SEEBURGER signifies German quality, future-proof security and confidence in data protection based upon the widely acclaimed Business Integration Suite (BIS).