Greiner Meets Global Compliance Mandate & Prepares for the Future

Greiner Meets Global Compliance Mandate & Prepares for the Future

Using SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Cloud Services, Greiner Bio-One meets country‑specific requirements on time and cost‑effectively, ensuring worry‑free compliance with e-invoicing standards.

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Standardization and Optimization
of the Pharma & Healthcare Supply Chain

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is undergoing far-reaching changes. Globalization, increasing cost pressures, decreasing margins and increasing regulatory requirements are contributing significantly to changes in the industry. Explosive growth in the emerging markets and an emphasis on small-scale patient focus require a broadly diversified distribution network.

SEEBURGER solutions for standardization and optimization of the pharma and healthcare supply chain – digitalize complex business processes and ensure compliance with regulations for product safety, tracking and serialization.

#Businessaccelerators for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry:
SEEBURGER solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry support a wide range of digitalization initiatives to improve products, business processes, structures and sales channels.

Optimum processing of all orders in the healthcare sector

With just one platform, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers can integrate their external B2B business processes and internal workflows, logistics product databases and in house applications. SEEBURGER solutions include standardized and pre configured partner profiles for the healthcare industry with industry specific compliance checks and the ability to process all order entry formats in SAP.

The pharmaceutical supply chain includes EDI connections for pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, health care services, logistics providers and contract manufacturers, such as packagers and suppliers.
The medical supply chain includes EDI connection for clinics, purchasing companies, medical supply stores, nursing homes and retail. B2B providers such as GHX, Medical Columbus, HBS and H-Net can also be integrated, as can suppliers and logistics providers.

Clinics can easily connect with their suppliers via EDI, WebEDI, our Supplier Portal Service and industry recommendations for exchange formats – all of which are an indispensable part of our solution. With our partner, Supedio, we have the ability to read any PDF that is created without OCR with 100% quality. This is also an indispensable part of our overall solution for connecting supply chains with small and medium-sized suppliers.

The advantages:

  • Automated exchange of B2B documents such as orders, order confirmations, order confirmations and invoices
  • Automated processing of orders from all input channels in SAP
  • Management of processes with real-time requirements of wholesale, marketplace and logistics

B2B/EDI integration on premise or as a cloud service

Automated exchange of B2B documents with healthcare retailers, including wholesalers, marketplaces and logistics service providers. Orders can be placed directly with the manufacturer or from pharmacies via marketplaces at wholesalers (PHBEST). The solution can be purchased as an on premise or managed service.


BIS B2B/EDI Solution


Automation and integration of any incoming order format with SAP incoming orders in conjunction with a convenient fast entry screen, postprocessing station and plausibility check for order creation. This results in great savings potential in terms of time and process costs.



Real-time connection of wholesalers, marketplaces and logistics service providers

Europe-wide foreign branches and decentralized logistics centers ensure growing real-time requirements such as prompt inventory reconciliation, delivery dates and locations of medical goods.

API/EAI Integration


The right solution for every supplier

There are several methods for connecting all suppliers, especially suppliers of medical and pharmaceutical products. Whether PDF to e-invoice, EDI or WebEDI, business transactions with important manufacturers are digitalized and structured. Document exchanges are traceable at all times, communication efforts are eliminated and long response times are avoided. To avoid production bottlenecks, changes in deadlines and quantities are identified in order confirmations in a timely manner. High storage costs and demand fluctuations, which are typical of the healthcare supply chain, are reduced and customers and patients are supplied in the best possible way.

The advantages:

  • Consistent digital health care with medical and pharmaceutical products with traceable ordering processes
  • Automated processing of paper invoices
  • Enforcement and control of difficult process specifications (compliance)

EDI supplier integration

Connection of EDI partners "by Click" with pre-configured profiles and minimal project effort for automatic transmission of B2B documents such as orders, order confirmations, deliveries and invoices.


BIS B2B/EDI Solution

Invoice receipt processing

Automation of incoming invoice processing with upstream requisition/order release processes (BANF) to increase the order quota and improve transparency in communication with suppliers in SAP.


Secure data transfer in all areas

In the healthcare industry, the secure exchange of medication, customs and foreign trade data is a top priority – whether it concerns the approval of the latest research, the launch of new products or the delivery of curative drugs. Customer and patient data can be transmitted with SEEBURGER solutions and protected in accordance with the GDPR.

The advantages:

  • Secure transfer of sensitive unstructured data in healthcare
  • Support of customs processes, export, import, transit and EMCS by translating the declarations into the exchange format required by the respective national customs authorities
  • Automated transfer of master data to 1WorldSync

MFT Integration

Secure transfer of sensitive data for e.g. drug approval for EMA, large-volume data exchange with agencies, sampling with logistics companies, etc.

MFT Integration

SEEBURGER Cloud Services for SAP GTS (Global Trade Service)

The EDI service for SAP GTS offers fast and secure transmission of high-quality data with the customs authorities of all countries covered by SAP GTS. The ideal complement to SAP GTS, which companies use to manage their international trading processes and to cooperate with the modernized systems of government and customs authorities.

EDI Service for SAP GTS

Global master data harmonization

The connection to the 1WorldSync data pool automatically transfers global master data and converts any data formats into GDSN data.

B2B Routing Service

A single solution for all worldwide e-invoicing formats

Companies operating in many countries need the ability to support and process a variety of different e-invoicing standards. With a single solution, SEEBURGER supports e-invoicing formats and compliance requirements in more than 55 countries, covering the complexity and diversity of all incoming and outgoing e invoices.

The Invoice Portal Service enables the review, approval and processing of incoming invoices in the cloud. The portal also supports connections to federal and state government central invoice receipt portals, Peppol, X Rechnung and ZUGFeRD.

Read how SEEBURGER installed cost-efficient and legally compliant e-invoicing processes for Sysmex Europe.

The advantages:

  • Connect once, connect to all: With a connection to the Cloud Services, all country solutions are available to you
  • No investment in your own system infrastructure necessary
  • Preconfigured country solutions guarantee a short project duration and reduce risk

One service for all country requirements – support for all important standards

Combine all country requirements in one system. Once connected to SEEBURGER Cloud Services, you benefit from pre-configured country solutions and save unnecessary project runtimes.

E-Invoicing Service

The invoice portal for checking, releasing and processing incoming invoices

With the Invoice Portal Service, you can process incoming invoices in a continuous, automated process: from the recording of incoming invoices, through checking, release to final posting. Incoming invoices can be assigned decentrally and released technically and factually. This means that your invoice release process can be converted to digital processing in the shortest possible time.


Invoice Portal Service


Medical information processes – legally compliant and transparent

Service providers (clinics, doctors, pharmacies, other service providers) must send their invoices to health insurance companies in electronic and encrypted form in accordance with the provisions of the Fifth Social Code (SGB V). With the Managed Invoice Service §302 SEEBURGER offers the providers of aids and remedies (other service providers according to § 302 SGB V) a fully automated Managed Service without media discontinuity.

With the entry into force of Eudra-Lex 2006 and the EU-wide obligation to electronically transmit all adverse drug reactions to the EU EudraVigilance Gateway and the Länder authorities, it became necessary to submit individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR) to the relevant institutions. The corresponding SEEBURGER service takes over the electronic transmission of the Drug Safety Reports.

The advantages:

  • Significant reduction of process costs
  • Complex set of rules for the process already exists
  • Continuous monitoring to improve transparency

Innovative business models through integrated customer and product data

Innovations in all industries are moving at a rapid pace, and the healthcare industry is no exception.
Patients expect a large, inexpensive and quickly deliverable selection of drugs and medical products. However, this requires greater supply chain segmentation into product and customer groups, as well as close internal networking of logistics with production, marketing and sales. In hospitals, data collection centralized in one application is becoming more important. Heterogeneous data from multiple applications require integration, translation, transformation and secure transport. The modular design of the SEEBURGER BIS offers the optimal solution.

The advantages:

  • Real-time customer data exchange for personalized processes
  • Omnichannel integration for complex healthcare distribution networks
  • Automated transfer of master data for synchronous information across all channels

CRM Integration

Healthcare customers can be integrated with Salesforce, Veeva or other CRM cloud systems in real time via API/EAI integration, which is also available as a managed service. Enter sample orders directly from the field into the cloud based CRM system. Orders are sent to pharmaceutical wholesalers via EDI messages, delivered to pharmacies and synchronized in the manufacturer's SAP.

CRM Integration

Online Shop Integration

B2B and B2C stores are additional channels for pharmaceutical, OTC and medical device manufacturers that require integration into the existing distribution network. Through API-based omnichannel integration, inventory queries are answered and displayed correctly.

Omnichannel Integration

Global master data harmonization

Data pool connections transfer global master data automatically and convert any data formats into master data for your ERP.

B2B Routing Service

Cost-Efficient and Legally Compliant E-Invoicing Processes

The SAP-integrated e-invoicing solution from SEEBURGER offers Sysmex an efficient, convenient and requirement-oriented approach to processing incoming and outgoing invoices.

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It’s Not Hard for Healthcare to Go Digital

How can you turn a healthcare supply chain digital? SEEBURGER AG and Supedio GmbH are two digitalization experts who already work together to help other companies make their digital supply chain a reality.

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