Invoice Delivery Service

A simple, secure way to implement XRechnung & ZUGFeRD e-invoicing.

Use the SEEBURGER Invoice Delivery Service to securely send your customers and business partners legally compliant e-invoices in XRechnung and other formats.

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Do you have customers in public administration? These may be governmental agencies, ministries, municipalities. Or do you have customers who require you to bill with electronic invoices? If so, it’s high time to move your invoicing over to a simple yet secure, legally-conform e-invoicing solution to support invoice formats such as a XRechnung and ZUGFeRD. Particularly as, from 2th November 2020, German public administration has only been accepting e-invoices in XRechnung for any sums over €1,000.

At SEEBURGER, we have over 30 years experience in e-invoicing. Let us use our comprehensive expertise and know-how and our impressive cloud solutions to automate the bookkeeping for your accounts receivable so that XRechnung and other e-invoicing solutions can be integrated into your company simply and securely.

Our Invoice Delivery Cloud Service is an easy, cost-effective and legally-compliant way to send invoices to your business partners, in the private sector and especially in public administration. Our tried-and-tested cloud solution supports not only classic pdf invoices sent by e-mail, but also a wide range of electronic invoices including XRechnung and ZUGFeRD, and even the Peppol platform.

As the Invoice Delivery Service is a cloud-based solution, there is no long and costly implementation period. Instead, you get instant access to a virtual environment where you can see all your invoices and their statuses in a ledger.

Advantages of the Invoice Delivery Cloud Service

  • This solution enables you to meet the legal requirement to send purely e-invoices to government bodies for any sum over €1,000, effective from 27th November 2020.   (EU directive 2014/55/EU). Paper or pure pdf invoices are no longer being accepted.  
  • An increasing number of large companies now expect invoices to be in either a ZUGFeRD or XRechnung format. Non-compliant invoices are already being rejected and returned.
  •  Meet all your customers' billing requirements through a simple interface to our Invoice Delivery Service.
  • Integrated, external validation checks ensure that the invoice format meets requirements.
  • Invoices received in ZUGFeRD or XRechnung formats can be processed through our Incoming Invoice Solution. Adding this option strengthens your customer relationships, as it saves your customers‘ time are they can avoid potentially tricky workarounds.
  • An intuitive central ledger provides 24/7 tracking, comprehensive reporting, and automated error notifications if delivery is unsuccessful because of an incorrect postal or e-mail address, a format error, etc.)
  • Select exactly the format/s and delivery method each of your customers require. This not only ensures your clients can receive your invoices, it also cuts down on costs!.
  • Invoices containing personal information can be encrypted and sent to the client via a download link to comply with GDPR.
  • Can be extended for further e-invoicing formats.

Product Details of the Invoice Delivery Cloud Service

After your customers have registered for the SEEBURGER Cloud, they can log in by using their email address and password and use the SEEBURGER Cloud in German or English. The following features are available for you and your customers:

Open and download invoices

The invoices can be opened directly or can be downloaded – individually or collected as a zipped package.

Quick and advanced search

The quick and advanced search functionality provides a good overview even in case of higher invoice volumes.

Deliver invoices in different ways

You can decide, whether the emails shall include the invoices as a secure download-link via SEEBURGER MFT or / and as an attachment. There is no size restriction when using SEEBURGER MFT.

Monitoring downloads

The download status shows, whether your customers have already downloaded your sent invoices.

Filter function

Thanks to a filter function, invoices can be shown for specific periods of time or a specific sender.

Editing emails

Edit the standard text and signature of your emails to the customers according to your wishes.

Adjusting corporate design

The SEEBURGER Cloud can be adapted to your Corporate Design, so your customers see your logo and selected design at the registration/login page.

Archived invoices

Both the invoice sender and the invoice recipient have access to the invoices for 10 years.


The price model for the Invoice Delivery Service includes a one-time provision fee and a transaction fee per invoice.

Please contact us in order to get more information about the pricing of the Invoice Delivery Service.

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