Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Optimize production with digital insights! Integrated production systems provide an increase in productivity, reduce operating costs and the number of errors. Event-related information is visible at every step of production, which allows issues to be solved before you can see them.

Optimize Customers' Shopping Experience with Our Omnichannel Approach

Optimize Customers' Shopping Experience with Our Omnichannel Approach

An omnichannel strategy uses all available sales channels, provides unique insights of the customer, and enables an individual buying experience anywhere, anytime.

Digital Transformation is No Longer Just Nice-to-Have

Digital Transformation is No Longer Just Nice-to-Have

Companies need to face the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. The increasing correlation between distribution channels, innovative production and logistics solutions – as well as comprehensive customer services – are turning into a revolution in shopping.

CPG Companies Increase Flexibility and Profit by Digitally Transforming Their Entire Value Chain

Improve all areas of your business and stimulate innovation
using the SEEBURGER CPG/Retail Solution for manufacturers and retailers

Efficiency and innovation with the help of company-wide online engineering and electronic procurement processes.

  • Digital: quickly and safely develop and implement products
  • Automated: efficiently and transparently manage ordering and delivery processes

Brainstorming, development and launching of new products requires not only innovative concepts but new methods of cooperation as well. These include online engineering, through e-contracting to e-procurement as well as comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) for electronic order processing.

Digital Transformation in Development and PurchasingSEEBURGER Solutions

Digital Engineering

Supporting development processes using digital methods such as online engineering data exchange and collaboration with external development partners as well as integration of product data in PDM/PLM systems.

Success Story: Flexible and secure data exchange with development partners at B/S/H

BIS EPX Solution
Worldwide data exchange engineering

Innovation and Product launch

Security and protection of confidential and sensitive documents, no matter whether they are related to the development of internal innovation or external approval procedures, patent announcements, exchange of contract documents, etc.

BIS MFT Solution
Secure data exchange within a company and between companies

E-Procurement and Online Catalogs

Electronic procurement of work materials via ERP or OCI catalogs through EDI or WebEDI integration for digital order processing as part of purchasing operations.

BIS B2B Solution / WebEDI Solution
Digital order and scheduling agreements

Digital Supplier Relationship Management

EDI/WebEDI Integration for production procurement as well as SRM integration for comprehensive collaboration and supplier analysis through validating and verifying the authenticity of the products delivered.

BIS API Solution
Product data verification in real time

BIS B2B Solution
Seamless integration of SRM

Business Unit integration is becoming increasingly important. Availability of data at your fingertips is vital for all employees.

  • All digital processes are executed and monitored through IT, Management or Business Units
  • Data-driven decision-making and strategy derivation

Until very recently, IT has been focused on the needs and processes of single Business Units. This approach worked for a long time, but the requirements have changed now. Employees need cross-departmental data, upon which they can base data-driven decisions - quickly and accurately.

Digital Transformation in ManagementSEEBURGER Solutions

Digital Workspace and Digital Business Reports

Up-to-date data is the treasure of every company but it needs special protection and access rights. Data should be at your fingertips in real time, whether it is on your smartphone, tablet, inyour email system, a web GUI or File Explorer.

BIS API Integration
Data is displayed and aggregated in real time

Data Pooling and Customer Business Intelligence

The introduction of key figures, analysis and evaluation has a positive effect on the entire customer adoption of a company. Data from business intelligence systems (BI) is aggregated into a central database, analyzed and then visualized through dashboards.  

BIS Information Server
Filling, storage and output of information in real time, for example, for BI Integration

Individual Workflows, Alerts and End-to-End Process Monitoring

The digital agenda of a company is optimized when it is specifically tailored to the needs of its customers, partners and employees. This includes specific processes, governance, compliance, monitoring and regular exception handling.

Business Integration Suite 
Message Tracking, Monitoring and Alerting

Department Transparency - SAP Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting

The delivery service level and customer satisfaction is increased by easy Message Handling, Target Monitoring and correction functionality all in a familiar SAP environment. 

SAP Console
Critical process outages are immediately detected


Real-Time Integration – Master Digital Transformation.

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Supporting any ad hoc service needs that today’s digital customers may have.

  • Interact with customers by providing services in real time
  • Digital control and evaluation of your Online Community

"The customer is king." This is never more true than now in the age of digital transformation, where manufacturers or web stores are only a click away. Digital experiences will be part of all products in the future, especially related to after-sales, repair or complaints, complementary services or community interaction.

Digital Transformation in Customer ServicesSEEBURGER Solutions

Online Complaint/Repair Management

Successful after sales services depend on speed, availability and timing, including real-time transfer of maintenance orders, inventory reports, spare parts orders and device status.

BIS API Integration
Real-Time Integration

Device Status Tracking Communications Interface


Digital Service Center/Smartphone Apps

In the context of advanced digital services, customer interactions are conducted via call centers, loyalty programs, point of service touch screens or apps, which often interact with a community in a central ecosystem with different partners.

BIS API/EAI Integration
App Integration

BIS FileExchange
Secure Data Exchange within a company and between companies

Feedback, Guiding and Surveys

Creation of online surveys enables systematic specific-data search relevant to a given domain. These can identify, integrate and initiate further processes through innovative customer engagement.

BIS Community Management App
Online Survey with Data Integration

Data Pooling and Customer Business Intelligence

The introduction of key figures, analysis and evaluation has a positive effect on the entire customer adoption of a company. Data from business intelligence systems (BI) is aggregated into a central database, analyzed and then visualized through dashboards.   

BIS Information Server
Filling, storage and output of information in real time, for example, for BI Integration

Real-Time Integration – Master Digital Transformation

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Provide the optimal purchasing experience at any point of the Customer Journey: online, offline, mobile

  • Seamless integration of digital distribution channels with dynamic expandability
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of relevant trade data

Purchasing and advertising are already digital and have shifted to target the smartphone. Customers decide when and how to shop: online from the manufacturer, distributor or the marketplace. They are part of digital direct sales with all related processes and systems.

Digital Transformation in Sales & MarketingSEEBURGER Solutions


The real-time synchronization and regulation of inventories, prices and product information between the online store, the marketplace or Order Management Systems (OMS) and ERP systems sets the foundation for a successful Multichannel/Omnichannel sales process.

BIS API Integration
Multichannel/Omnichannel Integration

Smartphones, Tablets and Cash Desks

Smartphone apps for the people involved in sales, store personnel or partners provide instant access to sale-related information on the spot, by displaying items, prices, inventories, conditions, etc. in real time.

BIS MFT Integration
Secure data management with mobile apps, POS systems or other systems


Successful marketing and sales activities include the online exchange of invoices with business partners via a fully electronic payment processing system using automated ordering and processing of incoming invoices.

E-Invoicing solution
Processing and delivery of electronic invoices

CRM Marketing Automation and Personalization

Thanks to the interaction of ERP, Web, Product Information Management (PIM) and CRM, companies can systematically automate and personalize campaigns. A central data hub for the integration of all systems involved is required.

BIS API Integration
CRM Integration
Salesforce-SAP Integration
Salesforce CRM Integration

Take the First Step Toward Digital Transformation

Digitally maintain your customer data, for example, by transferring it onto the Salesforce Cloud.

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Digital and agile logistics processes for shorter delivery times and location-based services.

  • Fast and consistent logistics processes with comprehensive E2E monitoring
  • Flexible expandability for service activities in the supply chain

Processes like packaging, storage, transportation and distribution of goods have come a long way, and are now digital in most cases. Paper documents are rarely seen anymore, either at ports or at the receiving end. This enables consistent process monitoring.

Digital Transformation in LogisticsSEEBURGER Solutions

Digital Data Warehouse

Centralized/decentralized integrated management systems coordinate planning, control and material movement electronically.  The Data Warehouse contains all the data for analytics purposes which has been aggregated along the way.

BIS API Integration
Data Warehouse/
Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] Integration

Labeling and Accompanying Documents

Relevant information such as ingredients, hazardous materials, bar codes, labels, addresses, etc. is stated on the product packaging or outer packaging. Such information is extracted from integrated systems and transferred from corresponding data or documents such as delivery notes, invoices, etc.

Business Integration Suite
Product/Logistic Data Transfers

Tracking and Digital Logistics in Real Time

Fast and transparent transportation, accompanied by digital order processing and the respective shipping status, engaging all logistics stakeholders like Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) services, freight companies as well as the many system providers.

Status/Shipment Tracking Communication Interface

End-to-End Process Monitoring of B2B and Logistics Data

All intermediate steps such as batch tracking, delivery confirmation, invoicing and returns can be successfully controlled and handled through continuous processes and monitoring.

Success Story:  Electronic process automation and monitoring at fenaco

Business Integration Suite
Message Tracking and Monitoring


Real-Time Integration - Master Digital Transformation

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Gain advantages and benefits with global and virtual trade, thanks to fast and cost-effective production processes.

  • Digital works through integration of machines, systems and the supply chain
  • Real-time interface management for product traceability

The integration and automation of production, the traceability of your products as well as the permanent monitoring of the production processes are key points on the digital agenda for manufacturing companies, and critical to obtain a competitive advantage.

Digitalization in ProductionSEEBURGER Solutions

Automation and Integration of Manufacturing Processes

Flexible and integrated manufacturing processes enable different services to be incorporated and orchestrated into a time-saving and resource-efficient production, which can actively control customer requests for lot size 1 and various follow-up processes.

Success Story: Digital production with machine data integration at B/S/H

BIS API Integration
Real-time integration of MES System based production processes

Material/Inventory and Order Management

The use of new materials as well as the constant optimization of requirements are based on consistent electronic processes between business partners. Inventories are built up in a precise way and orders are sent quickly and on schedule.

ERP Integration
Efficient resource planning and order processing

Product Identification and Traceability

The seamless product traceability starts in production, from data verification, quality assurance through serialization and labeling of products, in order to obtain secure storage or archiving of the data.

BIS API Integration
Secure availability of information in the long run

Performance Management

Permanent monitoring of goods inputs/outputs, real-time regulation and demand forecasting analysis, optimized energy consumption or raw material use in production.

Business Integration Suite
Message Tracking and Monitoring

Consumer goods manufacturers and businesses have a great opportunity to benefit from digital transformation!

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can accelerate digital transformation.

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More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER solutions

Read success stories from our customers in consumer goods and manufacturing here.

B2B communication automated with SAP S/4HANA

The worldwide consolidation of global EDI systems in the SEEBURGER Cloud together with the SAP S/4HANA migration and data warehouse integration ensure greater efficiency in distribution processing.

Migration and Consolidation in Latin America

Continuing the successful global cooperation with SEEBURGER, Henkel achieved a smooth transition, unifying SAP EDI connections and processes in Latin America despite many country-specific challenges

Cloud Integration Accelerates B2B Processing for Vaillant Group

Vaillant Group Belgium is using SEEBURGER Cloud Integration services for B2B/EDI together with full managed services for customer onboarding and mapping.

Successful SEEBURGER Cloud Migration and Integration Strategy

Connecting European trading and logistics partners via the SEEBURGER Cloud is of strategic importance for profitability, growth and the path to realize Arçelik's vision.

Samsonite Europe Gets B2B Boost with SEEBURGER’s iPaaS Solution

See how Samsonite saves time and effort with the latest integration technology and services, with SEEBURGER iPaaS.

The procurement platform Wucato optimizes supplier processes

Wucato is a centralized procurement platform that optimizes both the digital and analog purchasing processes of small and large businesses.

Compliant B2B E-Invoicing at Lavazza

Lavazza needed to comply with the Italian mandate of electronic e-invoicing, effective January 1st 2019, avoiding any penalties for non-compliance.

ALFAGOMMA Improves the Relationship with Trading Partners

SEEBURGER Console in SAP with B2B Cloud Service

OASE uses SEEBURGER for B2Tax VAT Reporting

As of 1st of July 2018, real-time VAT reporting to the tax authorities NAV became mandatory in Hungary.

Privatmolkerei Bauer is pioneer of digital transformation

With BIS as platform for efficient corporate communications, Bauer has successfully integrated and automated its Omnichannel Sales as a supply chain strategy.

STAEDTLER implements SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Solution

SII VAT reporting to the Spanish tax authorities

SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Solution supports Ravensburger

SII advance return of turnover tax to the Spanish tax authorities

Product data synchronization via the Business Integration Suite

With consolidation of the IT architecture at BLANC & FISCHER the PIM system is also integrated into the group-wide platform for data exchange to increase efficiency for the business unit.

Global success through innovative concepts and sales strategies

SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite, with its tailored, precise technologies for EDI as well as API/EAI integration, supports ARTDECO securely, efficiently and reliably during digitalization.

Connecting partners in Japan with local SEEBURGER expertise

Successful project realization with central coordination, interface function and local expertise of the partners SEEBURGER and ENDEAVOR SBC.