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Managed Trading Partner Service

As part of the Managed Trading Partner Service, the SEEBURGER team of experts manages the onboarding of your business partners to your integration platform and supports you during the operating phase.

As an active observer you can monitor the progress of your partner onboarding and reduce costs of staff, time and technology. For each scenario, the SEEBURGER experts are using various SEEBURGER Cloud tools.

The Managed Trading Partner Service addresses larger companies who want to exchange business information electronically with a high number of business partners.


The Managed Trading Partner Service uses specific campaigns to manage the onboarding of many business partners for you. This also includes challenging rollout projects to develop new markets or to migrate the connections to business partners to other transmission protocols such as AS2 or OFTP2.

The SEEBURGER team of experts uses the tools B2B Onboarding Service and B2B Directory, to prepare (Organizational Onboarding), start (Technical Onboarding) and maintain (Community Support) the electronic data interchange with your business partners. As a customer, you coordinate the next steps with us, register for the SEEBURGER Cloud and keep yourself updated on the progress of your business partners’ onboarding.

Messages will be exchanged – depending on the scenario – via

  • your own local integration platform (Business Integration Suite – BIS 6)
  • an integration platform hosted for you in the SEEBURGER Cloud
  • the central B2B Routing Service at SEEBURGER
  • or a WebEDI platform


Related Services

With the Managed Trading Partner Service you can delegate the integration of your B2B partners to our SEEBURGER team of experts. In this context, we also provide the following services:

  • B2B Onboarding Service
    Automatic registration of B2B partners to the B2B Directory
  • B2B Directory
    The central directory with B2B partner profiles of SEEBURGER
  • B2B Routing
    Automatic routing of EDI messages
  • Managed Trading Partner Service (the described service)
    A full-service solution in which experienced SEEBURGER experts take care of your integration platform to connect your business partners

Advantages of the Managed Trading Partner Cloud Service

  • Efficiency

    SEEBURGER leads the integration of your business partners and reduces your efforts

  • Transparency

    The status reporting allows you to monitor the progress at any time and avoid escalations

  • Expertise

    Experts will assist you regardless of your EDI experience

  • Time saving

    Using integrated tools, your trading partners can practically »onboard themselves«

  • Flexibility
    Our SEEBURGER team of experts can be booked to assist with campaigns or offer long-term support

  • Savings
    Managed onboarding at low cost

  • Independence
    Be independent from staff shortage or a small number of employees

Product Details of the Managed Trading Partner Cloud Service

Integrating a large number of business partners within a short time takes a significant coordination effort, which we will handle for you within the following steps.

1. Organizational Onboarding

The Organizational Onboarding is based on the B2B Onboarding Service and is launched as a campaign to synchronize your communication master data with your business partners. The campaign will be tailored to your needs.

Following the initial coordination process, all business partners concerned will be asked to connect to your integration platform and exchange the required communication master data. If individual business partners fail to respond, our team of experts will follow up to convince them.

2. Technical Onboarding

The Technical Onboarding is a specific campaign for the fast technical onboarding and integration of your business partners using your EDI guideline. This may also cover the connection to an MFT platform or WebEDI.

We will manage the onboarding of your B2B partners via the B2B Onboarding Service. Your business partners will collect their own communication master data in a guided process and run format tests in accordance with your guidelines. All collected master data will be saved in the B2B Directory. As a customer, you can use the B2B Directory data for your own integration system (e.g. BIS 6) or use the central B2B Routing Service.

3. Community Support

Apart from the onboarding of new business partners, the Community Support also includes the monitoring and the error processing as well as the maintenance of existing connections. The Community Support works as a self-service embedded in the B2B Directory.

After the successful technical onboarding and the registration for the B2B Directory, business partners can make changes to their communication settings to react to scenarios such as the expiration of certificates. Depending on the type of change, your business partners will need to rerun format and communication tests. We will help you establish the self-service processes with your business partners.

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