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B2B Routing

The B2B Routing service delivers all EDI messages from and to your B2B partners.

Traditional VAN providers often cause high costs. The asynchronous delivery makes it difficult to see, if and when a message has been retrieved by the B2B partner (Polling principle). Building a direct communication with the B2B partners is extremely time-consuming and causes service and license costs. The B2B Routing service combines the advantages of both principles.


The B2B Routing service transmits all messages between you and your registered partners in the SEEBURGER Cloud. The message recipient is identified by the sender and recipient information defined in the EDI message. Depending on the message format, the B2B Routing service obtains the necessary information from the message header. The following example shows the relevant sender (yellow) and recipient (green) information for the message formats EDIFACT and ANSI X12:

  • EDIFACT: UNB+UNOC:3+4019315000007:14+0087944000006:14+161009:13
  • ANSI X12: ISA*00* *00* *14*4019315000007 *14*0087944000006

Related Services

The B2B Routing is a cloud-based routing service for EDI messages. In this context, we also provide the following services:

  • B2B Onboarding Service
    Automatic registration of B2B partners to the B2B Directory
  • B2B Directory
    The central directory with B2B partner profiles of SEEBURGER
  • B2B Routing (the described service)
    Automatic routing of EDI messages
  • Managed Trading Partner Service
    A full-service solution in which experienced SEEBURGER experts take care of your integration platform to connect your business partners

Advantages of the B2B Routing Cloud Service

  • Secure

    With ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany and the consistent use of modern encryption technologies, we meet the highest security requirements. We encrypt all files before transmitting and saving them.

  • Simple

    We created a simple solution, so you and your B2B partners can set up the service yourselves.

  • Cost-effective

    Using our service, you can save software and hardware expenses and avoid the administration effort of an own system. You will receive a monthly invoice and will only be charged the number of actually transmitted messages.

Product Details of the B2B Routing Cloud Service

Technical connection to the SEEBURGER Cloud

You can connect to the Cloud using the AS2 protocol.

Message transfer to the B2B partners

Messages to the B2B partners are transmitted over an AS2 connection. The B2B partner linkage to the SEEBURGER Cloud is realized by a self-service.

Asynchronous Direct Delivery

The B2B Routing service combines a number of concepts:

  • Asynchronous delivery
    Incoming messages are initially stored by the Cloud.
  • Direct delivery
    Via a direct connection, all messages are immediately forwarded to the partner. In contrast to traditional VAN providers, the recipient doesn’t have to use polling to check for new messages, but ideally receives them immediately.
  • Multiple delivery attempts
    In case the recipient is temporarily not available, the B2B Routing constantly checks if the recipient can be reached. If that is the case, the B2B Routing tries again to deliver the messages.


The B2B Routing needs the B2B Directory to manage the necessary master data and the routing rules. The price model thus comprises two components.

  • a monthly fee for the B2B Directory – dependig on the number of connected partners
  • a variable fee for the B2B Routing – depending on the number of exchanged messages


Please contact us in order to get more information about the pricing of the B2B Routing.

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