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B2B Directory

The B2B Directory contains all publicly available master data of all participating B2B partners and keeps the data up to date.

Both you and your partners’ master data are constantly changing. Keeping data up to date is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. As a solution, the B2B Directory offers a database which contains all publicly available master data of all participating B2B partners.


The B2B Directory updates cross-industry features such as addresses, or identifiying features like GLN or tax IDs. For certain industries, industry-specific features are updated (e.g. field and market functions for the energy sector). In addition, you can find information about technical endpoints like AS2 endpoints (soon also AS4, OFTP or Email endpoints).

The involved companies and their B2B partners take care of the data collection. SEEBURGER also matches public databases such as BDEW and updates the data manually.

You can use the B2B Directory easily with a web browser, search for B2B partners at any time and use their data in your own system.

Send invitations to have B2B partners who are not yet registered join the B2B Directory. This way, you can delegate the data maintenance to your B2B partners and reduce your own effort.


Related Services

The B2B Directory service provides a central directory containing all publicly available master data of all participating B2B partners. In this context, we also provide the following services:

  • B2B Onboarding Service
    Automatic registration of B2B partners to the B2B Directory
  • B2B Directory (the described service)
    The central directory with B2B partner profiles of SEEBURGER
  • B2B Routing
    Automatic routing of EDI messages
  • Managed Trading Partner Service
    A full-service solution in which experienced SEEBURGER experts take care of your integration platform to connect your business partners

Product Details of the B2B Directory Cloud Service

CSV Import and Export

Use the CSV import function to import multiple B2B partners to the B2B Directory at the same time or use our Cloud Service B2B Onboarding Service. You can also export all your partners’ masterdata as a csv file to use it in your own system.

Automatic Change Notice via Email

You will be automatically notified via email, in case your partners’ data changes. Your B2B Directory data record will not be updated until you confirm the changes.

Automatic Certificate Check

The B2B Directory constantly checks the validity of certificates and other time-limited data. In case certificates expire, the person responsible will automatically be notified.

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