Future-Proof Your Automotive Supply Chain

Future-Proof Your Automotive Supply Chain

Optimize the flow of increasingly critical data between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and partners.

Accelerate innovation with control and transparency – either on-premise or with a cloud-based implementation.

SEEBURGER ensures support for emerging technologies such as API Integration.


Complex Supply Chains Require Seamless Logistics

Complex Supply Chains Require Seamless Logistics

Today’s international supply chains create tremendous company-wide complexity in coordinating between manufacturers and suppliers.

SEEBURGER has complete JIT/JIS solutions that cover the full gamut of B2B processes for procurement, production, and sales of complex vehicle manufacturing – in a transparent, standardized and fully automated manner.

Securely Exchange Engineering (CAD/CAx) Product Data Worldwide

Securely Exchange Engineering (CAD/CAx) Product Data Worldwide

Securely exchange future product layouts and design plans - some of the most proprietary that gets shared between business units and worldwide business partners.

SEEBURGER has a comprehensive solution for engineering and product data exchange.

Accelerate Innovation for Your Automotive Supply Chain

Join over 4000 other SEEBURGER automotive customers that are minimizing logistics costs and optimizing value-added processes.


Use our 35 years of automotive experience to your advantage.

SEEBURGER: The B2B Standard for the Automotive Industry

Automate business processes and reduce costs

The electronic data exchange (EDI) has been established globally for many years to support programmatic communication between business partners. Instead of sending a large number of unstructured paper documents by fax or email, companies can achieve substantial time and cost savings using automatic transmission in accordance with industry-specific standards.

Do you want to switch the business processes in your company to EDI? Should new business partners be connected via EDI? With the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite, you get a professional tool for fast and reliable B2B integration resulting in the following advantages:

  • Well-established solution with preconfigured processes
  • Standardized adapters to all common ERP systems worldwide
  • Fast online integration of new partners using our extensive mapping library
  • Ease of use and end-to-end monitoring for each department of your company
  • High degree of standardization resulting in low operating costs
  • Secure replacement of legacy B2B systems with minimum effort through the use our enhanced migration tools
  • Comprehensive self-service portal for your partners to connect, yielding lower support costs

Do you already have a B2B/EDI system that currently handles your business processes via ISDN? Through the terminating of ISDN, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are forced to switch to OFTP2. SEEBURGER will help make your OFTP2 transition a success - from the discussion phase with partners through to operations – with the appropriate tools and services.

Business Integration "Ready-to-Run"

Standardized B2B/EDI solutions for all industries

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Web-based EDI solution integrates suppliers without their own EDI or ERP system

In the case of small suppliers, there are often no system requirements for standardized B2B/EDI communication. However, the manual maintenance and administration of partner relationships requires a significant amount of time and increases process costs.

In order to achieve the highest degree of automation with all business partners, SEEBURGER offers a web-based EDI solution that enables automotive companies to manage and automate business transactions. Even small suppliers without their own ERP system can be connected electronically.

The advantages:

  • Full integration of suppliers that have no EDI functionality available
  • Integration covers all typical transactions around shipping, invoices, delivery schedules and credit notes as well as Kanban and VMI processes
  • Simple and error-free EDI data exchange instead of fax and email delivery
  • No manual data collection, uniform documents from all suppliers

Holistic engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data exchange

The sharing of engineering and product data with partners and service providers in a global company, with production sites distributed around the world, is no longer limited to solely CAD data, but also covers a wide variety of product defining information from numerous authoring and data management systems such as CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, and PLM.

With the SEEBURGER Engineering Solution for engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data exchange with suppliers and customers you can benefit from the innovative components for data exchange with ENGDAT, website, OFTP2 and CAD/PDM Integration:

  • Integrated, scalable complete solution for secure CAD/CAx data exchange with OEM and engineering partners worldwide
  • Connection and integration of systems such as CAD data exchange process, PDM, CAD converters or CAD test and validation
  • Support for relevant industry standards, protocols and networks such as ENGDAT, OFTP2 or ENX
  • 100% integration of partners through direct connection or via web portal for partners without their own ENGDAT/OFTP system
  • Client software used on desktops is easy to use and thus the overall handling is not only secure, but also simple

This ensures safe product and know-how protection for your design data exchange beyond company limits and country borders.

Learn more about the SEEBURGER Engineering solution!

Holistic engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data exchange

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Real-Time Integration of Systems and Cloud Applications

As a manufacturer in the automotive or supporting industries, you benefit from the seamless integration of external and internal systems in real time. With e-commerce, you can expand your market, whether it is an automotive aftermarket marketplace or your own web site. Also, when choosing a CRM solution many companies today go for a cloud solution, such as Salesforce.

If you want to set up a future-oriented and scalable business, make sure that all systems and components involved are seamlessly integrated. With the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite, you can check and control all data flows in a safe and smart way. 

Master Digital Tranformation with Real-Time Integration from SEEBURGER

Future-Proof Your Integration Platform

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A central platform ensures the exchange of business-critical data, guarantees your certification for customer audits and creates internal added value.

Ensure compliance in data exchange
The IT security audits of major automotive suppliers includes checking to see if their direct suppliers adhere to compliance guidelines. Make sure you have secure and traceable data exchange for your business-critical data with complete visibility (end-to-end monitoring) and control.

SEEBURGER BIS Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution

The SEEBURGER MFT solution for the automotive industry provides secure and efficient data exchange, for example:

  • Transparency and effortless delivery of large or sensitive data sets
  • Replace old and unsafe (S)FTP structures
  • Secure partner access for development, design and easy monitoring, ensuring compliance with your automotive business partners.

With the BIS MFT solution implemented, you reduce business risks, improve performance in business processes – all in a single cost-effective solution.

Learn more about the SEEBURGER MFT solution for the automotive industry

Securely exchange data and support compliance requirements

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Order and delivery process management for the automotive industry including JIT/JIS

With the "Logistic Solution Professional" (LSP), SEEBURGER offers a solution for suppliers, customers and logistics service providers who need to provide special order and delivery processes to the automotive supply industry.

This solution is particularly effective for automotive suppliers that:

  • Manage intensive JIT/JIS delivery concepts which are critical to local factories
  • The automotive business is not the core business, but must support these special processes
  • Are smaller companies or do not want to run a special automotive ERP system

The solution includes both electronic data exchange with business partners as well as easy-to-configure process flows based on partner profiles for all types of delivery scheduling procedures, including JIT/JIS.

SEEBURGER LSP can be used as a central system for complete delivery scheduling in conjunction with the host systems or as a decentralized solution in respective plants. Very specific requirements, such as PUS, AMES-T, BeloM, NLK and String of Pearls, are also covered. In addition, LSP can also be used as a JIT/JIS box.

If needed, additional features can be added to the solution, including:

  • Financial modules for creating invoices and data communication, credit receipt and balance
  • Warehouse management for shipping depots and container accounts
  • Inventory and spare parts warehouse control

The logistics solutions are available either on premise or as a cloud service.
SEEBURGER provides a service to implement the complete supplier integration.

The SEEBURGER Logistics Solution Professional for Automotive Suppliers

Secure processes for the global automotive industry

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SEEBURGER Smart-eInvoice®: Electronic Invoice Processing

Since 2011, electronic invoices including qualified electronic signatures are just as valid as their paper counterparts, so more and more companies have adopted e-invoicing.

Benefits from digital invoicing include: The electronic processing and the automation of accounting processes saves 60 - 80% of the costs of paper-based processing. In addition, E-Invoicing ensures faster, media-free processes, reduces error rate and allows for greater transparency and traceability.

With SEEBURGER Smart-eInvoice® you can implement your specific e-invoicing solution quickly and easily, and take advantage of the following features:

  • Digital interface to XML and PDF/A3 for incoming and outgoing invoices
  • All major formats can be processed: PDF (ZUGFeRD), EDI (VDA 4938), paper, etc.
  • Automatic invoice processing
  • Legally compliant archiving
  • SAP-certified
  • Managed service and in the cloud

Start now! For SAP users

With smart-eInvoice, SAP users receive an E-Invoicing solution.

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"The SEEBURGER Console provides users full transparency in relation to the IDocs to be processed, as well as monitoring of throughput times and notifications to mobile devices for example."

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Many EDI/B2B processes are time-critical for automotive suppliers. This is particularly true for the ASN process. Here OEMs usually allow a timeframe of only up to 30 minutes. Incorrect or late EDI messages may lead to penalties, decreased supplier rating or even delisting.

This is usually the result of a responsible business unit being informed too late or not being informed at all of issues with ASN, inhibiting an adequate response. It can also happen if incoming JIT messages are stuck or missing and the responsible business unit has no visibility into what is going on.

The solution:

Quickly and easily, track and process your documents in SAP using the flexible tools of the SEEBURGER Console. The components of the solution enable users to:

  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing documents (B2B) directly in SAP
  • Immediately trigger alerts to your department in case of an issue
  • React quickly to missing messages with configurable, target monitoring
  • Quickly and easily fix all errors and EDI conversions with the correction functionality
  • Prioritize documents and control them in an user-friendly interface


Finally, all documents are controlled, managed and monitored in a user-friendly interface!

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SEEBURGER Cloud Services: Flexible, Transparent and Secure

SEEBURGER provides automotive suppliers with comprehensive solutions for the digital transformation of business processes. But you need a competent team and specific infrastructure to provide these solutions as part of your in-house operations. That is why all SEEBURGER automotive solutions are available as a Cloud Service too.

With the SEEBURGER Cloud Services you can quickly and easily implement new requirements.

SEEBURGER Cloud Services provide:

  • Operational solutions in SEEBURGER data centers across Germany, China and the USA. We will comply with specific location preferences.
  • Services are ISO-27001 certified
  • Disaster Recovery Setup
  • Optional Private Cloud system environments
  • Connecting business partners (Onboarding Service)
  • Supporting all EDI formats and communication protocols
  • Monitoring and incident management of all B2B processes
  • Real-time monitoring with web interface access
  • End-to-End-Monitoring for the SEEBURGER Console in SAP
  • Transparent monthly reporting of all KPIs

The SEEBURGER Cloud for Automotive Suppliers

What is best for you - in-house or cloud-based solutions? Benefit from our experience!

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OSRAM implements digital business model based on APIs

OSRAM implements digital sales model "Next Generation Sales" based on APIs. The connection of Salesforce with several systems ensures optimal customer, product, and sales data management in real time.


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Fast and efficient Salesforce integration via the SEEBURGER Cloud

HOERBIGER uses the flexible SEEBURGER cloud platform for fast Salesforce integration using various web services such as SOAP, bulk API, etc., as well as the provision of KPI reports from SAP BW.


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Accelerate Innovation for Your Automotive Supply Chain

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

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More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER solutions

Here you find the success stories from our customers

Globally Integrated SAP S/4HANA Process and System Landscape

In the course of the global SAP S/4HANA roll-out, DRÄXLMAIER benefits from the technologically leading BIS platform and the Remote Management Service through stable business-critical processes.

Maximum Flexibility and Highest Operational Reliability

With SEEBURGER iPaaS Cloud, Kautex is well prepared for future EDI requirements, can react quickly to customer requirements, use its own process know-how and implement processes effectively.

Cellino Group achieves optimal business performance

SEEBURGER was chosen due to its global approach and its single flexible platform, which is able to communicate perfectly with all the different systems of customers and suppliers.

Security and transparency in global engineering exchange

SumiRiko AVS Germany is a producer and manufacturer of innovative solutions for driving comfort, driving dynamics and safety.

OSRAM uses API management and API integration to network

The SEEBURGER BIS API Solution makes OSRAM master the challenge of digitization initiatives to integrate both classic and modern interfaces in order to link old and new systems with each other.

Fehrer centrally controls complex, worldwide integration tasks

The Fehrer Group is one of the world‘s leading specialists in components for vehicle interiors.

OSRAM implements digital business model based on APIs

OSRAM implements digital sales model "Next Generation Sales" based on APIs

API First Strategy Supports New Ways of B2B Sales

OSRAM connects multiple systems via API Management and API Integration, to Salesforce and has successfully completed the first phase of its Next Generation Sales project. (Video, 3 minutes)

TAJCO cuts 50% in operational costs with B2B/EDI Cloud Services

TAJCO needed a stable provider with global reach, experience in the automotive industry and who is prepared to handle future requirements for the company.

SEEBURGER Cloud Services for SAP GTS customers

SEEBURGER ensures smooth communication between BMW Group and customs authorities

Fast implementation and migration to SEEBURGER BIS

UECC now connects with the main car manufacturers, exchanges information with factories and ports and integrates both internal booking systems and purchasing systems with one central platform.

Mont Blanc selects EPX Cloud Service to focus on core business

Seamless Engineering Collaboration with one integrated solution for connecting unlimited partner, OEM and supplier.

Logistics Integration with SEEBURGER Managed Services

The project is based on exchange of EDI data based on Logistics standards and B2B messages (Desadv, Insdes, Recadv), managed through the SEEBURGER BIS hosted at SEEBURGER datacenter in Germany.

SEEBURGER Compare Service

Tool-based migration improves data quality and project security

Integration and Digitalization of FERCAMʼs logistics value chain

The SEEBURGER BIS6 On-Premises solution ensures total cooperation with national and international partners and a perfect synergy between the management of various business divisions.