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Tool-based migration improves data quality and project security

Automotive supplier Kautex wanted to replace the service provider they were previously using for data exchange. With 30 years of experience in electronic data exchange, SEEBURGER’s products and services won them over. Project security and data quality were crucial factors in the Kautex decision to migrate to SEEBURGER’s cloud service due to the high number of existing partnerships.

Migration from the old to new system

All of the processes for sensitive customers were implemented during the initial migration phase. Kautex is using SEEBURGER’s Compare Service to enable extensive tests. Time-consuming mapping tests are thus greatly accelerated and the quality of the tests enormously improved. A clear improvement can also be felt in the quality and implementation of change requests compared to the previous provider thanks to the ISO-certified processes in accordance with ITIL.

Fast, automated and comprehensive

SEEBURGER’s Compare Service runs an automated comparison of extensive data sets and shows the differences between the old and new systems. During this process, every combination is checked in the test data. The SEEBURGER service, until now the only of its kind on the market, identifies rarely occurring differences in processes that can barely be detected during a manual check.


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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite Compare Service

Go-live success with minimum involvement from partner

No follow-up work was necessary once the Kautex project went live. By using the Compare Service, Kautex also minimized the need to call on partners to carry out tests. The positive results meant that IT Managers at Kautex decided to schedule the service for other roll-out projects.

The quality of the data is guaranteed and the project team is only informed about deviations in the data sets generated.

The differences detected during analysis are available to Kautex as a report. They are used as the basis for optimization and serve as test documentation at the same time.

Following the project phase

Beyond the validation of data content during the project phase, SEEBURGER’s compliance check offers the option to validate data to be transferred continuously and on a permanent basis in accordance with defined, company-specific rules.

SEEBURGER Compliance Check:

  • Has the capability to validate every document against individually defi ned templates during live production. This ensures quality of the data during operation.
  • Checks syntax, semantics and pre-defi ned data content.
  • Helps to minimize the impact of incorrect delivery note data or to avoid negative supplier evaluations (e.g. in the automotive or consumer goods industry).

Benefits for Kautex:

  • High quality data from the start by testing mass data prior to the go-live date
  • No follow-up work required after the go-live date (hypercare phase)
  • Significant reduction in time and eff ort thanks to automated comparative tests of mass data
  • High data quality improves customer relations
  • Use of extensive test data, e.g. complete EDI archive
  • Comprehensive test documentation
  • Analysis reports for targeted correction of conversion errors at the source
  • Project risk minimized and project duration shorter

SEEBURGER’s Compare Service was able to show us the minutest deviations and thus enabled targeted adjustment of mappings.

Frank Jackelen, Project Manager, Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG, Bonn

The “hypercare” phase was unexpectedly short as the high quality of data achieved meant that no follow-up work was required post-launch.

Jonathan Lewis, Service Delivery Manager, Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG, Bonn

About Kautex

Founded in 1935 as a family-run business, Kautex is one of the 100 largest automotive suppliers in the world in terms of sales volume with more than 5,500 employees in 15 countries.

The company develops and produces blow-molded fuel systems, selective catalytic reduction systems, clear vision systems, engine camshafts and plastic industrial packaging solutions. Kautex is a subsidiary of Textron Inc. with its head office in the USA.