API Management – Networking in real-time

Innovate quickly and flexibly using a unified platform to power your connections. Connect in real-time with your internal customers and with all your business partners.

Your Omnichannel Solution: Put Your Customers Center Stage!

Your Omnichannel Solution:
Put Your Customers Center Stage!

Omnichannel is Omnipresent:

Connect your Mobile Apps, E-Commerce and the fast delivery of goods to provide 360° customer-focused service. Connect cross-channel systems and devices to optimize your customer experience.

API Salesforce

Efficient Salesforce Cloud Integration

SEEBURGER BIS connects Salesforce CRM and SAP ERP in real-time

Online Shopping

Omnichannel Sales
through API, EAI and EDI integration

Synchronization of webshop, marketplaces, merchandise management and ERP in real-time

Logistics Industry

APIs in Logistics and
Cloud based Order Fulfillment

Fast and individual supply chain management through real-time provision of logistics information


Digitization of purchasing and production processes via APIs

API-based interface management for active product data transfer, electronic purchasing processes and digital production


API integration of sensitive
employee and customer data

API integration and networking of HR applications and databases

The API Solution for Powerful, Secure, Reliable Integration

The SEEBURGER BIS API Solution ensures seamless connectivity between your business, your customers and partners, and the valuable data that runs your business.

The SEEBURGER BIS API Solution supports your business and IT as you implement new innovative business models and initiatives. It enables integration teams to address everything from technical to organizational to management challenges with API implementations, so that you can expose APIs with control.

Much more than software

With dozens of connectors with pre-configured templates, integration services based on APIs, and binding SLAs, you can rely on SEEBURGER Integration for your APIs. This comprehensive approach ensures risk-free execution and cost-efficient operation of all your API initiatives.

Below are just a few of the scenarios handled today by the SEEBURGER BIS API Solution.

Integrate Data and Unlock Functionality of Internal Applications and Systems

Are you being asked to present backend system functionality through APIs, so that business value can be leveraged by mobile applications, customer services, and internal applications / systems? If so, or if you anticipate being in this scenario, our recommendation is to utilize an integration platform that supports the use of APIs as a façade to your valuable internal applications and systems.

Integrate data and unlock functionalities

Benefit from API Integration as Part of Your B2B Strategy

By weaving APIs into your B2B strategy, you are enabling new digital business and real-time patterns for document exchange. You are also taking steps to help drive an 'API First' design principle, and API-enable existing applications and systems.

API Integration as part of your B2B strategy

Efficient Salesforce Cloud Integration

Integrate Salesforce with SAP or any other ERP system consolidating the number of user interfaces and geting the most out of both worlds empowering your lines of business (LOB).

Salesforce Cloud Integration

Omnichannel Sales through API, EAI and EDI integration

Successful Omnichannel Sales is based on the integration of all sales channels. The processing requires smooth interaction across all channels, the real-time interaction of participating systems, the consolidation of relevant data and the standardization of business processes.

API, EAI and EDI Integration in omnichannel sales

APIs in Logistics and Cloud based Order Fulfillment

The digitization of fulfillment, drop shipment, transport handling and shipment tracking are key goals for manufacturers and dealers. OMS and TMS systems, for example, seamlessly integrate into ERP and merchandise management systems.

APIs in logistics and cloud based order fulfillment

Digitization of purchasing and production processes via APIs

PDM/PLM systems for the exchange of product and CAD data for further processing in electronic procurement or the increasing digitalization in production: API integration and EAI form the backbone of networking.

Purchasing and production processes via APIs

API integration of sensitive employee and customer data

The integration of different employment or customer data into a single personnel or CRM system enables an efficient working environment, automated processes and valuable overviews of the process.

Sensitive personnel data integration

The BIS API solution for implementing additional integration scenarios in real-time

With broad support for various API technologies and preconfigured modules, the SEEBURGER BIS API Solution supports your company in implementing various real-time integration scenarios.


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