The SEEBURGER API Solution for the Integration of Applications and Cloud Services in Real-Time


Integration and exchange of data in real-time –
controlled, secure and flexible

Cloud services, e-Commerce, Mobile applications: Digital technologies offer you enormous opportunities for new ways to generate value, and improve networking with partners, clients and target audiences. To be a successful digital business, real-time information is the key. With a broad range of API technologies and preconfigured building blocks, the SEEBURGER API Lifecycle Management Solution supports your company’s real-time integration scenarios.

Our solution empowers the interconnection between any systems, applications, devices or apps – your key to digital success.

Functional Overview of the SEEBURGER BIS API Solution

Real-time integration means transparency – and transparency requires control. With the SEEBURGER API solution, the IT department stays in control of its own and third party interfaces, users, permissions and file access at all times. The API Gateway ensures secure connection and integration in real time; API management provides administration, control and fast rollouts.

The SEEBURGER BIS API Gateway accepts API calls, checks the caller’s access permission and redirects the requests to the internal services or translates them to internal interface calls. This way, the BIS API Gateway protects your data assets and applications from unauthorized accesses and decouples internal interfaces from the published API.

The SEEBURGER BIS API Manager is a web-based application for managing APIs, with tailored, role-based features for API providers and users. It minimizes your effort for administration and communication. The BIS API Manager supports API providers to deploy and maintain APIs. From the web portal, API users get all required information around the clock, enabling them to work anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of the BIS API Solution

  • Reduces complexity
    APIs made externally available are decoupled from the interfaces of application systems.
  • Creates simplicity
    Due to decoupling, APIs can be optimally designed according to the needs of the API user and can be simply maintained.
  • Operates in real-time
    Via efficient in-memory execution of the API calls.
  • Offers transparency
    via the integrated logging of the API calls (who, when, which), and execution times and results.
  • Seamless Integration of Legacy Applications
    via a comprehensive set of adapters connecting data-storing systems using various access protocols.
  • Easy to Manage
    Wizards support the API implementation and the management applications upon rollout of the APIs to user groups.

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