API integration of sensitive employee and customer data

The integration of different employment or customer data into a single personnel or CRM system enables an efficient working environment, automated processes and valuable overviews of the process. The BIS API/EAI solution makes it possible:

  • The heart of digital transformation
    With increasing digitalization, the requirements for personal processes have changed. The traceable integration of HR and customer data ensures new efficient
  • Information as the basis for economic success
    Monitor key performance indicators and gain valuable information about employees or customers. Store relevant data in a data sink and inform yourself about it safely and efficiently.
  • API integration of all systems
    The comprehensive integration technologies enable the networking of systems of all types through different API technologies and pre-configured modules.
  • Increase of DSGVO readiness
    The implementation of the DSGVO is not an option but a legal requirement requiring a high level of commitment and resources. Data from different contact points must be securely and traceably integrated internally.

HR integration at a consumer goods manufacturer via SEEBURGER BIS

The company uses an HR cloud application connected to SAP HR, PGP end-to-end encrypted using the BIS Data Store. The SEEBURGER BIS API/EAI solution coordinates the exchange of personnel data by synchronizing master data with SAP HR and communicates seamlessly with the SaaS application.

Structured HR management through
integrated systems

In the age of digitalization, employees expect a functioning work environment and professional management of their resources. This includes the digital processing of numerous business transactions from BTM, payroll and ITSM systems such as payment and accounting of travel expenses, online inspection of services and payroll accounting, networking of ticket systems and much more.

The BIS API/EAI solution integrates HR Cloud and relevant on-premise applications in existing IT landscapes, enables authorized data flows per employee and synchronizes them with any booking or accounting systems. In addition, data can be securely exported and delivered to employees.

360° view of your customer data

The integration of customer data is often based in CRM systems, while the data is created in multiple places. Call centers, customer desktop apps, shops, customer cards and other contact points provide important insights into the customer life cycle.

The BIS API/EAI Solution integrates all customer data at a central point, synchronizes and allows information to be provided via CRM or BI systems. It enables implementation in the sense of the DSGVO and within the framework of the SEEBURGER Framework Information Manager.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite for A2A Internal applications at United European Car Carriers (UECC)

The SEEBURGER platform was implemented to replace the existing platform and integrate both the internal booking systems and the purchasing systems with the accounting system.

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