SEEBURGER Community Management Application (CMA)

Integrate and Connect Your Business Networks

Customer integration starts with a fast, reliable onboarding process that interconnects all areas of your business.

Drive Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with Easy Onboarding Practices

Organizations across industries and around the globe find it not only difficult to onboard business partners, but also to solve the complex problem of maintaining partner data. Incomplete or inaccurate information can disrupt communication between your company and your business partners, thus affecting your bottom line.

A core module of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite, SEEBURGER Community Management Application (CMA) speeds and simplifies the partner onboarding process. CMA allows companies to automate onboarding and helps to re-certify existing master data, saving time and reducing cost.


As with the entire SEEBURGER BIS platform and solutions, SEEBURGER Community Management Application is available in the cloud, as a hybrid or on premise. CMA addresses community management problems and reduces the company’s overall cost to:

  • Onboard a business partner quickly
  • Manage and maintain customer information
  • Eliminate redundant information and maintain data quality
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Speed time to market while reducing onboarding and maintenance costs

Good-bye Legacy Onboarding,
Hello CMA

CMA brings faster, easier onboarding and data maintenance capabilities to you and your partners. It helps drive operational efficiency and scalability, making it easier to offer new services and roll out new products. CMA lowers your cost of service and improves responsiveness to your business, while providing a positive end user experience, making you easier to do business with. And, policies are centralized for security regulations and compliance management. CMA is a strategic, compliant, cost-effective answer to managing your customer and partner community, so you are always available, anywhere.

SEEBURGER Community Management Application

With SEEBURGER CMA you can:

  • Automate onboarding, provisioning and change management.
  • Save time and reduce onboarding cost by more than 60%.
  • Create blueprints (templates) of self-services and surveys for reuse.
  • Utilize real-time monitoring and analysis of business-partner activity during the onboarding process.
  • Define your own custom onboarding flows.
  • Validate customer data and provide guidance during onboarding.
  • Perform data format and compliance checks and provide detailed reports in real time.
  • Receive automated message validation for industry standards.
  • Leverage APIs to post captured data into SEEBURGER BIS to create a business partner and corresponding master data.
  • Validate/re-certify existing partner information.
  • Identify and renew expiring certificates.
  • Integrate with third-party and in-house-developed applications to augment onboarding for existing platforms.

Find out how SEEBURGER CMA can improve your community management capabilities

Drive Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with SEEBURGER Community Management

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