The Digital Utility: Transform Your Utility Ahead of the Curve

The Digital Utility: Transform Your Utility Ahead of the Curve

The digital revolution is happening in the Utility Industry.

Do like over 1000 other companies in the utility space - build your business integration strategy around SEEBURGER.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – The Only Data Integration Platform You Need

SEEBURGER BIS – The Only Data Integration Platform You Need

Empower your data integration with smart and innovative integration solutions that cover all your needs from B2B integration, Managed File Transfer, and API support.

Let our experience in the Utility space guide you as you take the critical transformation steps.

Securely exchange information with our Managed File Transfer Solution

Securely exchange information with our Managed File Transfer Solution

Retire email as the way for communicating confidential information. Keep your information and data safe using an encrypted and rule-driven business solution.

Hassle-Free Partner Onboarding and EDI Communication

Hassle-Free Partner Onboarding and EDI Communication

Simplify your everyday work and find time for things that matter. Our partner onboarding and EDI communications tools provide for easy partner integration for both large and small partners.


Post Trading Services

Post Trading Services

Everything on a single cloud platform from a single partner.

Easy access to EMIR and REMIT regulatory reporting, electronic confirmation matching, e-invoicing and payment processing.

E-Invoicing & Mobile Bill Pay

E-Invoicing & Mobile Bill Pay

Mobile Bill Pay and E-Invoicing are new and convenient payment options. Make payments faster and easier to provide new value to your customers and suppliers


Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Energy Resources

Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Energy Resources

Interconnected devices are part of our everyday life, and help to support an efficient user experience. Offer your customers unique value by providing new services based on integrating and connecting them into your value chain.


Digital Transformation in the Utilities Industry with SEEBURGER Consulting, Innovation and Technology

Innovative and smart solutions tailor-made for digital tranformation of your company

We want to help you seize the opportunities of digital transformation and lead your company into the connected future. Benefit from our comprehensive technical know-how, versatile products, efficient and flexible technology as well as best practice consulting for the implementation of future-oriented IT projects.

Over 1,000 companies in the utilities industry are relying on our solutions.


At the core of all our solutions is the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite. It enables your company to face the challenges of digital transformation in a quick, flexible, and innovative way. Our customers in the Utilities industry use the Business Integration Suite (BIS) for:

  • B2B intracompany integration
  • EDI ANSI X12 exchange with business partners
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting obligations
  • E-Invoicing and Mobile Bill Payment
  • Internet of things (IoT) and distributed energy resources integration
  • Customized business process integration
  • Secure and managed file transfer (MFT)
  • API Management

Innovative Solutions for the Utilities Industry

SEEBURGER offers a wide range of specialized services tailored to
the needs of businesses in the utilities space.

EDI Exchange and Partner Onboarding

The smooth exchange of data across multiple channels is a prerequisite to conduct fast, efficient and profitable business with other utilities and partners such as banks, suppliers, and customers as well as logistics and service providers. SEEBURGER’s solution, deployable on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, offers seamless onboarding for new and existing customers and secure end-to-end channel execution, refining your business infrastructure and supporting your digitalization strategy.

Automated partner integration and master data management creates competitive advantages and reduces the cost of partner management

To connect partners, the necessary coordination of processes, both technical and organizational, are lengthy and often involve different systems and interdepartmental communication to meet compliance regulations. Additionally, it is time-consuming to maintain up-to-date connections for current partners. Usually, manual steps such as phone calls and follow up emails are required, and various internal departments such as sales and IT are needed to complete the information gathering process.

Using SEEBURGER’s solution, onboarding, provisioning and change management processes can be created as fully automated processes, including message-validation for all B2B standards such as UN EDIFACT, ANSI X12, ISO20022 etc., communications testing and endpoint provisioning.


  • Web-portal for easy online onboarding

  • Easy master data management with bulk editing capabilities

  • Self-service for keeping partner data up to date

  • Configurable flow and workflow control for all involved processes

  • Connect easily and smoothly to your ERP and CRM backend systems

  • Fast and highly automatable message exchange in numerous formats

SEEBURGER EDI and Partner Onboarding

Reduce the time and expense involved in connecting partners – try SEEBURGER.

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EDI Exchange and Partner Onboarding in the cloud

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to simplify your partner onboarding and management, our SEEBURGER Community Management Application in the cloud will be exactly what you are looking for.  Enjoy all the capabilities of the on premises installation with the flexibility of a cloud based service. No license fees, no hidden costs.

  • Seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure (easily push-pull information)

  • Full history of connections recorded

  • Highly customizable and brandable tool for multiple use cases

SEEBURGER EDI and Partner Onboarding in the cloud

Simplify your onboarding and enjoy the flexibility of a cloud based service!

Digital ecosystem

Post Trading Services

SEEBURGER Post Trading Services is a single platform to handle all aspects of post trading processes, from regulatory reporting to contract data verification known as Confirmation Matching, to payment processing.

Get everything you need from a single partner, a post trading service that’s transparent, centralized and future-ready.

After a deal is done, the work for your organization has just begun. SEEBURGER Post Trading Services (PTS) supports your business after the deal has been arranged, and significantly reduces your costs.

Get everything you need to meet your post trading requirements from a single provider, with SEEBURGER.


SEEBURGER RRM+ Service (RRM+) supports trading companies implementing EU Regulation 1227/2011 on the Integrity and Transparency of the Wholesale Energy Trading Market (REMIT), EU Regulation 648/2012 on the Regulation of OTC Derivatives Trading (EMIR), and the fulfillment of mandatory reporting requirements for participants in electricity, oil and gas markets.

SEEBURGER RRM+ Service also meets the requirements of the European Energy Regulator ACER, for a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM), and is represented in the official ACER RRM list. As a 3rd-party provider, SEEBURGER RRM+ Service fulfills all requirements of the REGIS-TR for EMIR reporting.

Once you register for the service in the SEEBURGER Cloud Shop, both the extensive web application for form-based reporting and the automated interfaces for connection to your trading system are available to you.

SEEBURGER RRM+ Service, the largest German RRM, provides:

  • Detailed monitoring functions to help you to stay on top of reporting activities
  • Manual reporting via user-friendly web forms and Excel templates
  • Advanced dashboard and monitoring functions


The cloud solution for fulfilling your REMIT reporting requirements – register now in the cloud shop!

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Confirmation Matching Service

SEEBURGER Confirmation Matching Service (CM) enables companies to match confirmations automatically via electronic confirmation matching. SEEBURGER CM compares the parameters of a contract after the deal has been concluded in order to prevent costly and risky discrepancies.

Such reviews used to be time-consuming and required the implementation of multiple processes. With SEEBURGER you avoid these efforts, simplifying the work required and reducing costs. SEEBURGER Confirmation Matching Service provides these benefits:

  • Lower costs for fully automatic confirmation matching
  • Unique Transaction Indentifier (UTI) matching included
  • Integration with SEEBURGER RRM+ or TRS, enabling confirmation documents to be generated directly out of existing reporting data (ACER XML)
  • Decreased risk by connecting additional market participants to the automated matching process

SEEBURGER Confirmation Matching Service

The cloud solution to fully automate confirmation matching processes.

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Trade Reporting Solution

The SEEBURGER Trade Reporting Solution (TRS) is an individual communication interface to your trading systems that enables you to report trading transactions to the responsible institutions. Almost any customer-specific format can be converted into the format specified by regulators. The intelligent interface is able to detect whether changes have occurred in trading transactions and transmits these independently if necessary. At the same time, you are always up to date with the latest EU regulations - including a consistent implementation of future requirements.

For automated data transfer of reports, including feedback from the responsible offices, you can quickly and flexibly integrate portfolio, trading or treasury systems using proven BIS integration technology. Advantages of SEEBURGER TRS include:

  • Especially developed for reporting according to EU-VO EMIR and REMIT
  • Automated data transfer with receiver feedback
  • Available on premise or in the cloud
  • Flexible connection to any trading and treasury systems

SEEBURGER Regulatory Reporting

Reliable communication for your reportable trades and compliance obligations – see for yourself!

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SEEBURGER Trading Application Integration

SEEBURGER Trading Application Integration (Trading APIs) are the logical next step for digital transformation and global digital networking. By connecting additional applications and solutions to your post trading portal, you will be able to increase your reach, optimize your value and extend the portal to suit your needs. SEEBURGER supports you with API integration as well as API management.


API management and API integration to optimize and extend our services.

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Electronic Invoice

SEEBURGER electronic invoice (E-Invoicing) enables users within the Post Trading Portal to not only compare the contract data with the market partner and conduct regulatory reporting, but also to automatically generate an invoice based on this data, which is sent to the respective partner. This saves you unnecessary intermediate steps and allows you to use existing data in an efficient and beneficial way. Now’s the time. Take this crucial step into the future and use the technology to your advantage, with SEEBURGER E-Invoicing.


Electronic Invoice from already existing trading and reporting data –
possible with SEEBURGER.

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Electronic Payment Process

SEEBURGER electronic payment process (E-Payments) is an essential part of digitalizing your post trading processes. It completes the electronic invoicing process and speeds the payment process, enabling you to react quickly to payment requests, check and execute them, all in one place.

Faster response to payment requests gives you better ability to plan and optimize your liquidity. In addition, you minimize your risk through lower credit default risks to market partners.

Use the SEEBURGER E-Payments Service as part of the SEEBURGER Post Trading Services and benefit from faster payment processing, less manual effort, minimized risk, better liquidity planning and more. Make electronic payment the logical next step in the post trading process with the help of SEEBURGER. Benefits include:

  • Better liquidity
  • Risk minimization
  • Faster payment processing
  • Reduced manual effort


Electronic payment completes your post trading processes and makes your work easier.

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SEEBURGER E-Invoicing and Mobile Bill Pay

E-Invoicing enables you to optimize the level of automation in your billing processes, reducing costs while increasing efficiency. With its flexible connectivity to various back-end systems, the solution is easily connected to already existing IT infrastructure and allows you to transform your paper or PDF Invoices into structured data invoices that are suitable for automated processing.

The SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Solution

Based on the successful Business Integration Suite, the e-invoicing solution provides the central platform for electronic invoicing embedded in your existing application infrastructure. The solution is highly customizable using on your custom invoice structure and needs and can be adapted to various partner mappings. It supports various international standards (such as ZUGFeRD 2.0, Peppol) as well as the possibility of a delivery via E-Mail or managed file transfer. Additionally, the solution features the possibility to export data from your ERP system in the format that is needed for uploading your invoice to the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Invoice Processing Platform (IPP).

  • Flexible solution with multi-mapping support
  • Compatible with various backend systems and data sources
  • Easily connectable to existing infrastructure
  • Supports multiple invoice formats and protocols
  • Highly customizable and automatable solution
  • Tailor made to cater needs of utilities customers


SEEBURGER E-Invoicing in the Cloud

The cloud solution provides you with the full scope of services of our on-premises installation as quickly and easily as a cloud service. This way, you too can use E-invoicing without the need for your own on-premises installation and benefit from the attractive pricing and easy scalability of the cloud solution.

  • Low setup and maintenance effort 
  • Flexible solution with multi-mapping support
  • Supports multiple invoice formats and protocols
  • Tailor made to cater needs of utilities customers
  • Automatable with customizable triggers and rules


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SEEBURGER Mobile Bill Pay

Empower your customers to pay their bills on the go with the convenience of a mobile bill pay solution. SEEBURGER’s long experience with data integration and invoicing topics produced a highly flexible and customizable solution suitable to cater to all your customer’s needs. It is up to you to choose what suits your concept best – whether it is online form bill payment on a portal or embedded within your application. 

  • Easy, online form based mobile bill payment
  • Easily embeddable into custom mobile applications
  • Compatible with various providers and back-end systems
  • Safe and secure data processing

Drummond Certified™ AS2 3Q 2018SEEBURGER BIS – Drummond Certification for EDI INT AS2 and AS4

The Drummond Group certifies AS2 and AS4 Secure Messaging products as part of the latest interoperability testing process. The SEEBURGER EDI INT AS2 adapter is one of 16 certified products, the SEEBURGER EDI INT AS4 adapter one of 4 certified products. The Drummond Certification Program has been in existence for AS2 since 2000 and for AS4 since 2013, driving business-to-business interoperability across some of the world's largest supply chains. Drummond Certified Full-Matrix Interoperability Testing enables these companies to validate, securely exchanging and receiving transaction information in accordance with AS2 and AS4 standards.

Drummond Certification


SEEBURGER Secure Data Service

This solution enables secure data exchange between external partners, service providers, customers as well as internal applications and systems.

  • Reliable and secure data exchange for your company
  • Full integration in MS Windows environments

Sending sensitive data via E-Mail will be a thing of the past. The Secure Data Service offers companies a wide range of possible applications for the secure transfer of data. The data transfer can be set up as a fully or partially automated solution that is process-controlled or triggered by a user.

Internal data exchange can take place between customer systems (post office to accounting) or locations (central office to branch office and vice versa). In addition, the service enables your company to securely exchange data with B2B customers (RLM load profiles - customers) and partners (new customer data to sales partners). It can also be used for spontaneous ad-hoc transfer cases, as often needed in ongoing projects, and intends to replace the use of e-mails for the transmission of sensitive data with its full integration into the Microsoft Windows environment.


SEEBURGER Secure Data Service

Reliable and secure data exchange for your company

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Integration and API Management

Utilities, which are in the midst of the digital processes are now forced to become both providers and consumers of data streams, as the use of APIs is introduced and an expectancy in the digital ecosystem. Undoubtedly APIs provide businesses with a more flexible and agile ways to integrate systems, applications and enable digital services, both internally and externally. But in this "gold rush" of information - reliability, performance and resilience has become increasingly important, as systems, applications, and data are added to existing enterprise IT architecture at a very high rate. API usage is a driving force in the media industry where "data" is core to the success of the business.

SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite features a wide range of API management tools and solutions to empower you to simplify your network while maintaining the highest security and communication standards. Whether you want to run mobile apps, e-businesses, cloud applications, location or POS connectivity or CRM, ERP or ETL connections: with a broad support of different API technologies and preconfigured components, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) supports your company in its implementation all integration scenarios.

  • API Management and API Integration with a multitude of preconfigured components
  • Highly flexible and easily scalable
  • Definition, Management, Implementation and Publication of Interfaces (APIs)
  • Documentation tools for interfaces and processes
  • Highest security standards for you data security
  • Support of all common communication protocols and formats

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite for Utilities

The market-leading integration solution: Connecting your entire company – anywhere!

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Internet of Things and Distributed Energy Resources

In times of an ever increasing amount of data and new storage technologies, data and application integration becomes a highly important topic. SEEBURGER‘s Business Integration Suite (BIS) offers solutions for every integration scenario that might come your way. The suite enables you to integrate data and speed up your networking and data exchange to real time – while staying highly secure and flexible at the same time. Whether you want to integrate branch offices into the headquarters’ data feeds, mobile worker data or transformation stations – our suite helps you accomplish these ideas, and many more. 

Especially the integration of data from remote grid infrastructure, such as transformation stations, electric vehicle charging stations, distributed energy resources, smart meters or grid batteries. These integration tasks prove to be a daunting task with various devices, communication standards and file formats in place. SEEBURGER’s flexible integration solutions enable you to save time and resources while dealing with these complex and multidimensional integration tasks. Leverage the new data coming in from these IoT devices to create new value for your partners and customers.

  • Integrate EV’s, DER’s and other emerging technologies
  • Harness the power of connected data
  • Provide new integrated services faster
  • Build a foundation for your digital transformation
  • Customizable solutions for every integration scope
  • Single platform for all solutions

SEEBURGER Business Integration

Today‘s solutions for tomorrows challenges

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More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide
rely on SEEBURGER solutions

Here you find the success stories from our customers

Full flexibility for EDI, Cloud and Application integration

Thetford selected the SEEBURGER BIS as central integration solution and obtains a standard approach for all integration scenarios as Salesforce Cloud and internal application integrations.

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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite MFT as prerequisite for each digitalization project

By using the entire BIS suite including BIS, BIS FileExchange and BIS Link Alliander has one solution for all their Human-to-Human, Application-to-Application and Business-to-Business MFT scenarios.

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innogy uses SEEBURGER BIS 6 for digitization

Taking a next step to implement their digital strategy innogy, with its distribution network operator Westnetz and subsidiary Mitnetz strive to add more value for their customers and partners.

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