Case Study Cellino Group

SEEBURGER Cloud E-Invoicing Services

Cellino Group achieves optimal business performance with minimum effort.

The Scenario

Earlier on the Cellino Group managed their data exchange in a traditional fashion, i.e. sending faxes and emails. In 2009, with strong business growth, the customers’ international expansion drove the revenue over 20 million euros. Due to the growth the paper-based document management took too much time and effort, and moreover was not effective in terms of security and compliance. Exasperated by a solution that did not meet modern requirements, the Cellino Group decided to adopt a modern, automated and more structured solution. After careful consideration, Alessandro Surini (CIO of the Cellino Group), chose the SEEBURGER BIS on-premises EDI solution.



SEEBURGER was chosen due to its global approach and its single flexible platform, which is able to communicate perfectly with all the different systems of customers and suppliers. Access to SEEBURGER’s extensive library of pre-built partner maps and the ability to create bespoke maps for customized requirements perfectly matched the company’s heterogeneous connectivity requirements. In 2014, the group selected SAP as their global ERP solution and decided to transition the BIS EDI solution from on-premises to the SEEBURGER Cloud – supporting the move towards digitalization and modernization of their infrastructure.

We are fully satisfied with the SEEBURGER BIS platform, which is capable of handling both traditional EDI and E-Invoicing dynamics arising from new local regulations at the same time. The SEEBURGER Cloud solution is a guarantee of reliability for us: everything works perfectly, achieving high performance with a minimal effort.

Alessandro Surini, CIO, Cellino Group

Migration to the SEEBURGER Cloud: A Winning Choice!

Transitioning to the SEEBURGER Cloud Service proved to be successful immediately in terms of timing and efficiency. The time previously spent on maintenance and upgrades can now be devoted to the company’s core business and production activities instead, thus improving business results with less investment in human resources. Thanks to the SEEBURGER Cloud solution, the group is able to perfectly manage around 5,000 messages per month with minimal effort.



The FatturaPA Solution as a Response to Paper Bureaucracy

In 2018, Cellino decided to adopt the SEEBURGER Global E-Invoicing solution, following new mandatory e-invoicing regulations in Italy. With this solution, the group now perfectly complies with local regulations, overcoming the cumbersome paper bureaucracy and avoiding penalties imposed by the Italian Tax Agency in the case of non-compliance

Benefits of Cloud E-Invoicing Services

  • High performance with minimum effort: reduced process management time.

  • Worldwide cloud services: 6 data centers on three continents (Europe, N. America and Asia) 

  • All on a single integration platform

  • Cost savings: moving from capital expenditure to operational expenditure 

  • High requirements met for security, availability and flexibility

  • Full SAP integration

  • Compliance: solution meets e-invoicing regulations of more than 55 countries

  • Reduction of paper and related costs

Global E-Invoicing at Cellino Group

About Cellino

Founded in 1950 in Grugliasco (TO) by Mr. Ettore Cellino, Cellino Srl has become a highly specialized manufacturer of metal component parts in common steel, stainless steel, high resistance steel, aluminium and metallic alloys (in small, medium and high volumes). Cellino adheres to high levels of product management throughout the entire production cycle. Currently the Cellino Group is managed by the President Mr. Guido Cellino (founder’s son) and the CEO Mr. Fabrizio Cellino (founder’s grandson).