SEEBURGER for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Consolidate and Automate Data Exchange with Business Partners

To gain more revenue and grow, small and medium-sized enterprises must deliver consistently good service to customers and partners or risk losing business to the competition. But all too often, the mechanics of good service – electronic collaboration – get in the way, and small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with specific needs for their company size.

SEEBURGER Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises can help you streamline and simplify data exchange with customers and partners – no matter the size of your budget or your business.
All our solutions are based on the same SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – the industry’s only single, secure communications suite that handles all business data transmissions from EDI to B2B to secure MFT and application integration.

Move Up to Modern Business Integration

  • Increase revenue as you connect with each customer and partner in the most efficient way with our consolidated, single-system approach.
  • Our platform provides security that protects sensitive data and ensures that your data is protected from loss.
  • Reduce costs as you offload your internal staff and make them more productive by empowering them to self-service.
  • Enrich the platform easily as your business grows – buy just the capabilities you need.
  • Available on-premises, cloud-based, or pay-as-you-go managed service options.

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