ALFAGOMMA Improves the Relationship with Trading Partners and Achieves Complete Transparency of All B2B/EDI Data

ALFAGOMMA Improves the Relationship with Trading Partners and Achieves Complete Transparency of All B2B/EDI Data

In 2016, ALFAGOMMA acquired Argus UK and Argus Germany which created a consolidation need for IT systems. Additionally in their existing line of business, ALFAGOMMA had to replace the previous service provider for the B2B/EDI data exchange so they decided to find a new provider for a centralized B2B/EDI for the entire group.

Key criteria for the new B2B/EDI provider was experience in the manufacturing industry and a global presence being able to cater local requirements. After a comprehensive vendor selection process, ALFAGOMMA decided to go with SEEBURGER.

SEEBURGER B2B Cloud Service

In 2017 ALFAGOMMA migrated to SEEBURGER’s Cloud Service with a successful go-live. This solution has allowed ALFAGOMMA to focus more on their core business, letting SEEBURGER manage their suppliers and customers B2B/EDI relations in a secure and qualitative way, improving and standardizing the flow of EDI messages.


Once the first migration project was completed, ALFAGOMMA decided to enhance the line of business user experience. The SEEBURGER Console in SAP solution was added for a central business monitoring for all document types in the SAP system. After a successful first six months test phase, the SEEBURGER Console in SAP was fully implemented making a meaning full step in the digital transformation of the group.

SEEBURGER Console in SAP with B2B Cloud Service for Alfagomma

Perspective of the SAP User

The SAP user working in a Line of Business has the possibility to monitor the entire IDoc transmission to and from SAP running over the SEEBURGER B2B Cloud Service. The SEEBURGER Console enable suppliers to quickly monitor, control and if necessary correct and process errors or trigger waiting IDocs.

With the SEEBURGER Console in SAP and B2B Cloud Service ALFAGOMMA Has Gained the Following Benefits and Values:

ALFAGOMMA has managed to handle these risks thanks to a complete transparency of all B2B/EDI data and an automatic monitoring of all messages. The solution provides flexibility, a user-friendly interface and gives ALFAGOMMA visibility and full control over the B2B/EDI flows, streamlining decision-making times and optimizing performance.

The SEEBURGER Console in SAP becomes an indispensable solution for all SAP users in daily work with more and more EDI-messages with external partners. Thanks to this innovative solution, ALFAGOMMA has achieved its objectives of efficiency, transparency and stability in the complex daily management of B2B/EDI documents flows.

Carmelo Albanese, SAP Team Leader Sales & Distribution, ALFAGOMMA

Improved Trading Partner Cooperation

The SEEBURGER Console improves the relationship with the trading partners due to closer involvement of the respective lines of business.

  • Faster processing
  • Lower risk of a business standstill
  • Meeting deadlines
  • A proficient handling of errors increases production uptime and avoids penalties
  • Protect your supplier ranking with OEMs


ALFAGOMMA is a globally leading manufacturer of hydraulic and industrial fluid handling systems, founded in 1956 in Monza, Italy. ALFAGOMMA designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of hydraulic and industrial top quality products and currently has over 77 active registered patents.

With 22 production sites all over the world, 3900 employees and a turnover of 440 million euro, ALFAGOMMA today is a single source integrated system supplier for many different industries providing customized solutions to OEMs.