Case Study | Vaillant Group Belgium

SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Accelerates B2B Processing for Vaillant Group Belgium

The Challenge

Vaillant Group is a global market and technology leader in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Vaillant Group Belgium has two different brands, Vaillant and Bulex and they needed to modernize and automate its order process. The process was mainly manual which made it time-consuming and error-prone. Vaillant Group Belgium investigated how to improve and it was clear that EDI was the best way forward. They wanted to implement an EDI platform to handle its entire order process, which includes:

  • Order placement
  • Order response
  • Advanced shipping notification
  • Invoicing

Vaillant Group Belgium had some key criteria defined for the provider of its EDI platform – they must have local and international expertise, but also global presence, as Vaillant Group Belgium works in many regions of the world. After reviewing the market and options for a platform, they chose SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS). The key differentiators were that SEEBURGER is a very stable and experienced business integration provider with international presence, and that SEEBURGER has deep understanding and expertise in the area of EDI and B2B.

A Great Partnership

Once the project started Vaillant Group Belgium requested SEEBURGER to take a more comprehensive role than originally discussed, and lead the project to drive the implementation. This also improved the communication between the teams and it was easy to have an open dialogue. Today, SEEBURGER experts are available if needed and SEEEBURGER acts as an advisor to improve the processes and business.


The SEEBURGER Solution

Vaillant Group Belgium is using SEEBURGER Cloud Integration services for B2B and EDI together with full managed services for customer onboarding and mapping. The target is to have 70 % of the orders processed with EDI. They are not there yet, but the volume is growing and new customers get onboarded every quarter.


SEEBURGER to Support Upcoming SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Vaillant Group Belgium plans to implement SAP S/4HANA. Given SEEBURGER’s experience in business integration related to SAP S/4HANA projects, SEEBURGER will partner to guide them through the migration. SEEBURGER will also help them to understand the best way forward with their integration requirements into the future.


  • The order process is now automated and much more efficient and accurate, without any manual steps.
  • The solution is extremely stable with almost zero incidents.
  • Whenever Vaillant Group Belgium has a question or a new request, they receive professional support from the local SEEBURGER team.
  • According to recent company surveys, customer relationships and customer satisfaction numbers have improved.
  • As more customers and partners are being connected, the volume and values of orders are increasing.

We have a close business partner relationship. It’s great that SEEBURGER thinks with us and can advise us, which helps improve our business. SEEBURGER’s expertise is really valuable and will help us going forward, especially with the upcoming SAP S/4HANA migration and implementation.

Jens Haeck, Business Process Manager for Supply Chain & Sales, Vaillant Group Belgium

About Vaillant Group

The Vaillant Group is a global market and technology leader in the fields of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. For over 140 years, they have been following a strategy designed to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Today, the family-owned company has 10 production sites in 6 European countries and China with around 15.000 Employees. The Vaillant Group sells products in more than 60 countries worldwide.