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Cost-Efficient and Legally Compliant E-Invoicing Processes for Sysmex Europe

The healthcare company Sysmex Europe GmbH has relied on SEEBURGER for the digitalization of its business processes for many years. SEEBURGER's Business Integration Suite (BIS) is used by Sysmex to achieve cost-efficient and automated integration of its customers, suppliers and logisticians.

Motivated by legal requirements, business partner requirements and its own demand for modern digital e-invoicing processes, the company needed to:

  • Increase billing process efficiency
  • Fulfill diverse, country-specific requirements and legal requirements
  • Cater to specific customer and supplier requirements
  • Provide SAP-integrated invoicing processes with convenient monitoring functionality for the business departments


Compliance with SAP-integrated Solutions and Expertise from SEEBURGER

The SAP-integrated e-invoicing solution from SEEBURGER offers Sysmex an efficient, convenient and requirement-oriented approach to processing incoming and outgoing invoices. SEEBURGER's solution also provides welcome enhancements for process integration with SAP. This enables the company to automate invoice processes internationally, ensure compliance, meet business partner requirements and – above all – offer SAP users from specialist departments a familiar environment for e-invoicing processes.

The initial solution was set up with only a few days of effort and enabled Sysmex to quickly meet the complex e-invoicing requirements in Turkey. This success was the basis for the strategic decision to implement all further country requirements using the powerful, scalable and reliable SEEBURGER solution in combination with SAP.

With SEEBURGER's e-invoicing solution and expertise, we are able to efficiently exchange invoices electronically while meeting all compliance requirements in Europe.

Raphael Altewulf, Team Leader Enterprise Resource Planning at Sysmex Europe GmbH

Automated Invoice Processing Throughout Europe

With a holistic e-invoicing solution, Sysmex controls the complete outgoing invoice process with full SAP integration. This consists of SEEBURGER's e-invoicing solution for SAP which is seamlessly connected to SEEBURGER BIS.

This end-to-end outbound invoice process includes the creation of an invoice in SAP to final delivery, including feedback, corrections, archiving, etc. Users in specialist departments can work efficiently in the SEEBURGER solution, with the ability to view and control all processes, display visualized XML invoices, view logs and the status of processing, and initiate corrections.

With SEEBURGER's e-invoicing solution, Sysmex masters the diverse country and Peppol requirements when exchanging invoices.

  • Germany: Invoices are exchanged via EDI, ZUGFeRD by e-mail and XRechnung via Peppol (planned).
  • Turkey: UBL TR invoices must be sent electronically via the Turkish Tax Administration's state clearance system EFKS, checked and approved before they are sent to customers.
  • Switzerland: Invoices are exchanged with customers via providers such as SixPaynet.
  • Netherlands: Invoices are exchanged with customers via the Peppol network.
  • Hungary: VAT notifications and invoices are reported to the Hungarian tax authority NAV via the 'Real-Time Invoice Reporting RTIR' and are optionally made available to customers from there.

Benefits for Sysmex

  • All-in-one platform for e-invoicing and all other integration requirements
  • Fast RoI through standardized country solutions, communication adapters and format mappings
  • An experienced, strategic partner for multiple countries and future requirements
  • Fast implementation and seamless SAP integration through SAP adapters and extensions
  • Familiar SAP environment for users with the e-invoicing solution from SEEBURGER

About Sysmex

Sysmex supports healthcare professionals around the world in lighting the way with diagnostics by providing a broad range of medical diagnostics products and solutions. In the fields of haematology, urinalysis, haemostasis, life science, flow cytometry, essential healthcare and now immunochemistry, Sysmex combines highly dependable, multi-functional and easy-to-operate instruments, a variety of reagents and software, plus reliable service and support.

Sysmex Europe GmbH, located near Hamburg, Germany, is a subsidiary of the Sysmex Corporation from Kobe, Japan. From our Hamburg offices, Sysmex Europe serves their affiliates, distributors and customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). For more information, visit