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E-Invoicing Service

Companies active in many countries or worldwide need to support and process a large number of different E-Invoicing standards. With SEEBURGER you are on the safe side. We support E-Invoicing compliance in more than 55 countries.

In recent years, E-Invoicing initiatives have been started in many countries to simplify the exchange of invoicing data between companies („B2B“), and between companies and authorities („B2G“), and to increase tax revenues. The defined standards within the scope of these initiatives are already widespread. Some are already regulated by national governments.


The SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Service supports companies in all scenarios of E-Invoicing in an international environment. These international scenarios are characterized by significantly more strict regulations concerning the delivery process of invoices including real-time verification and approval of transactions by authorities or companies commissioned by the government.

Our country-specific E-Invoicing solutions allow for quick access – regardless of your international business partner’s technological state or geographic distribution.

The E-Invoicing Service provides the following key functions:

  • Automatic exchange of electronic invoices with your ERP system
  • Automatic conversion of invoices into the required country-specific exchange format
  • Transfer of invoices to the country-specific tax authority for bilateral registration (insofar as legally required)
  • Delivery of invoices to your country-specific business partners
  • Monitoring view for your line of business

The SEEBURGER team trained for the E-Invoicing Service provides the following services for you:

  • System Operation & Maintenance
    Secure operation, real time monitoring and maintenance of the required EDI infrastructure
  • Change Management
    The SEEBURGER Team proactively includes regular modifications of the tax authorities and informs companies about upcoming changes. The changes are made by SEEBURGER in consultation with you.
  • 24/7 Support
    Upon request, we provide 24/7 support for you.

We will find the right service level for your requirements.


More Information

To connect your international business partners to the E-Invoicing Service, we recommend the B2B Onboarding Service.

The following services or applications are part of SEEBURGER’s E-Invoicing portfolio and may also be of interest to you:

Advantages of the E-Invoicing Cloud Service

  • Service Variants

    Using industry-specific modules which include the country-specific processes, standards and features (e.g. electronic signatures), all companies can start right away.

  • High Security B2B Cloud Operation

    Our highly standardized operating processes meet strict requirements typically going far beyond what you can provide on your own system.

  • B2B Communication Network

    Benefit from our B2B partner network. We have already connected most of your business partners. To us, integrating partners is not a project, but simply granting access.

  • Secure Investment

    Our software is independent from the operating model. We offer all SEEBURGER solutions as a Cloud Service or On-Premises solution with identical functionality. Future In-Sourcing is always possible – easy and cost-effective.

Product Details of the E-Invoicing Cloud Service

We support all important E-Invoicing standards

  • International invoice standards:
    • ZUGFeRD (Germany, B2B/B2G)
    • SII (Spain, B2G)
    • Facturae (Spain, B2G)
    • DEMAT (France, B2B)
    • Chorus Pro (France, B2G)
    • FatturaPA (Italy, B2G/B2B)
    • Peppol (Europe, B2G)
    • ebInterface (Austria, B2G)
    • NAV (Hungary, B2G)
  • Conversion of any E-Invoicing formats
  • Creation of PDF documents, e.g. ZUGFeRD
  • Creation and validation of electronic signatures

More Product Details

Invoice Data Transport

We support all important standards for invoice data transport:

  • International VANs, Web-Services, ebMS, etc.
  • Delivery via Managed File Transfer methods, e.g. E-mail with secure attachments

B2B Communication Network

Benefit from our B2B partner network. We have already connected most of your business partners.

24/7 Support

Upon request, we provide 24/7 support for you.


We support all important application interfaces:

  • Connection to all ERP systems
  • SAP connection via tRFC, SAP PI, SAP HCI
  • Integration of electronic archive systems and signature servers

Invoicing Analytics

  • Tracking of invoice documents
  • Central storage and analysis of invoice data


The expenses coming along with the operation of the E-Invoicing Service vary widely depending on your requirements and your service options as well as your selected service level. This is why we can name concrete prices only upon request. The price includes the following components:

  • Initial setup fee
    for the required work within the scope of the initial project
  • Monthly operating fee
    depending on your concrete requirements and wishes
  • Monthly fee according to usage
    depending on the number of reportings, the number of monitoring users etc.

We will be happy to advise you: The best expert for your B2B/EDI scenario will get in contact with you to discuss your requirements and expectations in detail and suggest a price range.

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