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VSP Global Selects SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite to Modernize and Digitalize

VSP Global comprises five complementary businesses that combine eye care insurance, high-quality eyewear, lens and lens enhancements, ophthalmic technology, and connected experiences to strengthen the relationship between patients and their eye doctors. There was a push within the Integration/EDI team to modernize and update their legacy applications that were script based and unable to keep up with their business growth. The goal was to replace its enterprise and GIS application vendor, and bring in efficiencies in on-boarding new partners without interruption to business.

After evaluating different vendors and solutions, VSP Global selected SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) as the platform of choice to modernize their integration platform, as it provided all the functionality they required along with tools that helped them migrate seamlessly with no impact to business. With SEEBURGER BIS, VSP Global has a consolidated integration platform that provided all their integration needs of all their systems, applications and business partners. Additionally, VSP Global can access all their data anywhere in real-time, enabling higher revenue and profit along with better service to their customers.

The solution allows VSP Global to continue working with their trading partners and customers with less effort and at a lower cost, as innovation, speed and flexibility were gained by using SEEBURGER BIS.

Using SEEBURGER’s Migration Suite, VSP Global is able to solve business pains surrounding legacy modernization and enable a controlled migration within the corporate architecture. Migration Suite eliminated the need for VSP Global to contact customers and business partners, making the migration process seamless, and customer service left uninterrupted. As a result, VSP Global migrated over 12,000 users in less than a year using SEEBURGER Migration Suite allowing them to retire legacy applications and reduce total cost of ownership.

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite as central platform for VSP

Benefits gained from SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)

Improved stability – SEEBURGER BIS can handle large production load without connection timeouts. Many partners can concurrently connect to the system and send files through BIS without any timeouts or delays

  • End to end transparency – Portal MT (Message Tracker) gives the ability to view process status, partner ID, start and end time etc. thus giving an end to end view of every file flow/process.
  • Reduced risks and increased efficiency – BIS Active/Active can handle larger loads without any time delays. Active/Active feature helps in balancing the load and reduces risk because if one server is down, the other server can still maintain file transfer without affecting production.
  • Simpler system maintenance – centralized system, user-friendly features, easier to identify issues and troubleshoot.

Reduced TCO – VSP gained reduced cost of ownership through consolidation of MFT & B2B platforms

We selected SEEBURGER because we know they have a long successful history, have an innovative and agile platform, providing SEEBURGER BIS as a secure solution. With the SEEBURGER Suite of solutions in place, we can focus on our core business, and let SEEBURGER help us manage connectivity with customers and partners in a secure reliable way.

Alan Cordell, Senior Director

About VSP Global

VSP Global® is a doctor-governed company that exists to create value for members and opportunities for VSP network doctors. Our industry leading businesses include VSP® Vision Care, the only national not-for-profit vision benefits company, which provides access to eye care for 88 million members through a network of 39,000 eye doctors worldwide; Marchon® Eyewear, Inc., one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and distributors of high quality eyewear and sunwear; VSP Optics, industry leaders in ophthalmic technology and lab services, providing custom lens solutions for the vision and lifestyle needs of patients; Eyefinity®, the industry leader in practice management and electronic health record software, and VSP Retail, which focuses on increasing access to eye care and eyewear through multiple channels. Together with VSP network doctors, VSP Global’s Eyes of Hope® has provided access to no-cost eye care and eyewear for more than 1.8 million people in need.