SEEBURGER Business Integration
Transparent Production
SEEBURGER Business Integration

Integration solutions for (I)IoT and industry 4.0

With SEEBURGER you can network machines, plants and products directly or via IoT platforms - which provide valuable business information - with your company IT (e.g. SAP) as well as with your business partners. Ensure interoperability between your resources, systems and applications and expand your range of services with new digital services.

Integrate production resources into business processes

In order to be able to react quickly and efficiently to short-term changes, production resources and processes (‚shop floor‘) must communicate with each other and with the systems of the higher-level management and engineering processes (‚top floor‘). The BIS IoT solution provides you with the necessary connections.

IoT integration

Build product-related digital services

If the establishment and expansion of digital services is to be promoted, existing service portals and management systems must be supplemented by suitable IoT platforms. SEEBURGER BIS ensures the smooth interaction of all systems involved, from the assets to the consolidation of relevant data from analysis and applications.

IoT: provision and networking

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