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KAESER Digitizes Invoices Worldwide with SEEBURGER and TCG

Machine manufacturer KAESER chose SEEBURGER solutions and services to implement a global e-invoicing strategy and make its invoice processing more efficient. Inbound and outbound e-invoicing solutions were implemented and expanded step-by-step over time to achieve KAESER’s e-invoicing goals.


Inbound invoice solution

KAESER needed a sustainable SAP-integrated e-invoicing solution that supports all invoice formats and exchange channels as well as SAP-integrated further processing. KAESER was already using other B2B solutions from SEEBURGER before the e-invoicing project started. However, it was primarily the holistic approach of the SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Solution that convinced KAESER: utilizing OCR technology from SEEBURGER's long-standing partner TCG Process GmbH, it enables the processing of all incoming paper and PDF invoices.

In addition, SEEBURGER’s SAP-integrated Purchase-to-Pay solution enables KAESER to:

  • Digitize paper invoices through OCR, including extraction of technical information, automatic validation and workflow-based post-processing
  • Process all electronic invoices (EDI, ZUGFeRD, XML)

SEEBURGER Purchase-to-Pay, together with DPS Invoice from TCG and the SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Cloud Service, covers all invoice receipt channels. Invoices can be corrected and completed via a post-processing interface that is standardized for all invoice types.

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We at KAESER count on digitalization in all functional and business areas and depend on reliable and strong partners. SEEBURGER is one of these partners who helps us tackle the challenges of business integration, especially for e-invoicing.

Dietmar Maurus, KAESER Kompressoren SE

Efficient, automated invoice processing

Incoming invoices are captured regardless of the input channel or format. The required special information in the header, footer and individual items is extracted. Then the goods receipt check is completed for invoices with a purchase order reference, and further automatic validation rules are applied. For example, the check for VAT conformity in accordance with UStG §14 is applied for Germany.

If the automatic validation is successful and the stored master data is correct, the incoming invoices are processed automatically and transferred to the subsequent workflow without having to go through manual post-processing.

Thanks to the high-quality master data of TCG's self-learning free-form recognition, the automated processing of invoices without manual intervention (no-touch posting rate) has been steadily enhanced. The solution uses integrated self-learning functions (machine learning) for each post-processing to optimise character and field recognition. As a result, KAESER's no-touch posting rate today achieves an outstanding 70 percent.

No-touch postings no longer require time-consuming post-processing of invoices. With the help of SEEBURGER and TCG, KAESER was thus able to achieve its goal of automating incoming invoice processing across all inbound channels, significantly boosting productivity.

SEEBURGER Purchase-to-Pay also offers:

  • Distribution of work volume and tasks according to multiple criteria
  • Integrated workflows for clarifying and approving invoices with escalations and substitute regulations
  • Logging and archiving

Global outbound invoice solution

In addition, KAESER also uses SEEBURGER solutions for outbound invoice processing. Previously, more than 14,000 outgoing invoices were created and sent per month at KAESER in Germany. Thanks to the SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Cloud Service, this is a thing of the past: 80 percent of these invoices are now sent in standardized electronic formats. This has enabled KAESER to reduce effort, time and costs and avoid the drawbacks of missing receipts for paper invoices.

KAESER started in the area of B2B with the SEEBURGER ZUGFeRD outbound service for Germany. Since then, numerous B2B/B2G solutions have been implemented worldwide, e. g. for Hungary, Italy, Mexico and India.

KAESER plans to implement all upcoming directives regarding electronic invoicing worldwide with SEEBURGER as a full-service e-invoicing provider.

About KAESER Kompressoren

The family-owned company KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of compressed air products and services.

Founded in 1919 as a mechanical engineering workshop, KAESER now employs around 7,000 people at two locations in Germany. As one of the innovation leaders in the industry for the digitalization of its products, KAESER is also driving digital transformation within the company.