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Energy Transition is Our Work

The Challenge

The corporate structure of E-Werk Mittelbaden is divided into several divisions, resulting in a dynamically growing software landscape that includes two ERP systems. This means one EDI communication stream must be served with two ERP systems, which requires complex distribution rules. Therefore, E-Werk Mittelbaden sought an ERP-independent and central integration solution that can distribute the EDI data stream flexibly and dynamically. But that’s not all the company was looking for.

The IT department also required a sustainable service for connecting and managing market partners and outsourcing e-mail certificate management. Plus, the company needed to meet standardized and future requirements for technical market communication (MaKo). Overall, the company was looking for a reliable partner to handle exchanges and connections between all market partners, as well as the upcoming conversion to the new transmission path (AS4).


Cloud Services

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The Solution

With a hybrid solution that includes the core services of SEEBURGER MaKo Cloud Service and SEEBURGER API/EAI Standard Solution as an integration service, E-Werk Mittelbaden can fully use the MaKo standard while retaining customer-specific processes.

The SEEBURGER MaKo Cloud Service was specifically developed for the German utilities market. The service enables uncomplicated processing of the two annual format changes and manages the delivery and receipt of all messages concerning market communication.

The SEEBURGER API/EAI Standard Solution and customer-specific mappings connect the back-end systems to the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS). The graphical BIS front-end configures both the master data for connecting the back-end systems and the interfaces and their processing.

All data transfers are monitored via browser-based monitoring, also known as message tracking. Message tracking uses a targeted search function with different search criteria, such as date, source system, target system, status, message type, etc.

The standard MaKo processes with e-mail communication or AS2 – and in the future AS4 – are fully handled by SEEBURGER as a service with certificate handling and CONTRL + APERAK-AHB testing.


The Facts

  • Project implementation:
    Nine months from planning to activation
  • Use:
    In the first phase, SEEBURGER handles the entire market communication by using the SEEBURGER MaKo Cloud Service and the SEEBURGER API/EAI Standard Solution as an on-premises solution. Further processes will follow in the future.
  • Connected market partner and businesses:
    11 businesses and 26 market partners
  • Message volume:
    More than 200,000 files per month

Benefits for E-Werk Mittelbaden

  • By introducing middleware, E-Werk Mittelbaden is able to quickly and easily integrate the ever growing and changing software landscape to build a powerful, centrally managed IT ecosystem.
  • BIS easily maps all EDI data distribution requirements that could not be met before, eliminating post-processing of misdirected messages.
  • Format changes, which usually take place every year on April 1 and October 1, are implemented centrally within the SEEBURGER MaKo Cloud Service.
  • SEEBURGER MaKo Cloud Service fully handles e-mail certificate management, which no longer has to be done in-house.

Due to the high flexibility and scalability, E-Werk Mittelbaden aims to expand BIS as a central middleware for other processes within the company.

With the introduction of the SEEBURGER platform, E-Werk Mittelbaden has created the technical basis for sustainable, stable and flexible market communication.

We look forward to using the solutions from SEEBURGER in other areas.

Zsófia Bácskai, Project Manager, E-Werk Mittelbaden

About E-Werk Mittelbaden

With approximately 440 employees, E-Werk Mittelbaden is the leading service and electricity supplier for business and private customers in the Ortenau region. Using the resource potential in the region, the municipal company is increasingly focusing on regenerative power generation from water, wind and sun. E-Werk Mittelbaden has been producing electricity from solar power since 2005 and uses the roofs of industrial and commercial companies, municipalities or their own corporate buildings. Moreover, there are other systems that E-Werk Mittelbaden offers as a service package.

Since 2010, the company has been operating its own hydroelectric power plants in the Ortenau region, which are specially designed for use in low-gradient rivers. In 2014, E-Werk Mittelbaden expanded its “Renewable Energies” business field to include the “Wind Power” segment, operating 10 wind turbines in the region.

One of the core aspects of this energy transition is decentralized energy generation. Using the high efficiency of decentralized power generation, E-Werk Mittelbaden has been operating district heating networks with combined heat and power plants for more than 25 years. Well-founded technical know-how, many years of experience in heat supply and on-site employees score points for customers. E-Werk Mittelbaden offers tailor-made contracting solutions from a single source for private households, housing associations or property management companies, such as the current expansion of the new local heating network in Offenburg.

The expansion of the charging infrastructure for public and private charging points in Ortenau, as well as IT infrastructure offerings, round off the company’s portfolio.