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PARTIN Service - Master Data at a Glance

The PARTIN-App from SEEBURGER is a central platform for maintaining and viewing market partners' master data as per GPKE chapter 6 "Initial transmission and updating of communication data".

From 1st April 2022, data exchange is changing in parts of the German electricity sector. The previous Excel-based master data sheets are disappearing. From this point on, network operators, suppliers and metering point operators will need to use the EDIFACT format PARTIN. Following an initial full data exchange via PARTIN from 1st April – 14th April 2022, any subsequent updates will be sent to the market partners exclusively in PARTIN.


The SEEBURGER PARTIN-App has been designed to help you meet this new legal requirement to send and receive master data in PARTIN.  Manage your communication data records centrally in the app and convert them into PARTIN. Users can view master data and communication details for all the PARTIN market participants in the address book in the app.

It’s easy to integrate an in-house MaKo/EDI system for 1:1 market communication using the interface PARTIN-API.  

Once you have registered to the service, you will be able to do the following:

  • Manage your own PARTIN master data with your own BDEW Market Partner ID (MPID)
  • Access the contact details and certificates of all other market partners in the SEEBURGER market directory.
  • Link your own MPID with partners from the pre-filled market directory  
  • Export market partners‘ PARTIN information as Excel/CSV
  • Host your own MaKo certificates and create a download link for  PARTIN
  • Create and send PARTIN data for market partners to the MaKo/EDI system
  • Use an API to transfer data received from the MaKo/EDI system to the PARTIN-App
  • Use an API to call MP-PARTIN information from the PARTIN-App, an ERP or other system (e.g.  Excel or using an Outlook plugin.

SEEBURGER BIS clients, whether on-premises or in the Mako Cloud, receive the following add ons with the PARTIN-App:

  • Add on: Transfer received MP-PARTIN data to the PARTIN-App from the MaKo system.
  • Add on: Receive outgoing PARTIN  and transfer to MaKo dispatch

The service includes any necessary updates to the PARTIN-App PARTIN-API resulting from format changes.

What do you get in the PARTIN-App?

  • An address book for your market communication
  • A quality-assured market directory containing up-to-date information and certificates for your contact persons.
  • Integration of the PARTIN-App with the market communication system, with your ERP system or as an Outlook plug-in
  • Dispatch in PARTIN format
  • Ability to process PARTIN information for incoming data
  • PARTIN communication to the market communication systems
  • Certificate hosting, with the ability to generate links
  • A central solution, independent of your ERP system/s
  • No need to tackle ERP development tasks yourself (e.g. for SAP)
  • Updates administered centrally by SEEBURGER

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