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MaKo Cloud Service

Developed for the German utilities industry, the MaKo Cloud Service enables you to quickly and easily move your market communications to the cloud. Technical operations, as well as relevance and conformity of the market communications, are ensured at all times.

In addition to the two annual format changes, increasing communications and security requirements tie up resources and cause high recurring costs. By introducing the target model, the requirements for communication channels and formats will change again. Moreover, changes in the business processes and other core business challenges must be managed and overcome in order to survive in the ever-changing utilities industry.

Therefore, it’s important for your company to focus resources on the core business by keeping expenses in the heavily regulated and standardized market communications low. The MaKo Cloud Service supports this focus.


The MaKo Cloud Service manages the delivery and receipt of all messages within your market communications in the German utilities market and offers the following standard features:

  • Exchange of messages with your ERP system via a standardized ERP format (e.g. SAP IDEX iDoc)
  • Conversion of messages between ERP formats and market-specific exchange formats (industry standard)
  • Exchange (delivery/receipt) of messages with your market partners
  • Checking of messages for conformity and creating the required confirmations (CONTRL and APERAK AHB)
  • Provision of a technical monitoring view with a clearing function for your experts
  • Connection and configuration of partners via an integrated market partner management tool

The SEEBURGER team is specifically trained in the MaKo Cloud Service and provides the following services and support:

  • Change management
    Implementation of all updates and adjustments to mappings and processes, which are required due to regular format and legal changes. The SEEBUGER team plans these adjustments proactively and informs you about the changes in a timely manner.
  • Certificate handling
    Monitoring of the validity of certificates and timely notification before they expire. New certificates provided by your partners according to the transmission rules are automatically saved.
  • Bulk onboarding
    Support with bulk onboarding and migration of new partners with campaign-based tools.
  • System operation & maintenance
    Technical operation, real-time monitoring and maintenance of the required EDI infrastructure.

MaKo Cloud Service Benefits

  • Compliant and secure market communication

    Due to the included adjustments to the regular changes in law and the operation of the service in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified German data center, you can communicate securely and in compliance at all times.

  • Better scaling for bulk changes

    Thanks to the tool support, you can roll out changes (certificates, new transmission protocols, partner onboarding) to many partners in parallel and monitor them centrally. This reduces your personnel expenses and time pressures when implementing legal changes or migrations.

  • Reduced dependency on specialists

    Become less dependent on in-house specialists. For example, your internal IT will no longer need to open firewall ports to connect new market partners, and your staff will no longer need to be trained in special transmission protocols such as AS4.

  • Transparent costs at reduced effort

    Calculate market communication costs better and significantly reduce your own operating expenses, while focusing resources on the core business and new business areas.

MaKo Cloud Service Product Details

The MaKo Cloud Service is based on the interaction of several coordinated sub-services.

The delivery service sends and receives messages by e-mail, AS2 or AS4 in accordance with the applicable rules of edi@energy.

Market partner management is used to maintain relevant market partner master data. The service provides direct support in market partner onboarding through a directory of partner connections that are already available. The scope of services includes setting up the complete AS2 or AS4 connections to the relevant partners and managing the associated partner certificates, including their monitoring and exchange.

The MaKo Cockpit is a comprehensive solution for monitoring market communications. It offers extensive research options and an immediate dashboard overview of errors that have occurred. A task management with extensive functions is available for processing these errors.

Optionally, the Compliance Check Service and the Conversion Service can be used for the greatest possible relief from the two annual format changes. All adjustments to the compliance rules (e.g. CONTRL check and AHB check) and changes to the formats are made available on time as service components.

The MaKo Cloud Service provides the following features and benefits:

Delivery service

Send and receive messages as part of the market process using the MaKo Cloud delivery service. This includes the support of the specified transmission paths including the AS4 protocol, e.g. prescribed by ENTSO-G. The messages are transmitted in the necessary file format, such as EDIFACT-edi@energy, -DVGW, EDI-GAS XML.

Market partner management

Address management is carried out entirely via market partner management. This allows the maintenance of general features, such as addresses or contact persons; identifying features, such as BDEW code numbers and market roles; as well as information on the technical endpoints, such as Mail, AS2 and AS4. The existing connections to the market partners can be viewed via so-called “agreements”.

Clearing functionalities

The Mako Cockpit provides the following functionalities for processing clarification cases:

  • Task management
  • Mailing functions
  • Dunning functions in the context of deadline monitoring
  • Additional clearing functions, e.g., "resend CONTRL"

The MaKo Cloud Service also supports the splitting of messages to connect multiple target systems.

Conversion Service

Outgoing, typical standardized interface formats (formats of common ERP systems, such as SAP IDEX IDoc) are converted into the required industry-specific message formats (EDIFACT) and vice versa. The conversion rules are kept up to date in accordance with legal requirements and are made available well in advance of the format change dates. The changes are included in the service.

MaKo Cockpit

The MaKo Cockpit bundles all technical monitoring and clearing functionalities under a uniform interface and across all components. The cockpit offers dashboard functionalities, including an error dashboard, in which CONTRL and APERAK errors, deadline errors and errors in technical message processing are displayed.


The PARTIN app is your address book for maintaining and overviewing market partner master data in accordance with GPKE Chapter 6 "INITIAL TRANSMISSION AND UPDATING OF COMMUNICATION DATA". PARTIN EDIFACT contains information on all connected market partners. The communication data is quality-tested and contains the current certificates and BDEW code numbers. The company-specific MaKo/EDI systems for 1:1 market communications are connected via the PARTIN API integration interface.

Compliance Check Service

The Compliance Check Service verifies the messages and ensures that they are syntactically correct. The service includes the standardized CONTRL and APERAK-AHB tests, which can optionally be overridden. The exams are kept up to date in accordance with legal requirements and will be made available before the format change. The changes are included in the service.

Message research

The MaKo Cockpit provides search filters for message research. Further detailed data on messages, processes and errors can be viewed from both the dashboard and the result lists of the search using drill-down filters.


Since the expenses involved in operating the MaKo Cloud Service vary greatly depending on your requirements, service options and desired service level, we can only provide a specific price on request, based on the following components:

  • Initial setup fee
    for the work required as part of the initial project
  • Monthly operation fee
    dependent on your individual requirements and needs
  • Monthly consumption-dependent usage component
    dependent on the amount of messages, monitoring users etc.

Let us know which service features interest you, and we will be happy to advise your further. The SEEBURGER expert responsible for your desired scenario will then contact youto discuss the requirements and expectations in detail and make an initial price indication.

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