Business Integration Suite | April 2020 | Coverstory

Business Integration Suite – The Multifunctional Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)

Digital transformation needs a foundation for applications like S/4, SuccessFactors, and Ariba, and for concepts such as IoT, machine learning and EDI. What all of these and countless more applications and technologies have in common is their need for a reliable, open, agile, and transparent platform, whether on-premises or a cloud-based service. SEEBURGER has developed such a versatile platform for all SAP customers with an edge over competitors regarding integration success and digitalization efficiency.

Businesses tackling digital transformation projects will have to establish a hybrid integration platform and strategy at some point. This includes cloud and API integration and management in real-time, business-to-business integration, IoT or Industry 4.0 integration, international e-invoicing, ERP, and secure MFT. With an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) as a central building block, companies are prepared for anything.


Don't only survive but thrive in the digital era with SEEBURGER

With SEEBURGER BIS everyone can benefit from digital restructuring:

  • Customers benefit from comprehensive product information with easy and cost-efficient order processes
  • The Business profits from satisfied customers and brand loyalty


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