Success factor in digital business: API management

Companies are expanding their service portfolio and increasing their sales with digital offerings. You are sure to have data that will bring your customers added value. Provide them with valuable information via APIs - as stand-alone services or as an extension to your core products. The BIS API/EAI solution offers you these advantages:

  • Optimal API-Management
    With customized role-based functions for API vendors and API users, the API Manager minimizes the effort of administration and consultation with API users.
  • Efficient work for API users
    Via the API management portal, registered developers of mobile and portal applications receive all the necessary information - around theclock, regardless of location and without additional effort for the IT department.
  • Publication of database-driven content
    There are many ways for database-driven content to attract more attention, popularity and revenue from partners and end customers. SEEBURGER BIS offers you the necessary control and performance.
  • Efficient work for API providers
    API provider, the BIS API Manager supports the roll-out and maintenance of APIs. It enables controlled access to the provider's back-end systems, such as locking or allowing status queries and database retrievals.

Avoid uncontrolled growth via BIS API management

Up until now, interfaces have mostly been created on demand, often on call, by different teams or with the help of external service providers and on the basis of various technologies. The consequences: high complexity, inflexible systems and uncontrolled growth - no uniform security standards, no central control over who has access to which systems, fluctuating quality of the necessary interface documentation for external developers, lack of overview etc.

In the age of digitalization, this is no longer acceptable. Integration means opening up your company, and opening up requires control. The increasingdemand for APIs poses great challenges for the IT department: it needs to develop, deploy and document interfaces, manage its own and third-party APIs, ensure data access security and keep track of permissions granted. The SEEBURGER BIS API/EAI solution helps you do this.

Database connection for partners
and mobile apps

A leading consumer goods manufacturer maintains a huge database of tens of thousands of recipes with its products for a particularly effective form of advertising. Via the BIS API management system, it makes these selected portals, online shops and associated smartphone apps available in an authorised and high-performance manner.

Digital mobility services

A provider of mobility services that operates throughout Europe offers digital services to large haulage companies and fleet operators via so-called fuel and service cards, with which processes such as the electronic processing of payments, invoices, toll charges or VAT refunds are handled automatically.

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API Management as Trendsetter

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API Integration and API Management with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

Real-time integration to meet the demands of digitization. The basic principle: API facades enable digital business. What initiative do you need?

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