Referral Partners Welcome

Referral Partners Welcome

Are you collaborating with a company that could benefit from SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Solutions? As an organization, leverage your business relationships by referring net new business to SEEBURGER and earn revenue on opportunities that result in a closed sale.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Generate Incremental Income by Referring Opportunities to SEEBURGER

More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide trust in SEEBURGER solutions and Cloud Services and by combining our forces, we can generate new wins for both organizations. The Referral Partner Program allows you to identify potential customers and hand it off to the SEEBURGER experts, that will see the opportunity through the entire sales cycle. This frees up your time to continue prospecting for new clients. Sounds like a winning combination!

  • Free to join the program and the application process is simple
  • Easy tracking and we provide updates throughout the process
  • Deals are protected for 90 days from the date of acceptance
  • Fast response time after the opportunity details are received

Even if your proficiency does not include reselling our solutions, you can earn incremental income by passing qualified opportunities to SEEBURGER, which our sales and pre-sales teams will lead. Whenever a partner organization identifies an opportunity which includes the potential for an MFT, B2B/EDI, API/EAI, IoT/Industry 4.0, E-Invoicing, ERP Integration, or any other solution for which SEEBURGER may be appropriate, your organization will consider and recommend the SEEBURGER solution set.

  • Enlist in the SEEBURGER Referral Partner Program
  • Complete the Referral Agreement
  • Fill out all the required fields within the opportunity form
  • Submit net new opportunities that have not already been identified
  • Be in good standing with the SEEBURGER Alliances Team
  • Must be an official company, not an individual

If the company that you referred to us decides to buy from SEEBURGER, your company will be compensated. You will earn 10% of revenue upon closure of the license sale. Please see the SEEBURGER Referral Program Agreement for additional terms and conditions.


Interested in joining the SEEBURGER Referral Partner Program?
Fill out an application, and we will contact you to review the Referral Agreement.

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Opportunity Form

Please ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the program before submitting an opportunity, as opportunities will only be accepted from approved Referral Partners.

Submit Your Opportunity


How can we assist?

We are standing by to answer your alliance questions.

Contact us and we will connect you with our Alliances Team.


Opportunity Form

  1. Submit your lead through the Referral Partner Opportunity Form.
  2. Details will be reviewed by the SEEBURGER Sales Team who will contact you within 72 hours.
  3. SEEBURGER will inform the partner in writing, of the decision to accept or decline the opportunity.
  4. If accepted, our sales organization will involve the appropriate parties to coordinate next steps.
  5. Our industry leading experts will then drive the project to completion, providing you with updates.
Terms and Conditions

*Deals are protected for 90 days until they expire.
*Acceptance of an opportunity will be provided in writing.
*These opportunities can be extended if the project is still active and it can be resubmitted by the same partner at a later date if this specific opportunity has not closed within a 90 day timeframe.

*No limitation on the size of prospect.
*Opportunities may be shared with Channel Partners, which will not interfere with Referral Partner margins.
*Channel Partners: Resells licenses and services through partnership; acts as an indirect sales force for SEEBURGER.

*Referral incentive payouts are agreed upon in the Referral Partner Agreement and will be paid upon successful close of the sale.
*If the customer is already working with SEEBURGER, then they are not eligible, customer name must be new.

*Secondary locations and add-on sales will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
*Payout is capped. Please see Referral Partner Agreement for more information.