European Transparency Platform

European Transparency Platform

The European Transparency Platform powered by SEEBURGER allows you to publish your REMIT insider information easily and conveniently.

As of January 1, 2021, companies must report their insider information to ACER via an Inside Information Platform according to REMIT Regulation (EU) No. 1227/2011. Market participants without plants or with plants < 100 MW are also affected. Publication of insider information via the company's own website is no longer permitted. All market participants, regardless of whether disclosure of insider information according to Article 4 REMIT is expected in the future, must indicate where they publish their insider information in the Centralised European Register of Energy Market Participants (CEREMP).

Insider information - also known as urgent market message (UMM) - includes all information that could in any way influence energy costs - both negatively and positively. This insider information includes

  • Information on the capacity and utilisation of facilities for the storage of electricity or natural gas and their unplanned or planned availability
  • Information on the capacity and utilisation of installations for the consumption of electricity or natural gas and their planned and unplanned unavailability
  • Information on the capacity and utilisation of facilities for the transmission of electricity or natural gas and their planned or unplanned unavailability
  • Information on the capacity and utilisation of LNG facilities and their planned and unplanned unavailability
  • Information required to be released in accordance with legal or regulatory provisions at European Union or national level
  • Information to be published under market rules
  • Information to be published in accordance with the contracts


To meet the regulatory requirements described above, SEEBURGER provides the European Transparency Platform. The publication is made in compliance with all ACER requirements for the publication of insider information, on the website and via an ATOM feed.


After login in the SEEBURGER Cloud, a simple and convenient way to disclose your insider information is available in the secured area. You can easily enter your reports for disclosure via a web-based input form. The user is guided through the important details of the report, tool tips provide assistance and dropdown lists facilitate entry. An overview of the reports you have disclosed can be viewed and edited. The data is archived for 5 years and is available for export.

Benefits of the European Transparency Platform

  • Compliant with the ACER standard for the disclosure of REMIT insider information
  • SEEBURGER RRM or TRS customers can start directly (without project effort)
  • It is possible to use the European Transparency Platform as a service provider for group companies or for third-party business
  • Cost advantages over established solutions
  • German Support Hotline
  • Validation of the entered data directly during the input
  • Archiving of your insider information of the last 5 years
  • Export of own messages as CSV file

The European Transparency Platform for REMIT Inside Information

The website for the European Transparency Platform website contains notifications from operators from 8 European countries (Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Romania, the Netherlands and Latvia). You can access the European Transparency Platform at The European Transparency Platform shows inside information notifications in descending chronological order, so that the most recent report is always at the top of the page. The lower half of the page contains details on either the most recent report or the report you have clicked on. The European Transparency Platform offers various search filters, e.g. for the gas and electricity sectors, or for reports containing certain words or phrases. You can download the reports by either ATOM Feed or as a CSV/Excel export.

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