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UK VAT Portal

The UK VAT Portal allows you to report VAT returns to HMRC via a cloud service.

In the UK, VAT returns must be submitted electronically since 1 April, 2019. VAT-registered businesses with an annual turnover of GBP 85,000 or more must file their VAT returns electronically and submit them quarterly to HMRC ("Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs"). The exact time of the transmission depends on the VAT period of a company.

The requirement goes back to Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB), a legal requirement of the British government. The aim is to make tax administration simpler and more effective. Companies that fail to comply with this obligation must face penalties.

SEEBURGER supports you with this requirement by providing the UK VAT Portal.


To send your VAT return using the UK VAT Portal, you will need to authorize yourself at HMRC. When you open the UK VAT Portal App for the first time, we will forward you to HMRC automatically. You then have two options for submitting your VAT returns to HMRC: manually or automatically.

When sending manually, use the app to see whether a VAT return is outstanding. You can open the VAT return directly and enter your values (1).

When sending automatically, you create your VAT return as a “Simple XML for UK VAT Reporting”-file (e.g. via your ERP system), which is sent to the SEEBURGER Cloud using the AS2 or SLMP protocols (2).

In both manual and automatic sending, the data is then sent from the SEEBURGER Cloud to HMRC via a REST interface (3). In the app, you can view the status of the submitted VAT return (4) – regardless of whether you send it manually or automatically.

Advantages of the UK VAT Portal Cloud Service

  • Experienced

    SEEBURGER has experience with VAT reporting projects in Spain and Hungary, and can implement solutions for several countries.

  • Transparent

    We give an overview of your payments and liabilities at HMRC, so that you know when payments are due or what their amount is. Already completed VAT returns are also available.

  • Simple

    The cloud service is available to you immediately and only requires registration in the SEEBURGER Cloud. Every ERP system and every heterogeneous system landscape can be easily connected to the SEEBURGER Cloud.

Product Details of the UK VAT Portal Cloud Service

Authorization with HMRC

We make your authorization at HMRC easier: You simply enter your company’s VAT number and email address in the app and are forwarded directly to HMRC.


Liabilities shows the amounts that you will get back or still have to pay, or which of them have already been paid.


The Payments menu item shows you payments made for past VAT returns.

VAT returns

This menu item shows all already submitted and outstanding VAT returns. Displayed are: the status of a VAT return; the deadline for submitting a VAT return; when it was sent and when it was received by HMRC.


Here you specify, for example, whether you want to send your VAT return automatically or manually. Enter an email address to be notified when you have sent invalid SimpleXML files or if HMRC could not receive a VAT return.


150 € per month

for customers without SEEBURGER BIS


50 € per month

for customers with SEEBURGER BIS

  • Authorization with HMRC
  • Up to 10 VAT IDs (free of charge)
  • 10€ for each additional VAT ID
  • Monitoring of open and completed tasks
  • Automatic and manual sending
  • Use of BIS-Link
    included for customers without SEEBURGER BIS*

* Upon request, SEEBURGER will support you with the installation.

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