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B2B/EDI Full Service

The SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Full Service allows companies to exchange files with their business partners electronically without having to run the required technical solutions on their own systems.

Globalized flows of goods require companies of all sizes to create networks with an increasing number of international business partners in a more efficient way. Companies need to comply with a variety of industry-specific B2B processes and map them digitally. These B2B processes have to be transparent at any time and need automatic monitoring.

The B2B/EDI Full Service at a glance

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) becomes more important for many companies. But running an EDI system is complex and expensive. In many cases, experts can provide improved services at a lower cost.

This is why the SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Full Service provides a fast and secure transfer of high-quality data as a comprehensive service in the Cloud. Our industry solutions are ready to use for your B2B/EDI Integration – regardless of your business partner’s technological state or geographic location.


Key Functions

The B2B/EDI Full Service provides the following key functions:

  • Automatic exchange of electronic documents with your ERP system
  • Automatic conversion of documents to the interchange format required by your business partner (EDI Standards)
  • Automatic delivery of converted documents to your business partners
  • Full monitoring for your line of business

We satisfy the requirements of different industries by using modules representing the industry-specific processes, standards and features.

    The B2B/EDI Full Service is highly flexible regardless of the communication protocols and file formats you or your business partners prefer. We tailor our solutions to your needs, so you can benefit from the electronic data interchange as soon as possible.

    Whether you are exchanging twenty or more than ten thousand documents per day; We send and receive your EDI data via any communications protocols and support all important document standards.


    System Operation

    The SEEBURGER team provides the following services for you:

    • System Operation & Maintenance
      Secure operation, real time monitoring and maintenance of the required EDI infrastructure
    • Trading Partner Management
      We connect a large number of new business partners for you (upon request)
    • Change Management
      We maintain master data (certificates), conversion rules (mappings) and processing rules (upon request)
    • 24/7 Incident Management
      International 24/7 support according to the selected service level
    • Service Management
      We provide a dedicated service manager (upon request)

    Advantages of the B2B/EDI Full Service Cloud Service

    • High Security B2B Cloud Operation
      Our highly standardized operating processes meet strict requirements typically going far beyond what you can provide on your own system

    • Industry and Migration Solutions
      Using industry-specific modules and SEEBURGER migration solutions allows all companies to start right away
    • B2B Mapping Repository
      Each of your business partners demands a different EDI format? Obtain the required conversion rules (mappings) as quality-assured products from our comprehensive mapping library
    • B2B Communication Network
      Benefit from our B2B partner network. We have already connected most of your business partners. To us, integrating partners is not a project, but simply granting access
    • Secure Investment with our Conclusive Single-Platform Strategy
      All SEEBURGER solutions can be implemented as a Cloud Service or an On-Premises solution. Future In-Sourcing is always possible – easy and cost-effective

    Product Details of the B2B/EDI Full Service Cloud Service

    The B2B/EDI Full Service manages the electronic data interchange with your business partners for you. You only have to provide the data in a structured format such as ASCII, CSV or XML. Upon request we can also connect your ERP system directly.

    You can choose between different operation models: Combine configurations of standardized public or private Cloud models with individual service level agreements. We also support hybrid Cloud models where we flexibly combine subfunctionalities of our B2B/EDI Full Service with your On-Premise Solution.

    We provide the reliability and the advantages of a professional data center with multiply certified security, detailed service level agreements, comprehensive disaster recovery options, approved escalation management and extensive monthly reports.

    All process, configuration and master data as well as conversion rules (mappings) and processing rules are automatically monitored and logged.

    Supported EDI Formats

    Regardless of your industry: We support all important document standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI, Tradacoms, VDA, RosettaNet, …, XML, SWIFT.

    Connecting your Business Partners (Onboarding Service)

    Our onboarding services support you with the fast and easy integration of new partners.

    Scalability as needed

    Whether you want to process 1,000 or several millions of files per month, the EDI Full Service grows along your needs and ensures maximum performance.

    End to End Monitoring in SAP

    Optional for SAP users: In case you are using SAP, your expert user can always keep an eye on all files using the SEEBURGER Console in SAP.

    Communication Protocols

    You can freely choose the communication protocols: Everything from HTTP/S, FTP/S, SFTP, EDIINT, AS2/4, OFTP/OFTP2, X.400 up to VANs, Web Services, Rosettanet, ebMS is possible.

    Monitoring in Real-Time

    With the B2B/EDI Full Service web interface, your line of business has access to the status of your EDI data at any time.

    Approved for Highly Critical Processes

    The service provides the highest reliability and performance, which is why it is also well suited for business-critical processes (e.g. JIT/JIS, GTS, ...).

    Maximum Transparency

    You will receive a monthly reporting of all relevant KPIs to be fully informed about the performance of the service.

    SEEBURGER Cloud Integration Managed Service

    We offer EDI as a service in our SEEBURGER Cloud , with best-in-class service levels and easy access to our large repository of over 15,000 standard mappings. Thanks to our canonical map strategy, we have ready-made mappings which covert your partners’ various EDI formats into a standardised XML-based meta interface structure. This decouples them from your ERP interfaces. Now, partner connections and ERP connections can be managed independently of one another and easily integrated into the service. Native support for modern APIs makes the EDI service a valuable integration cloud service, which can be used in many situations, such as in the image above (see figure below).

    A huge range of communication channels are readily available, including connections via OFTP2, AS2, SFTP, REST, JSON etc. or even a connection to our SEEBURGER VAN (powered by our partner DXC). Our B2B Onboarding Service also offers direct connections to thousands of business partners, which can be activated at any time.

    These connectors and our ready-made mappings reduce time and effort in setting up and operating your integration platform. They also provide more flexibility and agility in responding to changing business needs. Consolidating EDI and API in one cloud-based service – that is the future of EDI!

    SEEBURGER’s Cloud Integration Managed Service integrates systems, applications, data and business partners for you – both within your organisation and beyond.


    The expenses coming along with the operation of the B2B/EDI Full Service vary widely depending on your requirements and expectations as well as your selected service level. Please let us know, which configuration of the B2B/EDI Full Service you are interested in and where we may support you.

    We will be happy to advise you: The best expert for your B2B/EDI scenario will get in contact with you to discuss your requirements and expectations in detail and suggest a price range.

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