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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite on Amazon Web Services

Modernize, Consolidate, Integrate

New services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), and Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be provisioned quickly, without the upfront capital expense, so you can respond immediately to changing business requirements.

As your company moves into the next decade, scalability and agility requirements will likely lead to public cloud deployments. If you are looking to modernize your infrastructure, need to support both legacy systems and new applications and services, connect enterprise data, people and processes, and launch digital initiatives backed by the power of AWS infrastructure.

To get the full benefit of going digital, to promote information-sharing, and to drive innovation across the organization, you must seamlessly integrate all of your systems, applications, cloud services wand business partners. Ensure the secure, continuous flow of information across your business networks, with SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

SEEBURGER BIS on AWS can provide features, which your organization benefit from:

  • Greater agility through automation capabilities for a faster product launch
  • Reliable business IT services without the capital expense to reduce operational costs and drive efficiency
  • Fast deployment process which only requires configuration for flexible scalability
  • Drive collaboration and bring solutions to market faster with DevOps
  • Alternative databases such as Amazon Aurora/PostgreSQL

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