KAESER Kompressoren

KAESER Kompressoren uses SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Cloud Services

for real-time VAT reporting to the Hungarian tax authorities (NAV) via RTIR (Real-time Invoice Reporting)

Digital Invoicing ensures transparency and economic efficiency in many companies. In more and more cases it is also becoming legally binding and tax-relevant. In Hungary real-time VAT reporting to the Hungarian tax authorities (NAV) is required by law since 1st of July 2018 for invoices issued between domestic taxpayers.

KAESER compressors already use various E-Invoicing solutions with SAP integration as cloud services from SEEBURGER, e.g. for ZUGFeRD. Due to the increasing number of country-specific directives, KAESER is pursuing an all-in-one strategy for B2B/B2G E-Invoicing services and has therefore also implemented the E-Invoicing solution in Hungary via the corresponding cloud service extension from SEEBURGER. The reporting data is now delivered to NAV securely and efficiently via XML files in real time. 

"With SEEBURGER we have found a service provider that implements all requirements for global E-Invoicing in compliance with the law and offers them economically as a cloud service. This central E-Invoicing strategy puts us in an excellent position for the future."

Dietmar Maurus, IT Manager, KAESER Kompressoren