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B2B/EDI for SAP GTS Customs Communication

Many companies that ship internationally are faced with national and international legal requirements to comply with customs authorities for the countries they are shipping to. To process the electronic communications involved, many SAP customers are using “SAP Global Trade Services” (SAP GTS) to simplify trade management, comply with global trade regulations and accelerate customs procedures.

SEEBURGER provides a solution for import, export, transit, and EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) processes to customs authorities in 12 different countries – as a standard deliverable without the need for individual development projects.

  • We offer the most industry-proven technology on the market to set up the communication with customs.
  • SEEBURGER and SAP work closely together with customs organizations.
  • Develop customs connections on an individual basis with a joint project architecture.
  • Easily outsource your customs communication solution with the B2B/EDI Cloud Service from SEEBURGER.
  • The SEEBURGER Center of Excellence for SAP GTS assists you in the implementation of the B2B/EDI Adapter solution.

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