SEEBURGER Financial Services Best Practices

SEEBURGER Financial Services Best Practices

Digitalize your Financial Services Architecture

Is your financial services landscape holding you back? Don’t worry. We can help you to accelerate financial flows, with a blended approach to integration including all the secure data transfer functionality needed for payments consolidation, API integration, receivables management, integrated payables and secure transmission of large files and images, business processes are automated, monitored, improved, and streamlined.

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SEEBURGER Community Management Application

Onboarding customer, business partners and suppliers

Slow and steady used to win the race, but a more fitting metaphor for a modern, agile digital enterprise would feature the term “fast and reliable.” Keeping up with the speed of digital business means adapting to the ever-changing landscape. Today’s leading banks and financial institutions, the ones who interact with thousands of other companies, understand that the landscape requires a smooth, easy connection to all of their business and partner community.

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Innovate your Payments Infrastructure for the Digital Economy

Enable payments data and processing by using an agile, secure and scalable business integration platform, which can combine integration services such as managed file transfer, application integration, and API integration together with end-to-end monitoring and business visibility. From onboarding to adding transformation capabilities (ISO 20022 etc.), integrating into AML applications, risk and compliance management, and improving reconciliation, the SEEBURGER Financial Services Solution enables real-time payments, creates visibility, and provides a future ready agile infrastructure for digital transformation.

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Time is Money: Faster Payments and the Open Banking Revolution

Open Banking and Faster Payments Brings Financial Freedom to the Customer

The world has embraced "instant" with new real-time payment schemes rolling out around the globe.The way money moves is undergoing radical change globally. In an increasingly digital world, customers and regulators expect better, faster services to move monies efficiently and securely in real-time, and current payment infrastructures struggle to meet these needs.

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SEEBURGER Migration Suite

Modernization and Digitalization of Your Legacy Platform with SEEBURGER

Companies and organizations today expierence a growing gap between new IT requirements and their current capabilities. A cornerstone for a successful digitalization is state-of-the-art integration platform.

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